Germany: Cancer suffering pensioner beaten up by asylum seeker with Allahu-Akbar yells so that he went blind — He’s now paralyzed in intensive care

75-year-old Detlef J. was brutally attacked on Thursday evening in Offenburg on his way home. The attacker with a residence permit, Ali M., shouted “Allahu Akbar”, reports the newspaper Junge Freiheit, which is not the first crime of the asylum seeker. According to the tabloid  Bild, he hit a taxi driver in Freiburg last Wednesday.The sick Detlef J., already lying on the ground, suffers numerous blows and kicks in a bestial manner, while Ali M. yells at him with “Allahu Akbar”. The completely helpless man loses his eyesight on the left side and is not able to speak in the intensive care unit. If the asylum seeker had been taken into police custody after his attack on the taxi driver, the brutal assault on the cancer-suffering pensioner would not have taken place. One hour before the attack on the pensioner, Ali M. again became notorious. At the station in Offenburg, the Somali hammered loudly against the window of the station bar and expressed his opinion about Islam.

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