US accuses Merkel of failing to combat Iran’s terrorism and antisemitism

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Germany’s largest circulating paper in a jaw-dropping on interview on Monday that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is not doing enough fight Islamic Republic of Iran‘s terrorism.“Berlin does too little against mullah terror,” reads the sub-headline of the interview conducted by paper’s editor-in-chief Julian Reichelt via video.

When asked about the difference between Europe and the US with respect to the controversial Iran nuclear deal, Pompeo said: “There’s been disagreement for years now about the value of this nuclear deal. The United States views it not only as unfortunate, but dangerous. The Europeans have suggested that somehow staying inside of this is important, the United States have taken a different approach. We are not going to allow them to have the money and wealth to allow them to continue to ferment terror.”We are not going to send pallets of cash over to the Iranian regime,” he added. “We are going to develop a system that makes sure Iran never has a nuclear weapon. The United States has the capacity to lead the world to push back against this terror threat.”When Reichelt asked Pompeo about Germany’s moral responsibility (a reference to the Holocaust), Iran’s murder of the innocent wrestler Navid Afkaria, and sanctions targeting German companies who do business with Tehran, Pompeo said “German business will understand the risk and they will comply with the UNSC resolutions. It is the German government that is so disappointing. This country (Iran) has created assassination campaigns across Europe.”Pompeo added that “the German government tells us they agree with that they don’t want Iran to buy and sell weapons, yet they have come up with no plan, no alternative to prevent it. The US is going to lead, the US will make the right decision, the moral decision. Not only did they execute this wrestler, remember this is the most antisemitic nation on the planet, that does not only threaten to destroy America, but also the nation of Israel. I think the German people understand the risk, the threat to themselves and to the world. This is not a country that should escape the sanctions that UNSC Resolution 2231 lays out, that is not a nation that on October 19 this year be able to buy and sell weapons.”The Jerusalem Post sent a press a query to Germany’s federal commission for combating antisemitism, Felix Klein, asking if he agreed with Pompeo about the Islamic Republic of Iran being the top state-sponsor of antisemitism.Klein criticized antisemitism in the US last year but has refused to answer multiple Post queries about Iran’s sponsorship of Holocaust denial and antisemitism. Klein’s counterpart in the Elan Carr, America’s special envoy to monitor and combat antisemitism, has previously said that Iran is the “world’s chief trafficker in antisemitism” and that “antisemitism isn’t ancillary to the ideology of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is a central foundational component of the ideology of that regime – and we have to be clear about it, and we have to confront it and call it out for what it is.”It is unclear why Klein won’t criticize the regime of Ali Khamenei in Tehran – the top international state-sponsor of antisemitism and Holocaust denial. Merkel’s Foreign Ministry has celebrated Iran’s Islamic revolution multiple times at Tehran’s embassy.In 2019, the president of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, sent a congratulatory telegram in the name of the German people to honor Iran’s Islamic revolution.Merkel told the Knesset that Israel’s security is “non-negotiable” for her government. Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi urged Merkel to join the US in imposing UN snapback sanctions on Iran’s regime to prevent Iran from purchasing new weapons. Merkel ignored Ashkenazi’s request.

France: Algerian migrant Mohamed A. sentenced to 14 years in prison for drugging an raping patient in French hospital

On Monday, the Hauts-de-Seine Court sentenced a 50-year-old Algerian male who used to work as a nurse in the American Hospital of Neuilly-sur-Seine, to 14 years in prison for raping a patient under psychotropic treatment in February 2018. The woman was reportedly stunned with drugs at the time of the attack.

The convicted man, Mohamed A., who started working at the Neuilly hospital in 2006, had already been sentenced in 2012 for “sexual assault on a vulnerable person”.

The sentence, which is slightly less severe than the public prosecutor had demanded, also bans the perpetrator from participating in any medical and paramedical profession for five years and contains an injunction for treatment.

Sylvie Noachovitch, the lawyer for the victim, described the accused man as a “predator”, adding that “if tomorrow he is outside, he will start again.”

When assessing the mental health of the perpetrator, experts detected no mental pathology, but a strong need for “reassurance about his virility”.

The victim has been severely affected by the incident, is “unable to work” and has since developed a “phobia” of the medical world.

The Algerian originally wanted to become an architect but ended up studying nursing in Algeria.

During his time in custody, Mohamed A. first denied everything, before changing his statement as the DNA samples taken in the room of the American hospital provided enough evidence of his guilt. Later, he admitted that he did have sexual intercourse with the victim, but claimed it was consensual.

Left-wing Austrian daily newspaper admits: Asylum seekers rape more frequently

The daily newspaper Der Standard caused a stir on Sunday by publishing an article on the over-representation of asylum seekers in sexual crimes. But this time, too, the “central organ of left-wing liberalism” could not do without relativizations. The men from “pre-modern societies” could not help it, women in hot pants would encourage rape.Five years after the refugee crisis, the left-liberal Standard also admits: the rapes have virtually skyrocketed due to the mass influx of young migrants. In 2016 the percentage of asylum seekers among the suspects rose from 5.7 to 14.6 percent. Measured in terms of their proportion of the population, this group of people is undoubtedly overrepresented among sex offenders. Afghans, in particular, are boosting the sad result.As early as 1996 the political scientist Samuel P. Huntington caused controversial discussions with his “Clash of Civilizations”.Now, in the year 2020, the problem of cultural clashes is also making its way into the left-liberal Standard editorial staff. This late insight is thanks to a men’s advisor, a sociologist and a conflict researcher.

The director of the Viennese Men’s Counseling and Psychotherapist, Jonni Brem, made it clear to the Standard: Nothing was exaggerated. On the contrary: “I have experienced many cases that have been ignored in public.
In prisons, at trials and in cooperation with the police, he had read reports of young asylum seekers who had just arrived in the state. In the process, he registered a surge of sexual assaults, which he called “dramatic” in an interview with the newspaper Standard.

The head of the Institute for Conflict Research, Birgitt Haller, also spoke bluntly to the Standard: “Sexual violence has increased – and asylum seekers are massively overrepresented among the suspects.
At the same time, she showed a great deal of understanding for the behavior of the soldiers of fortune who had arrived: Men from “pre-modern societies” would often misinterpret the Western way of life and had no understanding for the equality of women that prevails in the West.Much to the annoyance of some commentators, the conflict researcher noted: “A girl in hot pants often appears to them as an offer to have sex together.

This statement enraged many of the people who had read it. After all, the debate about personal responsibility in women’s choice of clothing in order not to be raped is considered long since overcome.
The argument that a woman was dressed too provocatively and therefore herself was to blame for her subsequent rape or sexual harassment is considered deeply sexist.

Merkel’s malevolent advice to Netanyahu

The German press office published a release about a telephone call German Chancellor Angela Merkel made to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The report said that along with the mastering of the Covid19 pandemic regional themes were discussed.

-The Chancellor welcomed the ongoing conversations on the normalization of bilateral relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

-In this context she underlined the need for the reestablishment of relations with the Palestinian Arabs with the aim of a two state solution.

The latter was a malevolent advice. The word is chosen over more euphemistic terms such as misguided, counter-productive, antagonistic, confrontational, aggressive, disingenuous, disruptive, misplaced, erroneous and so on. In the Israeli agreement with the United Arab Emirates there is no mention of a Palestinian state. So what business is it of a Chancellor of Germany where remnants of its horrible past keep emerging?

There can in the future occur a situation where there will be two states on the West side of the Jordan river. Yet that is not a two-state solution. Turning the current Palestinian entities into a state, where the largest party, Hamas, is in favor of genocide of Jews — more or less like the generation of Merkel’s grandparents in Germany – is unlikely to solve anything. Also, the second largest Palestinian party, Fatah, is in favor of terrorism and the Palestinian Authority, which it controls, rewards potential or effective murderers. The glorification of death is a cult which permeates large parts of Palestinian society.

There are several other reasons why Merkel’s remark was brazen. Yet Germany is powerful and Netanyahu thus could not permit himself to say the following in reply to Merkel’s advice. As this, however, has to be said, we are publishing it here:

Dear Mrs. Chancellor,

You have done a number of good things for Israel, which I greatly appreciate. On the other hand, there are various highly negative aspects in the German government’s behavior under your leadership, which endanger both Israel and German Jews.

Nobody has indirectly promoted terrorism in the Middle East more in the past decade than the previous US President Barack Obama. Yet he holds the Nobel prize for peace which was given to him by irresponsible Norwegians. The 2015 JCPOA Agreement, which Israel strongly opposed has freed the hands of the Iranian government — with its genocidal intentions toward Israel — to foster terrorism in many parts of the Middle East. Germany has supported this agreement.

Even today, Germany has a far too soft attitude toward Iran.

Your ambassador to the United Nations also participates in the anti-Israel hate fest there. At the UN your country votes frequently with the enemies of Israel. Your ambassador has even made very negative remarks about Israel and you should have recalled him.

Your government is the greatest importer of antisemites into Europe. Your welcome policy has let about 1 million additional Muslims into your country without any check on whether they are antisemites or not. According to studies, about half of them are Jew-haters.

In view of its exceptionally criminal past, Germany should not have let in any antisemites. There is nothing humanitarian about importing antisemites into Europe, even if they are refugees. This radically wrong decision has also led to a strengthening of activism, including against Jews, on the German right. Now a right-wing party, which has antisemitic members, is represented in your country’s parliament, the Bundestag.

Your predecessor, Chancellor Helmut Kohl, made a major effort to normalize the reality as much as possible for Germany’s Jews. He opened the German borders for Jews from Russia, which led to a major increase in the number of Jews and new Jewish communities in various German cities. Yet your policies have led to the opposite. German Jewish leaders have been extremely reluctant to tell the truth, but by May 2020 Josef Schuster, the chairman of the German Jewish umbrella organization Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland, finally admitted that he had given up on the utopian idea that there could be a Germany without antisemitism.

Germany’s national Antisemitism Commissioner Felix Klein said: “I cannot advise Jews to wear kippot everywhere all the time in Germany.” Schuster also advised Jews not to wear kippot in public in major cities.

The main reason for this advice was that hatred by Muslims sometimes results in violent acts. One of those who initially did not heed this advice was the Munich Rabbi Shmuel Aharon Brodman. He was harassed by four Arab speaking men this past July. We don’t know whether the attackers were part of your welcome immigration group or entered the country before. Rabbi Brodman has now decided to no longer wear a kippa in public or to speak loudly in Hebrew.

In view of the risks involved Jews have to heed advice to hide their identity in Germany. On the other hand a labor court has decided that Muslim women can show their identity by wearing headscarves when teaching at schools.

Berlin is now the capital of Europe’s antisemitism. A particular problem is some cases of extreme harassment of Jewish pupils in schools, mainly by Muslims. Your government manipulates the statistics and tries to blame almost all antisemitic incidents on the right-wing even if only half of the perpetrators are known.

Allow me to add one more remark. Your ambassador in Israel is a guest in our country. She should keep the German government opinion about the two state solution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict to herself. In light of the above she should not publicly spread your unsolicited and malevolent recommendation about the “the two-state solution.” Guests should not insult hosts.

As you have made a recommendation to me, I would like to reciprocate by also making a recommendation. You have many problems in Germany, including growing antisemitism. So first solve the problems in your own backyard.

Netanyahu couldn’t say this. Yet there is one thing that he certainly could have said in his telephone conversation with Merkel: “Tens of millions of Germans think that Israel behaves toward the Palestinians like Nazis or alternatively that Israel intends to exterminate the Palestinians. I would politely but strongly request you to investigate this matter and see how the German government can act against these widespread extremely evil opinions.”

Germany: Iraqi murders 92-year-old female senior

In connection with the death of a 92-year-old woman at the weekend in Marktredwitz, the criminal investigation department and the Hof public prosecutor’s office have investigated a suspect. At the request of the public prosecutor’s office, the 17-year-old is now in custody on suspicion of manslaughter.

On Sunday morning, the employee of a nursing service found the elderly woman lifeless in her single-family home in the street Ostenstraße. On the basis of the first findings, a homicide could not be ruled out, whereupon criminal investigators from Hof began investigations into the circumstances of her death on the spot.During the questioning of several persons it became known that a witness had seen a man running away from the entrance area of the elderly lady’s home on Saturday evening, around 10:20 pm. The description of the stranger could be attributed to a young man whom police officers had found screaming in the residential area that evening. As it turned out, the 17-year-old German-born Iraqi national, who was apparently under the influence of various substances and drugs and was slightly injured, had damaged several cars. Because of his overall condition, the man was taken to a hospital in the Upper Palatinate.Since the investigations at the scene of the crime and further investigations in connection with the death of the woman justified the suspicion against the 17-year-old, officers of the Weiden criminal investigation department arrested him in hospital on the orders of the Hof public prosecutor’s office.On Monday the autopsy of the 92-year-old was made in a forensic medical institute. In particular, it revealed that the victim died as a result of massive violence to the head. At the request of the Hof public prosecutor’s office, an arrest warrant was issued on Monday on suspicion of manslaughter against the 17-year-old, who is now in a prison.

Green Nazi Political Vegetarianism

By Mark Musser

Kamala Harris recently warned about the great impact meat production has on planetary ecology and that more vegetables in the American diet would lighten such a detrimental environmental impact. Such comments are rooted in the Green New Deal that is rigged to drastically reduce livestock production. Cows in particular are singled out for all of the methane they produce that leads to a significant contribution to greenhouse gases in this country.

In 2019, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez urged kids in a Brooklyn school to save the planet by stop eating meat. Silicon Valley has plans to replace real beef with fake meat through what they call cellular agriculture technology. While no one has demanded incentivizing or requiring a vegetarian diet yet, needless to say, beef and meat prices would skyrocket under such schemes.  

Similar discussions actually were bandied around by the Nazis of yesteryear in which vegetarianism was often discussed in light of sustainability concerns. In January of 1942, with the German food supply becoming more and more ersatz thanks to the madness of Nazi agricultural policies based on a local-only self-sufficient green economy of sorts, Hitler complained, “Pasturages cover 37% of the surface of the soil in Germany. So, it’s not the man who eats grass, it’s his cattle.”

Hitler felt that Germany would be far better served with the growing of more vegetable gardens than setting aside so much land to feed stock animals. As such, vegetarianism, if executed properly, could play a role in helping to stem the rising tide of the food crisis.

Indeed, prior to the war, American author, Douglas Chandler, who was condemned for treason in 1947 for fomenting Nazi propaganda during the war, wrote glowingly of Berlin being an incredible green garden city of rivers and trees together with green economic sustainability.  In February 1937, Chandler, a National Geographic author at the time, extolled the new progressivist National Socialist Berlin which had managed to harmonize science and technology with nature:

Behold the anomaly of an urban agglomeration with a total population of some 4,222,000, a city which can boast one of the most highly perfected transportation systems in the world, with every convenience contributed by science – and yet which contains within its limits the following: 20,000 cows (providing a third of the milk supply), 30,000 pigs, 10,000 goats, 700,000 chickens, 180,000 rabbits, 5,800 people keeping bees, only 3 or 4 buildings I could find as much as 10 stories high, 12 windmills still functioning, and more than 100,000 little gardens, the harvests of which include such imposing yearly figures as 46,000 tons of potatoes and proportionate quantities of other vegetables and grains. Such items would appear fantastic to the dweller on narrow, rock-ribbed Manhattan. These little “Scherber Gartens” afford city workers easily accessible contact with the land which is so dear to the German heart: they promote bodily fitness through exercise, and minimize food cost.

As the German Wehrmacht was back on the march in April 1942, Hitler even pointed out to Goebbels how animals with vegetarian diets have great endurance, “As regards animals, the dog, which is carnivorous, cannot compare in performance with the horse, which is vegetarian. In the same way, the lion shows signs of fatigue after covering two or three kilometers, while the camel marches for six or seven days before even his tongue begins to hang out.” Hitler had a similar discussion with the Admiral of the Navy who was worried that the Nazi regime would require sailors to become vegetarian. While Hitler assured the admiral he had no such intentions to do so, yet he also countered how strong Japanese wrestlers were because of their vegetarian diets. On another occasion, Hitler, told Goebbels, “Roman soldiers had a horror of meat” and that their daily rations consisted of primarily fruit and cereals that gave them strong teeth. 

Hitler even looked forward to the day when his own sheep dog would eventually become completely vegetarian via evolution. The Fuhrer was also a strong advocate of eating raw foods, “Those who adopt a vegetarian diet must remember that it is in their raw state that vegetables have their greatest nutritive value. The fly feeds on fresh leaves, the frog swallows the fly as it is, and the stork eats the living frog. Nature thus teaches us that a rational diet should be based on eating things in their raw state.” Hitler then complained, “Cooking destroys the vitamins, which are the most valuable part of our food.”

While Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels was also a vegetarian, Rudolf Hess was a fanatic on the subject. According to green Nazi architect Albert Speer, who spent 20 years with Hess in Spandau Prison following the Nuremberg Trials, Mr. Vegetarian continued to worry about the effects of canned food on human health years after the war.

While there is no small controversy over how vegetarian was the Fuhrer, Nazi press chief Otto Dietrich confirmed in his memoirs that Hitler was “a complete vegetarian; he never ate meat or fish. He lived almost entirely on vegetables and certain cereals.” While there is historical evidence that Hitler did cheat on occasion, which was probably connected to the many state dinners he was invited to, Nazi historian Ralph Waite wrote that Hitler’s vegetarianism was philosophically based on his admiration for his favorite opera writer, Richard Wagner (1813-1883).

According to Dr. Robert Proctor, Wagner even preached a racist socialism based on vegetarianism that would cleanse Germany from the corrupting influence of the Jews. Wagner was extremely anti-Semitic, something that he appropriated from Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860), who was the Fuhrer’s favorite philosopher. Schopenhauer was one of the first gurus in environmental ethics and animal rights in the modern sense, and vehemently blamed the Jews for a harmful false ecology borrowed from the opening chapters of Genesis.

Dr. Proctor also wrote that on a romantic date in the 1920s, Hitler “scolded his female companion for having ordered Wienerschnitzel.” Taken aback, the woman did not know how to respond, but Hitler did not demand her to change the order, saying: “No, go ahead and have it, but I don’t understand why you want it. I didn’t think you wanted to devour a corpse … the flesh of dead animals. Cadavers!” Hitler went so far to call any kind of meat broth, “corpse tea.” Proctor further wrote that Heinrich Himmler failed to convert the Waffen SS into vegetarian non-smokers. Yet both Himmler and Hitler had plans to require a vegetarian diet to be enforced on the German populace after the war, which included draconian plans for the meat industry. Hitler speculated, “The consumption of meat is reduced the moment the market presents a greater choice of vegetables.”

In his monumental Church Dogmatics, Swiss Theologian Karl Barth, who was kicked out of Bonn University by the Nazis for standing up for religious freedom against the new regime, quipped, “A powerful ascetic can be a vessel of much greater wickedness than even the most indulgent. We cannot forget so easily that one may be a non-smoker, abstainer, and vegetarian, and yet be called Adolf Hitler.”

Populist Salvini Candidate on Course to Get Largest Governor Vote in Italian History

Luca Zaia, a member of Matteo Salvini’s League, is on course to win at least 74 per cent in the Veneto regional presidential election — the Italian equivalent of a U.S. state governor — exit polls indicate.

The exit polls, published by Italian broadcaster RAI on Monday, suggested that the wildly popular incumbent would break history in Italian regional politics with at least 74 per cent of the total vote.

Later in the evening with 34 per cent of the vote counted, the lead for Zaia had increased even further to 76.2 per cent, with the leftist candidate Arturo Lorenzoni trailing in second place with just 16.8 per cent.

The Veneto election is just one of the seven regional elections that have taken place over two days from Sunday to Monday as well as a referendum on shrinking the number of seats in the Italian parliament.

The RAI exit polls have suggested that the Salvini-backed centre-right candidate for regional president in Liguria, Giovanni Toti, will defeat the leftist coalition candidate and win the region for the centre-right.

The region of Marche is also expected to see a win for Salvini’s centre-right regional presidential candidate.

According to a report from newspaper Il Giornale, the Liguria election is the worst result for the centre-left coalition as both the left-wing Democrats and the Five Star Movement (M5S) scored fewer votes than they did in 2015.

Edoardo Rixi, an MP for the League, commented on the Liguria race saying the national coalition for the Democrats and the Five-Star Movement has proven to be good for the centre-right.

“The good government of the centre-right seems to be confirmed. The left has failed to be competitive,” he said.

Tuscany, which has been a left-wing stronghold for many years, has been a tight race but polls show the left-wing coalition candidate Eugenio Giani ahead of Salvini’s League candidate Susanna Ceccardi at 48.1 per cent to 40.9 per cent.

Apulia, which showed very close polling numbers in the lead up to the election, has seen the leftist candidate Michele Emiliano, the incumbent, pull away from centre-right candidate Raffaele Fitto with just over 30 per cent of the vote counted.

Fitto, a former president of Apulia himself, had been ahead of the current leftist regional president in polling published earlier this month fueling speculation of a major upset for Salvini’s coalition.

In the southern region of Campania, the incumbent leftist president is widely expected to keep his seat, and with 29 per cent of the vote counted, Vincenzo De Luca had 68.6 per cent of the vote.

The constitutional referendum to lower the number of parliamentarians in the Italian chamber of deputies and the senate passed with an overwhelming vote of just under 70 per cent. The yes vote victory will see the lower chamber decreased from 630 seats to 400 and the senate from 315 to 200.

Senator Salvini commented on the results of the regional elections, saying: “As always and more than ever, this time I say THANKS to the millions of Italians who have trusted us. If the data are confirmed, from tomorrow, the League and the centre-right will be at the helm of 15 regions out of 20!”

Pforzheim: ‘International solidarity’ with criminals

In Pforzheim, a town in southwestern Germany, a completely normal accident recording degenerated into a riot on Saturday afternoon, with around 30 people expressing their spontaneous solidarity with an aggressive and violent Turk.

The atmosphere on site became heated and aggressive. A squad of seven patrol cars with a total of 14 police officers was necessary to get the gathering under control again.

In the Pforzheimer Lammstrasse, where the accident recording took place, an 18-year-old Turk met the officials. He disrupted their work and fell short of the distances prescribed by Corona measures. The young man became increasingly aggressive, refused to go through the identity check and hit a police officer, which resulted in minor injuries.

Meanwhile, more and more people showed solidarity with the Turk in order to abuse the emergency services. In the end, over 30 migrant onlookers had gathered, who loudly expressed their sympathy for the suspect and cheered him on for his violent actions.

It was not until July of this year that the law enforcement officers of Pforzheim, which had been ruined by a decades-long leftist policy, raised the alarm: The number of attacks on officials had risen massively, police officers were insulted as “racists” and viewed generally as “bad guys”, spitting attacks were becoming frequent, they complained.

The number of attacks increased dramatically from 2019 to 2020. In a city where the proportion of Muslim immigrants is over 60 percent, an increase in attacks of 47,3 percent was reported from 2018 to 2019. On average, this meant an attack on a police officer in a city with a population of just 130 000 every four days.

Emergency doctors and firefighters are also affected by increasing violence and coercion while city authorities ignore the problem.

Bloomberg’s “Benjamins” buy ballots for Biden in Florida

The recent frightening announcement that Bloomberg will spend over 100 million $$$ to buy Florida for Biden most assuredly had the likes of his Democrat party’s Jew-hating standouts such as Congresspeople Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Hank Johnson, joining with like-minded others, chuckling among themselves and murmuring the words, “another useful Jewish idiot.”

He joins the other “Jewish” billionaire, Soros, in overtly and without an iota of self-shame, bribing voters to cast their ballots for the Progressive Left that sponsors, supports and remains silent while their militant hordes burn, loot and destroy our cities, without them uttering a word of rebuke, caution or call to cease their rampages.

Just look at the number of synagogues vandalized and the verbal and physical violence aimed at Jews during these, repeatedly described by their supporters as, “demonstrations for social justice.” Bloomberg’s actions are scary to all reasonable, responsible and rational observers.

Florida is a key battleground state with 29 Electoral College votes at stake. And strangely enough, Jews, who make up only about 2.2 % of the national population, number 600,000 and are a major voting factor in the swing, Sunshine State.

And they do get out to vote! They reside mainly in the counties of Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade. They generally live in gated, well guarded, walled, lily-white communities where photo ID’s and specific invitations are required for all visitors to enter. Not necessarily the Progressive Liberals’ demands at our southern borders.

They and their non-Jewish neighbors are generally not aware that a Biden/Harris win will ensure an end to their current paradise-like life-style. Along with the Democrats taking charge of our land, will come the re-introduction of the 2015 Obama/Biden ruling, the “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act” (AFFH) which was starting to be implemented, but died with Hillary’s loss in 2016 to Trump. President Trump killed it last month. This law, when surely pulled out of the Dumpster by Biden, will have all suburban communities, especially in Florida, destroyed by the Fed’s power over mortgages, grants, twisting arms over local zoning and writing and approving civil rights laws for forceful integration purposes.

Under this integration plan the government would take control of small town property taxes, building codes, schools and basically change life in our suburban communities. Be prepared in the event of a Biden win, for high rise, high density, low income, tenement style housing to be built in all suburbs. As well, there are now plans underfoot for the status of “55 and Over Only Communities” to be challenged in court and eventually ruled unconstitutional by means of its “exclusionary to families” makeup.

The Radical Left wants to homogenize America to rid it of its “White Supremacist Values and Culture.” Socialism, or its more fearful follower, Communism is the only end product of this action.

Bloomberg’s showering Florida with his millions will surely have a permanent, negative effect on that state’s residents that they may not be aware of. Their lifestyles will be destroyed. Their property investments will evaporate into forced integration-like thin air. And their own votes will spell the doom of their now Paradise-like-lifestyles. Let them finally come to grips with reality before it’s too late.

Don’t let Bloomberg’s “Benjamins,” Buying Ballots for Biden’s campaign succeed. Let’s all of us….WAKE UP!”