Will there now be special areas for unpunished sexual harassment in Germany?

Separate subway cars for unchecked fare evasion? At the main stations soon areas for unpunished sexual harassment next to the smoking cabins? Will pickpockets soon be given separate platforms? Nothing is unthinkable in Berlin anymore. There are still doubts in the district office in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. But as the quirky idea is in line with the line of the district – quite actually the whole city of Berlin – the chances are not so bad that the publicly appointed manager of the Görlitzer Park gets through with his plan: Cengiz Demirci wants to grant the African drug dealers, who populate the green area of the trendy district and the surrounding area to many dozens, even dominate it, their own zones in the park for their business transactions.The regulation would fit in with the principle of flexible legality that has prevailed in Berlin and that the administration has been praising for decades. Just as one might soon be working together with dealers, there are always creative cooperations on other levels as well.For example, if Muslim Brotherhoods are now to support the Senate in the reintegration of returned IS fighters. Islamists as probation officers for Islamists are only existent in Berlin. But one does not say without pride: “Berlin way”. Or if the offence of fare evasion is to disappear from the catalogue of crimes. But here, too, the following applies: If the above-mentioned special wagons for undisturbed travelling without a ticket are actually introduced, the surveillance cameras must disappear on the corresponding platform sections, otherwise complaints by fare evaders would be foreseeable.This of course applies even more to any legal zones for sexual harassment, as one can imagine due to the particular indecency of the genre: Beware of surveillance cameras !Following the incidents on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, we know how entire groups in the society are all too quickly stigmatised by this issue.


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