Austria: Naked Farsi speaking man raves at the playground — Frightened children are fleeing on a garage roof

A naked man in a playground in the Vienna district of Favoriten has caused a stir when the police went into action on Sunday afternoon. The 40-year-old raved and screamed, pepper spray used against him was ineffective. He was finally overwhelmed by several officers and taken to an ambulance. There he continued to rage and suffered a cardiac arrest. The man was resuscitated.Shortly after 4.30 p.m. the police were called to the street Käthe-Odwody-Gasse. The reason for the call was that “frightened children ran away and climbed onto a garage roof”, police spokesman Paul Eidenberger reported. The naked man was aggressive and screamed when the officers arrived. They tried to reassure the man, who was in an exceptional psychological situation. A witness understood that the man was speaking Farsi and also tried to appease the 40-year-old.When the man began to physically attack the officers, they used pepper spray. But that had no effect, the naked man took flight. During the pursuit he was sprayed again with pepper spray, again without effect. “With persons in a mental state of emergency – also impaired by drugs and medicines – it was observed again and again that pepper spray was ineffective”, described Eidenberger.Several police officers finally overpowered the raving one, one officer was injured in the process. At the same time, a witness found the man’s clothes in a nearby staircase, which also helped to clarify his identity.The man was taken to an ambulance. He raved on there, officers and paramedics tried to calm him down. “At 5.24 p.m. his breathing stopped,” said Eidenberger.The emergency services resuscitated the man and an emergency doctor was called in. Stabilized and sedated, the man was finally taken to hospital. The 40-year-old may have consumed illegal substances that caused the psychotic state.

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