Switzerland: Two African refugees raped Swiss woman six times

Last week, the Frauenfeld District Court in the Swiss canton of Thurgau heard a particularly heinous case: Two allegedly 19- and 23-year-old black Africans had forced a 44-year-old woman to have sexual intercourse six times after the joint consumption of narcotics. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the crime took place in the refugees’ room in a flat-sharing community.She would have been undressed against her will and raped alternately. The victim urinated into bed out of fear and desperation, only then would the men have let go of the woman. The alleged perpetrators deny the facts. It would have been a matter of consensual sexual intercourse. The victim’s version is supported by the fact that the two Africans had repeatedly contradicted each other in interrogations and always invented new procedures for the incident. The public prosecutor’s office requested prison sentences of between three years and six months as well as two years and two months with subsequent expulsion.The older defendant is said to have sexually coerced an 18-year-old boy as early as mid-December 2017. The rape was unsuccessful and the incident was officially proven by DNA traces. For many experts, the fact that it was not possible to pronounce a reference to the country at that time shows that Switzerland is confronted with the same structural problems as the rest of Europe. The suspects (to whom the presumption of innocence applies) are in custody, where, according to several reports, they regularly attack guards, who they randomly select, break windows or set fire to. The trial will continue on the 22nd of May before the district court of Frauenfeld. 



Germany: Arabic-looking man attacks councilman of Islam-critical AfD party with a knife

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The deputy faction leader of the AfD party in the city council of Hanover, Reinhard Hirche, was attacked by an Arab-looking man with a knife and a bottle while placarding posters.The attack could be fended off and the perpetrator fled. Shortly afterwards he came back and threw stones at Hirche and his companion and hit the 70-year-old councilman on the head.”We’re investigating attempted assault and battery,” said a police spokeswoman. According to AfD, Hirche was about to hang a poster when a man attacked him with a knife. The attacker tried to stab him in the chest and fled when Hirche pulled out a can of pepper spray, the AfD party stated on Facebook. Later, the attacker returned and threw stones at the politician and hit him on the head. According to the t-Online portal, the police initially did not provide any concrete information on the course of events. The police are searching, the perpetrator is still on the run. 


Islam on beer mats angers Muslims in Germany

The distribution of Islam-related questions on beer mats in the towns of Maintal and Offenbach near Frankfurt has been harshly criticized. The mats show questions on Islam written in the local Hesse dialect. On the back, a QR code can be scanned that directs mobile users to the city council’s website, where the answers can be found.The initiative was supposed to promote dialogue and understanding of Islam among non-Muslims. However, the idea has backfired, as Salih Tasdirek, the Turkish-born chairman of the city of Maintal’s advisory council for foreigners, who has lived in Germany for almost 40 years, believes Islam should not be associated with alcohol. Apart from being distributed in pubs, the coasters also show a Bembel on them, a pitcher used for the regional alcoholic specialty that is similar to cider.


EU Commissioner Frans Timmermans says Islam has been part of Europe since 2000 years !

#EU Commissioner Frans #Timmermans says Islam has been part of Europe since 2000 years! Interesting – So, was the Prophet Muhammad a contemporary of Jesus and Augustus ?

Young German died after attack: Only 17 months imprisonment for an Afghan man

In Köthen (Saxony-Anhalt) about eight months ago two 18- and 20-year-old Afghans brutally beat up a 22-year-old German in a brutal attack. A short time later, the victim died. According to the authorities, the official cause of death was “heart failure”! About eight months after the cruel act, the Dessau-Roßlau Regional Court sentenced the two defendants. They were guilty of bodily injury resulting in death. The incomprehensible sentence: The 18-year-old defendant was only sentenced to one year and five months! His 20-year-old Afghan compatriot was additionally sentenced to a total of one year and eight months for two other crimes…The victim’s family reportedly reacted aggressively to the verdict. A brother of the deceased knocked over a table, a sister screamed. The judicial officers had to intervene and the defendants were led out of the room for a short time. The death of the young German had not been a mere accident, but had been caused negligently by the assault of the accused, but the crime was not adequate for a conviction for murder. Because the man had a serious heart condition.


Germany: African kicks 75-year-old pensioner to be hospitalized

In the night to yersterday’s Thursday it came at the intersection Freiburger at the corner of Straßburger street in Offenburg to a serious attack.According to initial information, a young man had massively stepped on a pensioner lying on the ground, so that he was unconscious. A by chance passing witness had noticed this incident shortly before 2 am and alerted the police. Four patrol crews of the police station Offenburg as well as two vehicles of the federal police were only few minutes after the emergency call at the Freiburger place and could find there beside a seriously injured older man lying on the ground also still the alleged aggressor. The slightly injured 25-year-old Somali resident in Hesse was temporarily arrested. The 75-year-old had to be admitted to a clinic with severe head injuries. The background to the attack and further information on the persons involved are currently the subject of police investigations. 


Germany: Girls groped by migrants at concert – the youngest suspect is allegedly 11 years old

Several girls were sexually harassed by a group of “male youths” at a concert in the Schlachthof in Wiesbaden. A 14-year-old youth allegedly tried to protect the girls and was knocked down by the group of perpetrators after the concert and then kicked lying on the ground. The incidents occurred on Tuesday last week.Meanwhile, further girls, who have also become victims of the group, have contacted the concert organizer, police reports. The “AG Jaguar” of the Wiesbaden police has now investigated the personal details of an 11-year-old Syrian citizen and a 16-year-old Afghan citizen who are suspected of being involved in both crimes. Both are now under investigation for dangerous assault and sexual harassment. As it has not yet been conclusively clarified how many girls have actually become victims of this group of persons, the injured parties are requested to contact AG Jaguar directly by calling (0611) 345-0. Hints to other involved persons can also be given there.


Germany: Black-skinned man sexually coerces two underage girls

An unknown man sexually harassed two 13- and 14-year-old girls in Gescher on yesterday’s Thursday.They had been sexually harassed around 7.20 p.m. in a public toilet at the market, where the two girls had been to. According to the girls, the man blocked their way out and sexually insulted them. He had held one of them by the arm. She had been able to tear herself free and escape. The perpetrator then held and groped the second adolescent. She, too, fled. The unknown is described as follows: about 25 to 30 years old, about 1.65 metres tall, slender, about five centimetres long, black, slightly curly hair, thick lips, flat nose, brown eyes, black skin, dressed in a blue softshell jacket with hood and reflective stripes on the back, dark trousers and high men’s shoes. The police ask for information to the Criminal Investigation Department in Ahaus by calling 02561 9260.


Austria: Turk (12 years old) threatened to kill teacher with scissors, also his mother behaved brutally

The violence at the local schools goes on and on. Just a few days ago a pupil in Linz pulled out a knife and threatened his classmates. Before that, a young Turk smashed a glass bottle in the face of his classmate. In Germany, young migrants planned to kill their teacher with a hammer because they were dissatisfied with the grades. At the Linz European School (NMS) on Thursday a Turkish pupil (12 years old) threatened a teacher (54 years old) with scissors, threatening to kill him in ethics lessons. Especially brazen: The mother also became violent because the teachers called the police. What had happened? In class, the young Turk suddenly brutally attacked the teacher.In contrast to what can be read in mainstream media, according to the weekly  “Wochenblick” information from the police, the rabid pupil could only be tamed with the help of a social worker – and not by a second teacher. When the two seemed to have the Turks halfway under control, he grabbed scissors and threatened to kill them.The school called the police for help and also called the mother. But the Turkish woman reacted differently than expected: she insulted and attacked the police and became extremely aggressive. The mainstream media is currently trying to appease this incident as well. In the current case one reads about a “Linz pupil”. The fact seems to be, however, that the causes of these conflicts often lie in the clash of different cultures. 


Matteo Salvini gets a saviour’s welcome in Bassano Del Grappa

I was moved to Bassano del Grappa. I have but one word: THANK YOU. I hope to continue to do always better and more and more to deserve this trust!

Interesting how blue check mark, Matteo Salvini, Deputy PM of Italy, seems to be limited to 2:20 videos on Twitter. Someone should check the various ANTIFA and Islamic terrorist accounts and see how long their videos are.