Germany: An African man allegedly not legally responsible for his actions spits on and gropes women and girls by the dozen and cannot be deported

It happened in Trostberg, district of Traunstein: He masturbates in front of women in the park, carries out sexual abuse on girls, beats up an eleven-year-old, beats and kicks a jogger, storms doctor’s offices and supermarkets where he spits on others.However, the Eritrean does not have to be afraid of punishment because, like so many others, he is extremely resourceful and knows how to fool the judiciary. A “technology” has seized him, which forced him to these sexual acts, he tells with amusement at the police station. This “technology” is said to have ordered him to grope others as if they were touching themselves.I see !The list of crimes committed by the African is a long one: insult, sexual harassment, exhibitionist acts, damage to property, intentional bodily harm, sexual assault on children, sexual coercion using force and resistance to police officers. Nevertheless, the Eritrean will get off scot-free in the ongoing trial, because of course he is ill and in need of help.The whole of Germany seems to have mutated into a psychiatric institution. Schizophrenics, traumatized people, drug addicts – it’s hard to believe! The medical profession President Frank-Ulrich Montgomery had recently informed the Germans that the “refugees” were ” exceptionally healthy people”. But he has made his thesis without the “technologies” and inner voices, the ghosts in the ear and the devils in the head that repeatedly – to the ridicule of the victims – ensure impunity for those responsible.Of course, the deportations do not succeed in this way either, and the tried and tested “technologies” could actually be used here: On the plane and off you go!

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