Knife attack with several injured in Bielefeld, Germany — Police do not want to reveal perpetrator’s identity

At noon today on the platform of the subway station Jahnplatz in Bielefeld there was a knife attack with several injured people.Around 11.32 a.m., a man and an employee of the transport company “moBiel” had a noisy argument, in the course of which the man pulled out a knife and apparently seriously injured the woman with stabs in her head and arms with the intention of killing her. Several courageous witnesses who intervened were also stabbed. In the reports of the newspaper Neue Westfälische and the tabloid BILD, two to three other injured persons are mentioned. Nine witnesses of the incident suffered a shock.When the witnesses intervened, the perpetrator abandoned the woman and fled. Due to the imminent “Fridays for Future” demonstration, which leads across the Jahnplatz, a strong police presence was present at the time of the crime, so that the suspect could be arrested. Also on inquiry with the press office of the police, no closer details were communicated by the police so far about the perpetrator, because ” these were not relevant “.


African Refugee Takes Baby Hostage in Wismar, Germany

Germany has been facing a major influx of migrants and asylum seekers from the Middle East ever since Chancellor Angela Merkel announced an “open doors” policy in 2015. Some politicians and activists argue that it has resulted in a spike in the number of crimes in the country. Police forces have managed to resolve the hostage situation in the German city of Wismar at the local Foreigners’ Authority, where a refugee from Africa, allegedly of Ghanaian origin, had been holding an infant hostage for around five hours. A special ops unit has freed the infant and detained the man. According to the latest information, the infant could be the man’s own child, which he is using as a means to exert pressure on the authorities to let him stay in Germany. The man is reported to be unarmed. The police have cordoned off the building and are currently conducting negotiations with the man. All employees at the Foreigners’ Authority office have left the building, according to the head of local administration, Kerstin Weiss. The infant’s state is being monitored by a doctor at all times, as his alleged parent is trying to convince authorities to conduct a parenthood test that would essentially save him from being expelled from Germany.—report/

Germany: Court acquits asylum seeker who set fire to his asylum seeker home

Ousmane G. (20 y.o) set fire twice to his accommodation for asylum seekers at the end of 2017. Damage: more than 40,000 euros. But the perpetrator gets away with it. The African had already had to stand trial at another chamber of the Regional Court in Dresden in June 2018. The court certified that the arsonist was incapable of guilt because of schizophrenia – but also because of the danger to the general public – and referred him to a psychiatric ward. However, the Federal Supreme Court overturned the ruling and had doubts about the mental illness. Judge Monika Müller (51 y.o) released the tolerated asylum seeker on Wednesday: “Your mental illness and your inability to blame are determined for the court. We do not see any danger for the general public.” The African is now undergoing therapy in a hospital.

Germany: An African sexually coerces a woman and attacks cops

On the last Monday at 07.15 pm, a 31 year old woman from Halberstadt was sexually harassed on the cathedral square in Halberstadt. A 21 year old man from Guinea Bissau as well as witnesses known by name were on the cathedral square. In this group was also the 31 year old woman from Halberstadt. In the course of time, the African grabbed the 31 year old woman suddenly at her breast and in her crotch. The 21 year old ignored the woman’s attempts to defend herself so that witnesses alerted the police.The man was very violent against the officers and attacked them with kicks. The African had to be handcuffed. An ordered blood sample also had to be taken under duress, as the accused put up a massive fight. The 21-year-old, already known to the police, was subsequently taken into custody.

Austria: Syrians threaten a victim of migrant violence in hospital – The victim and his family now went into hiding

After a knife attack on a 38-year-old bouncer in Vienna’s Neustadt district, a dangerous incident occurred at the state hospital. Some male relatives of the Syrian (21 years old), who was arrested for attempting murder and confessed, visited the victim of the attack in the hospital’s emergency department unannounced and against his will. “My client, of course, was afraid. He left the hospital against the recommendation of the doctors and went into hiding with his family,” says Wolfgang Blaschitz, the lawyer for the victim.Markus H. had been seriously injured by a stab in the neck on Sunday in the early morning hours in front of the “Café Premiere” in the Viennese district of Neustadt after he had thrown a 21-year-old drunken Syrian out of the pub.The violent man had previously beaten a woman.According to media reports, the suspected asylum seeker has since confessed the blood crime to the investigators. The suspect also stated that he had thrown away the jackknife he had used while fleeing.The murder weapon was found and seized. According to Blaschitz, the “surprise visit” of the men to the hospital also caused discomfort on the ward. According to the lawyer, the hospital management even called the police.

Germany: Syrian threatens train attendant with knife

A 38-year-old train attendant from Sangerhausen (Thuringia) became a victim of a threat yesterday evening when a knife was used against him. A 25-year-old Syrian from the Ilm district (Thuringia) is suspected. During the ticket inspection, the man was noticed for not having purchased a ticket. The incident occurred on the regional train from Kassel to Halle, shortly before Witzenhausen-Nord station. The train attendant therefore wanted to ban the fare evader from continuing his journey at Witzenhausen-Nord station. The 25-year-old did not accept this. Instead, the Syrian behaved aggressively and attacked the railway employee with a knife. The train attendant escaped into the cab of the regional train, closed the door and called the police. Witzenhausen police officers quickly arrived and arrested the 25-year-old man. They then handed him over to the Federal Police. The Federal Police Department in Kassel has initiated criminal proceedings against the 25-year-old asylum seeker on suspicion of harassment. Relevant hints are requested by calling +49 (0)561/81616-0 or the toll-free service number 0800 6 888 000 or by sending an e-mail to

WATCH: Mass brawl between migrant extended families in Cologne, Germany

About 30 members of an alleged German and a Bulgarian extended family attacked each other on Sunday evening ( September 15) on a playground in Cologne’s Mülheim district with fists and dangerous tools. By the way, the German extended family is the one with the burkas !Policemen seized a baseball bat and a broken table leg. Cut injuries to a 41-year-old man suggest that a knife was also used. In addition to the 41-year-old, his wife (39 y.o) and two children (15 , 16 y.o) suffered minor injuries. The identities of 14 other suspects have also been established. Background of the argument between the families are for a longer time ongoing quarrels.