Fight among asylum seekers broke out during German language course in Austria: The trigger was different opinions about Islam

During a German language course for asylum seekers in Freistadt in Upper Austria, there was a massive brawl. According to a report in the newspaper Kronen Zeitung, the participants had argued loudly during the five-minute break about the ban on alcohol by Muslims. “So far, we have not had any problems with course participants,” said Klaus Riegler, head of the Chamber of Labour. So far, however. Recently, a dispute escalated during the break of a German language course for asylum seekers, which was held at the premises of the Chamber of Labour in Freistadt. Because the migrants did not agree on the topic of a ban on alcohol for Muslims, a student from Afghanistan (32 years old) pulled out and punched his fellow countryman (44 years old) in the face with his fist. The son of the 44-year-old Afghan wanted to defend his father and also took a fist.The course instructor was outside the training room during the conflict. An employee of the Chamber of Labour called the police. The two slightly injured were treated by a doctor. The two participants will soon no longer be allowed to attend a course and will have to apologise. The German course takes place four times a week. The participants pay an amount of 22.50 Euro deductible, the rest will be paid by the Province of Upper Austria. In order to take part in the course, fundamental knowledge of German language is required.

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