Germany: Woman sexually harassed and injured by North African-looking men

Early Friday morning, the Kassel police were called by witnesses to a physical confrontation in the Weser street in Kassel. The alarmed patrol of the North Police Station met an injured young woman and her partner, who were subsequently taken to hospital by paramedics. As the 19-year-old described to the police patrols and later during her interrogation in the hospital, she is said to have been harassed and groped by unknown men on her way home in Weser street.When she fought back, the perpetrators are said to have beaten and kicked her several times. Her friend, who was rushing to her aid, and two other, as yet unknown witnesses could then have forced the perpetrators to flee. On the basis of this information, the officers of the police department 12 of the Kassel police now investigate the suspicion of a sexual offence and bodily injury and ask for information. The incident occurred around 5 a.m. on Friday morning on the sidewalk of Weser street, at the height of house number 19. The search for the suspected perpetrators, who are said to have been at least two men fleeing towards the “Katzensprung” stop, was immediately initiated by several patrols of the Kassel police after the witnesses had reported it, and was subsequently unsuccessful. The 19-year-old had suffered several bleeding injuries and various bruises. Her 23-year-old boyfriend had been slightly injured when he had forced the perpetrators to flee. He had been in the vicinity and had become aware of the events through the screams of his girlfriend. The following description of the perpetrators is currently available: Both men should have a normal stature, be about 1.80 meters tall and about 20 to 30 years old, have a North African appearance and probably have spoken Arabic. One of them is said to have had curly hair tied to a ponytail and worn grey sweatpants and a black hooded sweatshirt. The other is said to have been dressed in black sweatpants. The investigators of police department 12 now ask for hints on the perpetrators by calling 0561 – 9100. They are also looking for the two presumed witnesses who are said to have rushed to the victim’s aid together with the 23-year-old partner, as well as other witnesses who can give clues to the crime.

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