German police conceal rape – suspected perpetrator: an immigrant

While 400 Brandenburg police officers searched apartments, business premises and offices in Cottbus on Wednesday in an investigation against allegedly right-wing extremist football fans and went to the press with only meager results, a brutal sexual crime happened at the reservoir near Neuhausen. A woman was raped and had to be taken to a Cottbus hospital. The suspects are said to be residents of the youth hostel Heidehof near Bagens – a meeting place for so-called “refugees” and seasonal workers. The police imposed a news blackout and the press was not informed about the crime.Only inquiries by the AfD faction in the Brandenburg state parliament addressed to the security authorities now confirmed the suspicions of some residents. Thomas Jung, spokesman for domestic affairs for the AfD faction in the Brandenburg state parliament, commented: “It is unbelievable how the police are once again being instrumentalised here to keep quiet when it comes to violent offences committed by foreign suspects. When it comes to right-wing extremists, the Red Minister of the Interior organises public press conferences. All available police forces searched countless homes of football fans while a woman was brutally raped in the south of the state.Criminal foreigners are touched with kid gloves by the Red-Red government in Brandenburg, even if they are suspected of having committed brutal sexual crimes. For the security of the local population there was obviously no police available any more; they were deployed against alleged right-wing extremists. I expect more transparency and more resolute action against the criminals who make our country insecure”.

Polizei verschweigt Vergewaltigung – mutmaßlicher Täter: Ein Zuwanderer

Photo: (c) ProfessorX [CC BY-SA 3.0 (

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