Long robes and “Allahu Akbar” yells: Cologne police operation against Muslims outraged professional Muslims in Germany

Cologne police detained ten young men aged 18 to 28 at Cologne Central Station on Tuesday. The gang, wrapped in long robes with vests and shouting “Allahu Akbar”, apparently caused fear among passers-by. The police’s actions provoked outrage at the Central Council of Muslims. The allegedly permanently insulted Muslims suspect “racist profiling” and expect the police to be culturally sensitized and trained.What does the Central Council of Muslims presume to do? Its ” worshippers ” should be trained in civilized behavior, should be extensively educated in customs and traditions, and should check their provocative appearance. In the age of terrorist attacks and knife attacks, always accompanied by “Allahu Akbar” cries, the police must investigate every clue – even from worried citizens – when bearded creatures walk around in robes and loudly praise their God, there is no room for sensitivities and accusations of racism.


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