Germany: An alleged 16-year-old Somali man tries to rape a woman and thereby seriously injures her

A 16-year-old man is said to have seriously injured a woman in Mühlacker (Enz district) with bites and blows, according to police on Friday, when neighbours alarmed officers during the night because they heard loud screams from an apartment in an apartment building.

The police officers kicked in a locked door and arrested the young man who had beaten the 23-year-old woman lying on the floor and bleeding. According to initial findings, the 16-year-old Somali had apparently demanded sexual acts from the woman, which she refused to do. Thereupon the two got into a violent argument, in which the young man not only beat the woman but also inflicted deep bite wounds on her face. The 23-year-old woman was taken to a clinic with serious injuries. The suspect is in custody. According to the police, he has not yet made any statement about the events.

Germany: Informant who tried to warn about deadly Islamic terrorist attack finally tells his story

One of Germany’s most renowned undercover informants has gone on the record about his attempts to draw German authorities’ attention to the Islamist Ani Amri who killed 12 people in a terrorist attack at a Christmas market in Berlin four years ago.

The former agent, who calls himself Murat Cem, had been warning German security forces about Amri, a Tunisian, since the autumn of 2015.

“The police did not take me seriously, which was a great mistake. They should have trusted me more. I knew what I was talking about. I know when someone is dangerous and just does not brag about his intentions. The second mistake was that I was removed from the case. I wasn’t allowed to follow him anymore,” he told the Der Spiegel weekly.

During almost 20 years in the German security forces, Cem has been operating among murderers, dealers, Islamists, and arms dealers. Now, he is in the witness protection program.

Cem first met Amri in Duisburg through a Salafist contact he had. A first, they had difficulty communicating due to Amri only speaking Arabic, but Cem, who was 15 years older, says that Amri eventually began to see him as an older brother figure who he could go to for advice.

Cem pointed out that Amri seemed to be an easily irritated and savvy man who was clinging to some higher purpose.

“The more time I spent with him, the more dangerous he seemed to me. He did not communicate easily – he was quickly seized by aggression, he immediately began to rage,” the informant, who worked for the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, concluded.

Amri told Cem his plan was to marry a German woman in order to obtain legal documents, as Amri had his asylum application rejected but was not deported.

With legal documents, Amri wanted to move to the then Islamic State that still existed in massive parts of Syria and Iraq at the time. However, his plans did not work out with the woman, prompting the Tunisian to say he was planning to become “active” in Germany. Cem immediately informed the police about the information.

Amri later told Cem he could buy AK-47s in Napoli and told Cem that if Cem had the money, they could travel to Napoli together and pick up the weapons. Cem declined in order to relay the information to police and buy more time.

A week later, Amri said that he wanted to travel to Paris to purchase weapons there after obtaining a passport illegally and claimed he wanted to carry out attacks in the name of Allah. Cem brought the information to police to create an undercover sting for a fake weapons deal, but the police were allegedly uninterested.

Instead of acting on the information, the agent said that his superiors justified removing him from the case by saying that there were more important radicals to follow than Amri.

“I did not understand it. And to top it all off, I learned that the case of the Tunisian is being taken over by the Berlin police because he lived in Berlin. I couldn’t do anything about it,” he added.

Cem and the German police lost track of Amri shortly thereafter.

Amri resurfaced to kill twelve people and injure 56 after he drove a stolen truck loaded with 25 tons of steel beams into the Christmas market in Berlin on Dec. 19, 2016. Four days after the bloodshed, he was shot dead by an Italian police patrol in a shootout after a routine document check in front of the train station in Sesto San Giovanni near Milan, Italy.

1 in 5 Patients In Some UK Hospitals Caught Coronavirus in the Hospital

1. The NHS and socialized medicine, despite being cheered during this crisis, continue to be horrible.

And the dependency on immigrant workers, who appear to be more susceptible to the virus, may have worsened the crisis in these hospitals, just as they are believed to have done in Swedish nursing homes, as I discussed in, “Sweden Cared More About Islamophobia Than Saving Elderly in Nursing Homes From Coronavirus.” 

As previously noted, most of the UK health care doctors and medical staff who died of the virus are minorities. What role did they play in spreading the virus in hospitals?

An estimated 44 percent of doctors in Britain are from ethnic minority backgrounds, significantly higher than the 13 percent in the population at large. Last year, more than half the new doctors who registered in Britain were born overseas.

But experts say it’s still baffling that 93 percent of the doctors who have died of covid-19 were ethnic minorities.

Again, the British dependency on foreign doctors proved to be disastrous. What role did foreign staff play in the US nursing home outbreaks?

2. The infection rates in some UK hospitals have serious implications for the mass deaths in US nursing homes.

Up to a fifth of patients with Covid-19 in several hospitals contracted the disease over the course of the pandemic while already being treated there for another illness, NHS bosses have told senior doctors and nurses.

Some of the infections were passed on by hospital staff who were unaware they had the virus and were displaying no symptoms, while patients with coronavirus were responsible for the others.

The figures represent NHS England’s first estimate of the size of the problem of hospital-acquired Covid-19, which Boris Johnson last week said was causing an “epidemic” of deaths. In a national briefing last month on infection control and Covid-19, NHS England told the medical directors and chief nurses of all acute hospitals in England that it had found that 10%-20% of people in hospital with the disease had got it while they were inpatients.

How do those rates apply to US hospitals and nursing homes? That’s the big question.

The UK numbers show that there’s a major risk of patients in facilities contracting coronavirus. Residents in nursing homes where standards are lower, staff often less well trained, and residents much more vulnerable would potentially have a higher death rate.

Beyond that, there is the big question of policies by Democrat governors, Cuomo, Murphy, Whitmer, and Newsom, among others, to send coronavirus patients to nursing homes. The UK numbers give us a sense of just how badly coronavirus can spread, first in hospitals, and then in other facilities, which gives us a sense of how catastrophic these policies were.

Cuomo has argued that no one should be prosecuted for nursing home deaths because they would have died anyway. “Older people… are going to die from this virus,” he argued, dismissing the outrage of the families of the dead. “I don’t think there’s any logical rationale to say that they would be alive today.”

“We’ve tried everything to keep it out of a nursing home, but it’s virtually impossible,” he falsely claimed.

That is clearly untrue.

The UK numbers only deepen the indictment.

Greek Foreign Ministry makes first moves against Turkey’s occupation of land at Evros

Athens has taken diplomatic steps towards Turkey following an order from Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias on the issue that has arisen in a part of southern Evros, where Turkish forces are occupying sovereign Greek land, according to diplomatic sources cited by Kathimerini.

On Thursday, Turkish soldiers and police special forces made a permanent presence within Greek territory and camped in the pocket of Apiary at Feres to enhance their presence, as reported by Greek City Times.

The occupied areas are even shown on Google Maps as a part of Greece.

Greek Foreign Ministry makes first moves against Turkey's occupation of land at Evros 3

The occupation is at South Evros, Meliskokeio, which is located in a place that floods every year after autumn.

Even maps from 1923 shows that the area belongs to Greece.

The riverbed has moved with a swamp now in its place which dries up in summer and floods in winter, creating an islet there. Turkey is taking advantage of this seasonal change to the riverbed to claim an area of ​​about 16 acres. There has been grievances in the past, but there is now a steady presence of Turkish security forces in the area, which is hampering the work of the Army’s Geographical Service officials to complete the settlement of the area from the Greek side, in view of the expansion of the fence to South Evros.

On a practical level, Athens cites the maps with which the borders were drawn in 1923 and since then some parts of it have been reaffirmed, precisely because of the need to calculate the adjustments that have taken place due to the change of the river flow in some places.

For the Greek side, this particular obstacle practically creates issues in the effort made in recent months for the expansion of the fence in South Evros, but also for the fortification of the area, so that in case of a repeat illegal immigration scenario orchestrated by Turkey like in March, the chances are minimised.

Germany: Persons threatened, doors smashed: asylum seeker riots in the district office

According to the police, everything happened around 9.35am. The 26-year-old wanted to enter the rooms of the foreigners’ registration office in Böblingen.

However, since he did not want to comply with the current Corona regulations, he was refused entry.

“This probably initially led to a dispute between the man and the security staff in charge,” the officers wrote. “In the course of this dispute, the suspect threatened and insulted the bystanders.”

Finally he grabbed a bollard and smashed a glass door with it.

Since he did not want to calm down even in the presence of the called in officers of the Böblingen police station, the 26-year-old refugee was taken into custody.

He must now remain in the custody of the Böblingen police station until the evening hours. In addition, he will have to answer for threats, insults and damage to property.

The amount of the property damage caused has not yet been determined.

WATCH: German journalist reports from the Muslim-dominated district of Marxloh in Duisburg and is therefore pelted with eggs – “This part of town belongs to us, the German authorities have no business here!”

A journalist reports from the Muslim migrant district of Marxloh in Duisburg and is thrown eggs at him there.German state power does not belong there, the Muslim invaders tell him. “This district belongs to us” they also tell him.It was only last Tuesday that 200 Arab clan members tried to hinder the arrest of a criminal.

Germany: Migrants attack reception center employees and police

Six employees at a migrant reception facility in Baden-Württemberg were injured after being attacked by migrants over the weekend. At least thirty police officers were called to the migrant reception center in Ellwagen on Sunday evening after security guards were assaulted by violent migrants staying at the facility. Police are now investigating the attackers for committing dangerous bodily harm, German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung reports.

According to police, the incident began when a 13-year-old Afghan and a 43-year-old Gambian got into a quarrel over a water bottle in the canteen. What started out as a verbal dispute quickly became physical when the African struck the Afghan across the face.

When security personnel attempted to intervene and calm the situation, the migrants quickly redirected their anger and hostility toward the center’s staff members. Next, the 43-year-old and several other migrants began attacking employees. When the migrants were forced out of the canteen, about 15 of them armed themselves with chairs and shards of broken glass and pushed their way back into the building. Other migrants are said to have cheered the attackers on before eventually joining them in the canteen. It was at this point that police were called in to quell the revolt. In a separate incident which took place at an asylum center in Geldersheim, Lower Franconia, a mob of 100 migrants gathered, at first to protest lockdown measures, but later attacked employees and police officers, German broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk reports. Two police helicopters, the Schweinfurt police, Supplementary Operative Services Schweinfurt and Würzburg, and forces from the Würzburg riot police had to be called to the location to maintain order. The violent demonstrations left one police officer with injuries, while 16 asylum seekers were arrested for dangerous bodily harm and coercion.