Tucker Carlson’s interview with Tony Bobulinski is must-see TV

By Andrea Widburg

On Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson did something he’d never done before: He dedicated his entire show to a single interview. The person he interviewed was Tony Bobulinski, an experienced international businessman who found himself working with Hunter Biden, James Biden, and others on a deal between the Biden group and CEFC, a Chinese energy company with ties to the Communist government and the military. Bobulinski powerfully confirms that Joe Biden was deeply involved in the transaction, which had its beginnings when Joe was still Vice President.

Fox News has not yet uploaded (and may never upload) the interview in its entirety. However, the four videos below bring together almost everything from the interview.

Tucker opened by making the point that he was dedicating his show to the Bobulinski interview because the rest of the American media are assiduously ignoring the story, downplaying it, or claiming it’s a Russian smear. The leader of the Russian smear approach is, naturally, Rep. Adam Schiff, a man who has all the hallmarks of a conscienceless psychopath. Ironically, it was Schiff’s smear about Hunter Biden’s hard drive that led Bobulinski, a Democrat, to go public with his story.

If you can’t watch the interview, here’s a brief overview:

Bobulinksi is a former Naval Officer with a Q clearance. That’s an extremely high clearance level for people working in the Department of Energy – and Bobulinski worked in the Navy’s nuclear program. He comes from a military family and is very proud of that legacy.

After leaving the Navy, Bobulinski became an international businessman. His expertise led to Hunter Biden and his people wooing Bobulinski to give them the business expertise they needed to get their partnership up and running.

The partnership, SinoHawk, was intended to bring together CEFC and the Biden family. Both Hunter and James Biden, after all, brought nothing to the table other than their last name and, with it, the promise that China would have access to political influence at the highest level of American government.

Bobulinski’s name recently became public knowledge when James Gilliar, another businessman working on SinoHawk, sent an email to Tony Bobulinski, setting out the terms Gilliar had been negotiating with CEFC. What caught everyone’s interest was the statement that Hunter would hold “10[%] for the Big Guy.” Bobulinski confirmed that Joe Biden was the “Big Guy.”

At this point, Schiff, the media, and Joe Biden, none of whom ever denied the legitimacy of the email, claimed that the whole thing was a Russian smear. This unfounded accusation got Bobulinski’s dander up. As a naval officer from a military family and a true patriot, being smeared as a Russian agent was beyond the pale.

Bobulinski demanded that Schiff retract the insult and, when Schiff failed to do so, he went public and did a full document dump. Bobulinski had saved everything – every document, every email, and every text.

That’s the quick background to the interview with Carlson, during which Bobulinski said that

  • Hunter and James Biden brought nothing to the deal other than the Biden family name,
  • What China wanted was the Biden family name,
  • Joe Biden was involved in the business deal, so much so that he had veto power over negotiations,
  • In 2017, Bobulinski met Joe Biden twice when the Biden side of SinoHawk was courting him to step in and act as CEO,
  • Bobulinski also spoke at length with James Biden, Joe’s brother,
  • When Bobulinski asked James how they could get away with this kind of deal, which seemed to be falling into dangerous territory given that Joe could run again for president, James announced, “plausible deniability,” and
  • The Biden group stiffed Bobulinski, leaving him out of pocket for all his expenses while channeling CEFC’s money into another entity that did not involve Bobulinski.

If we had a decent media, this story would be on every front page and at the top of every news hour. Instead, Bobulinski is trying desperately to get Americans to know that he is not a Russian agent and that Joe Biden was in bed with the Communist Chinese government, starting when he was Vice President and continuing after he left the White House. This screenshot from Memeorandumshows that none of the legacy media outlets are touching the story:

Image: Tony Bobulinski Tucker Carlson interview. Tucker Carlson Show screengrab.

(As an aside, and separate from the Bobulinski interview, a former CIA operations office believes it’s entirely possible that Biden was already doing China’s bidding in 2012, when the Obama administration gave China free rein in the South China Sea.)

In case the embedded videos do not play, you can find them hereherehere, andhere.

We’ve always known Joe Biden is an odd bird. Just think of the lies, the egotistical boasting, the offers to fight people, the skinny dipping, and the way he fondles and sniffs little girls. He is a genuinely creepy man.

It speaks volumes about Washington D.C. and the Democrat party that Joe spent 47 years in the Swamp and rose to the second-highest office in the land. What we’ve learned now, though, irrefutably and without any Russian hokum, is that Joe Biden is also a profoundly corrupt man who willingly sold out America and her allies to enrich himself and his sleazy, incompetent family.


Germany: Syrian pulls a knife and rapes 13-year-old girl

On Monday, Saoud A. (20 years old) had to answer to the Dresden district court. Two years ago, he allegedly raped a 13-year-old girl on the street Hochschulstraße.

The accusations of the public prosecutor’s office are serious: on October 2, 2018, the Syrian is said to have pulled a knife in the flat of the then 13-year-old and asked her to undress.

Out of fear, the child obeyed. Saoud is also said to have undressed, pushed her onto the couch and raped her.

The current trainee mechanic did not want to let the accusations go uncommented. However, the public was excluded from the trial.

After all, he had previously confessed to driving a BMW car illegally on Leipziger Street – he did not possess a driving licence.

“I was driving,” he confirmed. “My friends wanted us to go for a drive. I drove them into town and came back alone. That was the one and only time I did!”

After a more than four hours, the trial was suspended for the time being. Saoud A.’s defence lawyer filed a bias petition against the judge…


Germany: In front of the children! Arab drags ex into bushes and rapes her

Jamal S. (33 years old) will have to answer to the Duisburg Regional Court on Tuesday. The public prosecutor’s office is absolutely certain: Jamal S. has raped his ex-wife several times. But that is not the only charge.

The defendant and his ex-wife had separated after nine years of relationship. Even during this time, there had been repeated attacks by the 33-year-old. He had threatened to kill her and her three children.

In December 2019, Jamal S. allegedly urged his ex to meet him at a playground in Ruhrorter Street in Duisburg so that he could meet his three children (9, 4 and 3 years old). After being threatened, the mother agreed.According to the charge, the man suddenly pulled out a pocket knife and asked his ex-girlfriend to have sex with him. He had made it clear that she belonged to him and that a child would die if she did not do what he said. The mother then went with her ex to a bush near the playground out of concern for her children. The public prosecutor is certain that the rape took place there.

Afterwards, the defendant is said to have announced: “I will never let you alone.”

Only two days later, Jamal S. demanded another meeting. On the playground he is said to have started kissing and touching his ex. Thereupon she told him to leave her alone.

Afterwards, the defendant is said to have announced: “I will never let you alone.”

Only two days later, Jamal S. demanded another meeting. On the playground he is said to have started kissing and touching his ex. Thereupon she told him to leave her alone. But again he is said to have dragged the woman into the bushes and raped her. When they came back, their nine-year-old son said he had witnessed all that happened.However, the man did not let go of her, began again and, according to the indictment, raped her a second time that day.But that is not all: the man is also said to have abducted the three children from their mother in April 2020. Nevertheless, Jamal S. appeared in front of the asylum centre in Duisburg, where the children were waiting while their mother quickly fetched something from the flat. The defendant is said to have made use of this moment and kidnapped his children by threatening them.

After his ex contacted him, he voluntarily returned the two younger girls in the evening. His nine-year-old son was released from his custody in the evening by the police, who have since been informed.

The accused did not want to comment on the accusations on Tuesday at the beginning of the trial. The trial will continue. A verdict is expected on November the 13th.


Germany: Statue of the Virgin Mary decapitated – head thrown in front of church


A particularly blasphemous attack has taken place in the Jesuit Church in Straubing: Unknown persons beheaded a statue of the Mother of God, put a corona mask on the head and threw it onto the square in front of the church.

As Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lehner announced on Twitter, a statue of the Virgin Mary was decapitated in his Bavarian hometown of Straubing, in the church opposite his parents’ house…The head was found outside the church. The perpetrators had put a “face mask” on its head. One of the comments: “The demons are getting bolder every day, Ulrich. I am sad to see what happened.I pray for your hometown.”

According to the police report: “On Thursday evening a police officer on his way to the service at the Jesuit Church on Theresienplatz found the head of a statue of the Virgin Mary. It was lying next to the entrance door of the church and was wearing a so-called surgical mask. During an inspection in the vestibule of the church, a fallen and damaged statue of the Virgin Mary was found. The head of the statue and the surgical mask were seized by the police as evidence.

The Straubing Criminal Investigation Department has taken over the investigation of common property damage and is looking for witnesses to the incident. Who observed suspicious persons in or in front of the Jesuit Church in Straubing during Thursday.Relevant information can be given to the Straubing criminal investigation department by calling 09421/868-0.


22 People Died Because Guard Feared Accusations of Racism

What’s the price of the culture which silences people by calling them “Karens” and “Racists” when they notice something is wrong? A lot of dead children.

A security guard had a “bad feeling” about suicide bomber Salman Abedi but did not approach him for fear of being branded a racist, an inquiry has heard.

Kyle Lawler, who was 18 at the time of the Manchester Arena attack, was standing 10 or 15ft away from Abedi.

He later told police he was conflicted because he thought something was wrong but could not put his finger on it.

About five minutes later, at 22:31 BST on 22 May 2017, Abedi detonated a bomb packed with 3,000 nuts and bolts.

In his statement prepared for the inquiry, Mr Lawler said: “I just had a bad feeling about him but did not have anything to justify that.”

The witness added that Abedi was “fidgety and sweating”….

“It’s very difficult to define a terrorist. For all I knew he might well be an innocent Asian male.

“I did not want people to think I am stereotyping him because of his race.

“I was scared of being wrong and being branded a racist if I got it wrong and would have got into trouble. It made me hesitant.

“I wanted to get it right and not mess it up by over-reacting or judging someone by their race.”

Ten children died. Dozens more were wounded.

In total, over 20 people were killed and over a hundred more were hospitalized.

All of this happened because the British government and the media, like our own, had spent so much time treating people like criminals for seeing something suspicious.  When you give people a choice between saving lives and being called bigots, or keeping their heads down, often that’s what they’ll do, from cops to guards.

And of course the guard tried to cover it up with a dubious story, which is the only reason why we’re hearing about this.

Mr Lawler agreed that on five separate occasions after the bombing, he made statements, verbally or in writing, where he “deliberately shortened” the time between him leaving the City Room to the bomb going off, “so no one would say, why didn’t you do something?” the inquiry was told.

But we know the answer why.

I don’t know to what extent we can say it’s his fault. He’s the product of a broken and corrupt system who was following orders. And those orders, cultural and political, told him not to act even when all his instincts were telling him that something was very wrong.

That’s the gift of fear. When we ignore it, bad things can happen. Very bad things.

There is a reason that we have so much unconscious wiring. It’s there to warn us of things that our rational mind can’t justify. Sometimes it’s wrong, and sometimes it’s disturbingly right. 

This story, in a nutshell, is the reason why Israeli security is so effective. Lawler’s Israeli counterpart would have been trained to look for exactly those things, to follow his instincts, and to sync with his supervisors and follow a plan of action. 

This atrocity didn’t have to happen. It happened because western countries refuse to deal with the reality of Islam. And instead form circular firing squads.


ANTIFA joins with Police opposing Germans doing a mask burning and demanding freedom and constitutional rights

So the optics are fun on this one.

ANTIFA in full sail is counter-protesting Germans burning masks and opposing lockdowns, putting ANTIFA right onside with Merkel’s government, big pharma and the police.