Germany: Algerian asylum seeker throws manhole covers at car and attacks witnesses

A 28-year-old man rioted in the night from Saturday to Sunday in the street Theodor-Groz-Straße. The accused removed a manhole cover and threw it against a parked car. Two passers-by became aware of the 28-year-old man and followed him to the train station. There he unfastened his trouser belt and struck with the belt towards the witnesses.Finally, the man is said to have thrown several stones in the direction of the two passers-by. But they were not hit. At the station, a patrol of the police station managed to arrest the 28-year-old. The officers had been kept up to date by the courageous witnesses via mobile phone. During the body search of his person, 0.3 g of marijuana were found in the 28-year-old’s wallet. It also turned out that the man was in Albstadt without permission. The Algerian citizen is only allowed to stay in the district of Sigmaringen. The defendant is now under criminal investigation.

WATCH: Van smashes into Spain’s Ceuta enclave with 50 migrants inside

A speeding van carrying 50 migrants smashed through a border barrier between Morocco and Spain’s North African enclave of Ceuta today, local police said. The white van raced toward the border “at full speed” and “smashed” a border gate, a spokesman for Spanish police in Ceuta told AFP. There were 50 sub-Saharan migrants inside the vehicle, including women and children, he added. Police detained the driver of the van which had French licence plates.Footage shot by the local Faro de Ceuta television showed police escorting the migrants to a Red Cross post where they received medical aid. The front of the van was badly dented, the images showed. Spain’s two North African enclaves, Ceuta and Melilla, have the European Union’s only land borders with Africa. They have long been magnets for African migrants, who usually climb over their border fences or swim along their coastlines. Since the start of the year, 5,216 migrants have entered these two cities by land, 12.4 per cent less than in 2018, according to the latest interior ministry figures. Of these, 1,163 arrived in Ceuta. Once on Spanish territory, they are usually taken to a migrant reception centre where they can ask for asylum. A total of 27,584 migrants have arrived in Spain either by land or sea so far this year, a 50.7 per cent drop over the number of entries in 2018 when Spain for the first time surpassed Italy to become to main entry point for migrants arriving in Europe. Greece is the main entry point this year.

Germany: Pierced with a knife — A Somali man stabs firemen almost to death!

The festival Schlossgrabenhock in Ehrenkirchen-Kirchhofen is actually an event for the whole family. It is therefore all the more incomprehensible what happened to two firemen. It was already late, the celebration long ago was over. But the 36-year-old Somali did not want to go home. When he had nothing to drink at 5 am and the firemen politely asked him to leave, he went crazy. In a flash, he pulled out a knife with a blade length of 26.5 centimetres and attacked the two men with it. He was extremely violent. The fireman could only be rescued by an emergency operation and at times his life was in danger.The severely wounded, trained chimney sweep had to be treated for three months before he was fully fit for work again. His colleague, a 58-year-old masseur, was injured by the Somalian with the knife on his right hand, among other things, so that he is still in rehabilitation and not fully fit for work. After the crime the attacker fled before he returned with his African wife and slashed the fire brigade tent several times. The victims suffer from the injuries to this day and are cared for pastorally.The Somali, who has been travelling across Europe for ten years and whose asylum application has been rejected by the authorities, finds the whole trial annoying. He is grumpy enough to let his interpreter claim that he was attacked by the firemen. Why he and his wife are still in Germany is incomprehensible. He has long forfeited his right to hospitality.

Muslim soldier of the German army invents allegedly xenophobic attack on him

In the case of a German soldier of Turkish origin, who was allegedly attacked in the Berlin district of Neukölln, the preliminary proceedings have been discontinued. Instead, the 25 year old corporal is now being investigated, said Martin Steltner, spokesman for the Berlin public prosecutor’s office, on Thursday.The investigations had revealed contradictions in the man’s testimony, which could not be clarified, the Attorney General’s Office announced on Twitter. There was a suspicion that the soldier had invented the attack. There is much to suggest that the attack had been made up: “Witnesses were questioned, video recordings evaluated and the injuries examined,” explained Steltner. The motive for pretending to be a victim of a crime is still unclear.The 25-year-old had claimed to have been xenophobically assaulted by two men. According to his own statements, the lance corporal in uniform was on his way to the street Saalestraße on September 2. He allegedly noticed two men following him.They had suddenly struck and stepped on him. One of the attackers had insulted and rant at  him, that only Germans were allowed to wear the uniform of a soldier.Alarmed policemen could not find the alleged perpetrators. The State Security of the Criminal Investigation Department, which is responsible for politically motivated acts, investigated the case.

Germany: Muslim kills fiancée because she didn’t love him anymore

Nasi A. (†18) was a beautiful young woman. When her mother discovered her dying on the floor, her half-naked body was covered in blood and torn to shreds by knife stabs. Nasi is said to have been killed by her fiancé on July 16 because she no longer desired him. In handcuffs and shackles, Dawood R. (30 years old) was taken to the dock at Halle District Court. The prosecution accuses the Afghan of “murder for base motives”.Nasi died shortly after the knife attack in the hospital. “The coroners counted 34 stings in the victim’s torso, back, buttocks and legs,” accuses prosecutor Klaus Wiechmann (63 years old) the defendant, who had been arrested after the crime in the city of Frankfurt on the Main. Najib A. (52 years old), the mother of the murdered Nasi, said on Friday on the witness stand: “He called me after the crime and asked where I was. Then he said: I killed your daughter. If she survived, I’ll enter the hospital and set fire to her bed.'”

Germany: Muslim gang rapists tortured and recorded as they martyred their victims

The knockout drops were apparently in the energy drink. Two women (20, 22 y/o) were anaesthetised, raped and recorded. Five men (24 to 29 y/o) are standing before the Kleve Regional Court because of these crimes.The men had first met the two women in February and March at a Düsseldorf Old Town disco. The public prosecutor’s office is convinced: both were taken to the Krefeld apartment of a defendant within only two weeks and raped there. They were not unconscious, but unable to resist, but could not remember afterwards.In the second case, the crime is said to have lasted over five hours. According to the prosecution, the woman was tortured with a broomstick and a bottle of vodka, had to put a pistol in her mouth and sexually satisfy the men in various ways.The use of cell phones by the perpetrators to record the crime could be used as evidence in the trial.Four defendants refuse to answer. Only Nidal El-Z. (29 y/o) wanted to comment on the charges. The student is accused of involvement in the second case: “I did not realize that something had happened against the will of the woman. Otherwise I would have intervened.” He also filmed the torture carried out with the vodka bottle. He said: “That was a mistake. I want to apologize for that.”
The police report remarks on the perpetrator’s background:
The men are between 24 and 29 years old and of Turkish, Moroccan, Lebanese and Palestinian descent. The suspects live in Moers, Wesel and Krefeld. They are accused of rape committed jointly in several cases.

Austria: Syrian arrested after attempted female jogger rape

Only a few days after the alleged rape attempt in Linz, which the weekly newspaper Wochenblick considers to be a murder attempt, the national police reported the arrest of a Syrian.With fierce resistance by kicking, punching and shouting, a 38-year-old female jogger was able to force an attacker to flee on Tuesday afternoon. The man had jumped forward behind a bush and wanted to put a garbage bag over the head of the sportswoman. The media suspected that he was attempting to rape the woman.On Saturday morning, the police reported that a suspect had been arrested. The 22-year-old Syrian could be spotted at his home address in the district of Freistadt and was arrested immediately. He confessed in full during the first interrogations.

Germany: Concrete Christmas trees shields market from Muslim attacks

With the holiday season just six weeks away, special security barriers made of concrete appeared at Essen’s Christmas market. A visit to the bustling square on Friday showed the green Christmas tree-shaped blocks deployed to protect the stalls from terrorist attacks. The blocks, 1.8m high and weighing around three tonnes, were installed at the markets’ entrance which faces the city main station. Security around Christmas markets has been tightened ever since the attack on Berlin’s Breitscheidplatz event in 2016, which claimed the lives of 12 people. 

Germany: Moslem woman felt insulted – Saint Martin is not allowed to perform any more

Pic: Screenshot youtube

A representative of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) called the statement of the player of Saint Martin “completely out of place”. In the presence of a Muslim, he had remarked that it was a Christian celebration.She felt offended by it. Now various German public bodies are outbidding each other in a series of distancing, apologies and gestures of submission. A three-ring circus about a statement whose truth no one has doubted for many centuries.It’s a worrying direction the German mainstream is drifting in. The following is said to have happened in Niederkassel, North Rhine-Westphalia. The man who led the procession of Saint Martin of the Rheidter-Werth-School had said in the issue of the “Weckmänner”, a yeast pastry, that Saint Martin is a Christian festival.A Muslim woman who was nearby with her children felt disturbed by this statement. She demanded that the headmaster and the district police distance themselves from this statement. After these people refused to comment, she started a so-called “Shitstorm” in social media. She claimed that the man had made this statement with an aggressive, hateful voice.The German public submitted to the Moslem woman’s demand. One apology after the other, many apologies were given. The man whose crime it was to say that a Christian celebration was a Christian celebration was no longer allowed to take part in Saint Martin’s procession in the future. The city and several associations declared that such a terrible incident should not happen again.The Muslim woman was pleased: “There was a public apology and Saint Martin will never sit on the horse again in Rheidt.”Every year the demands of the Muslim minorities become louder, who demand the renaming or abolition of the Saint Martin celebrations. Every year another part of the culture and tradition of this country dies. The attacks on Saint Martin are accompanied by disinformation campaigns of the left-wing media, which want to degrade the next holy festival of Christians. Because also the holy Santa Claus (3.-4. century) would have been a Turk ( founded in 1923).

Germany: Syrian Clan members beat up a policeman and threaten him with murder – “Your prison sentences here in Germany are ridiculous.”

The trial against three members of an Arab family clan has started in Halle.

The tabloid BILD reports:

In his videos Mazen A. (26 y.o) raps as “Maze618” about violence and mocks the police. On Thursday, he was handcuffed to the dock in Halle, with his brother Ahmed A. (23 y.o) and his father Fadel A.(48 y.o). The trio is said to have insulted, attacked and injured police officers in Naumburg.Background of the family feud with the police: Achmed A.’s driving license was to be confiscated.The Syrians are said to have shouted: “We do not recognize your legal system. Your prison sentences here in Germany are ridiculous.” And finally: ” We’ ve had enough boys, get out your guns, we’ ll shoot them!”