Muslims tried to murder Christian convert in Berlin, Germany

Today another Afghan member of the congregation came to us to seek protection in our rooms. The young man had been threatened with a knife in his room by radical compatriots because of his conversion to the Christian faith and had been nearly beaten to death that he had to be treated in hospital. After our church member had told the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) in his hearing that he had converted to the Christian faith, he was insulted by the radical Muslim interpreter after the hearing as “Kouffar” (unbeliever). He threatened him that he would see to it that his apostasy would have consequences for him. Shortly thereafter, miraculously, other Afghan residents in our parishioner’s home knew about the conversion, who now attacked and seriously injured him. One can imagine how this interpreter translated the statements of our church member at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) … This is what the BAMF’s consultation and decision-making practice looks like. The person who injured our parishioner because of his conversion there in the home, has already received his positive answer for his application for asylum from the BAMF, while our injured parishioner has to reckon with the fact that now after this attack, as almost always after such attacks, he will quickly receive his deportation notice from the BAMF. Anyway – we will now let our church member live with us for the time being. This is what “Christian” refugee policy looks like in Germany: BAMF and radical Muslims work hand in hand to deport Christian refugees from our country – dead or alive.

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