Dumb & Dumber: Chechen mafia guarded police buildings in Germany

Members of Chechen mafia gangs are said to have received security orders for several police buildings in Germany. Now the Federal Criminal Police Office is concerned about the security, reports news channel n-tv.According to a magazine “Spiegel” report, a Chechen mafia security service is said to have taken care of police buildings, accommodation for the police and the mobile task force. The Federal Criminal Police Office is alarmed and fears that the criminals could obtain sensitive information from security authorities.The documents for the security service originate from a confidential Federal Criminal Police Office paper, as the magazine reports. According to the magazine, buildings in which the forces of a Special Operations Command (SEK) and a Mobile Operations Command (MEK) were housed were also affected.According to the report, the Federal Criminal Police Office warned in its analysis that there was a danger that criminals would “observe police tactics at first hand”. According to “Spiegel”, the document does not reveal which police buildings were involved.The Federal Criminal Police Office report was therefore completed a few weeks ago. With the participation of several state criminal investigation offices, the Federal Intelligence Service, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, customs and the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) analyzed the machinations of North Caucasian organized crime in Germany for more than a year.According to the report, criminals from Chechnya in particular are on the rise in some regions and, because of their great brutality, are increasingly displacing other groups from criminal activities such as drug trafficking, theft or extortion. 


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