Girl, 19, is charged with perverting course of justice after telling police she was drugged and raped by Asian sex gang in Cumbria

Vox capitalizes on Spanish government’s mishandling of Corona crisis

Spain’s government led by Pedro Sanchez has been severely criticized for the choices made during the Corona crisis. Sadly, the country has been singled out in Europe for the high number of victims with 28 000 deaths and 234 000 cases.

It is therefore impossible not to find errors in the initial management, such as the unfortunate and and dramatic decision to allow celebrations for Women’s Day, despite the known dangers.

The weak government led by the Spanish Socialist Party and Podemos risks losing the already limited support of the population, not to mention the discontent within Parliament, especially from independence parties. At least one party in Spain, Vox, has followed the public mood.

Thousands of Spaniards protested against the government’s handling of the Corona crisis and the subsequent lockdown measures this weekend, demanding Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s immediate resignation. Around 6 000 people waving Spanish flags and led by Vox, came together in their vehicles to abide by social distancing measures.

The party’s leader Santiago Abascal denounced the Sanchez administration: “This government is directly responsible for the worst management of this crisis on the entire planet. We will never forget what they have done.

“It is time to make a big noise against the government of unemployment and misery that has abandoned our self-employed and workers. Let your desire be heard for the resignation of the government.”

Vox was initially configured primarily as a cultural movement, interested in giving a vision of the country that has freed itself from the progressiveness of the left to bring to the attention the issues of deep Spain, between rediscovering traditional values and the struggle against immigration.

Vox seems to have every chance to emerge victorious from this health crisis with his own politicians still “clean” and unassailable and with a government repeatedly put in difficulty as a result of its choices.

The people of Spain increasingly distrust the executive’s moves, while Vox has been proposing solutions and benefitting from every – even slightest – mistake.

Patel to close Channel loophole exposed by Farage that allows illegal migrants to reach UK

Home Secretary Priti Patel is planning on changing international law in the Channel to close a loophole that is allowing hundreds of illegal migrants to cross over from France. Ms Patel has been described as “furious” about the crisis which was highlighted by Nigel Farage last week and has vowed to put a stop to it. Tensions have also been raised with the French over allegations that their authorities are escorting boats of illegal migrants into British waters from camps in northern France. And Mr Farage warned that over the summer the Kent coastline is “facing an invasion” unless swift action is taken.

Meanwhile, pressure is mounting on the government with Tory MPs writing letters demanding action is taken.

A source close to the Home Secretary said: “She is not happy about what is going on.”

But the source insisted that it was wrong to accuse the French of escorting migrants over the Channel.

The source said: “They do not have the legal powers to stop the boats from coming over but because they have a duty to rescue they have to shadow these overcrowded boats in French waters.

“The migrants will say they do not need rescuing until they enter British waters when suddenly they say they do and it has become the responsibility of Border Force here.”

The source said this is why the Home Secretary is now seeking to change the law so that boats can be intercepted and turned around before they enter British waters.

“Currently they are having to open camps in northern France and that is infuriating the local populations so if they can stop the attraction of attempting to make crossings to Britain then it will help them.”

Among the suggestions would be a change in international law to allow the French to intercept boats before they leave their waters.

The Home Office is also suggesting Border Force has permission to intercept boats in French waters and take them back to France.

But Mr Farage told the Sunday Express that Ms Patel is “perhaps not being told the truth” by the French authorities on this issue.

He pointed out that the UK has spent £60 million in northern France on measures to prevent crossings and protection systems but the French were still unwilling to stop boat loads of migrants coming over.

“It would appear the French navy is incapable of impounding 14 foot boats because they don’t want to return to France. I think the french are walking all over us.

“I also have to say that Border Force has been far too complicit in this. Border Force’s job is to protect our borders not to aid and abet illegal immigration.

“Border Force should have called out the French about what they are doing. But it hasn’t been called out and I have blown the gaffe on this now.”

He added: “I fear with the summer months to come this is going to become an invasion.

“The big problem is that virtually nobody is being returned. Basically, there is a big sign on the white cliffs of Dover saying ‘come here illegally, you can stay, we will give you accommodation, you’ll be fine.’

“The reality of course is many of them will be picked up by the ganglasters and will become part of modern slave Britain. We should be ashamed of ourselves in that regard.

“But I am also worried security wise. Who is to say we haven’t got Isis [terrorist] supporters coming through this route?”

Rise in violent Iranian regime supporters in Berlin – Intel report

The intelligence agency for the state-city of Berlin registered May 19 a dramatic increase of violent supporters of the Islamic Republic of Iranin its newly released report.In the section of the intelligence report titled “Other violent Islamist groups,” the agency confirmed 40 loyal supporters of the Islamic Republic for the period 2019. The previous year’s report disclosed no supporters of the radical anti-Western clerical regime.

US government administrations under presidents Obama and Trump have classified Iran’s regime as the worst state-sponsor of terrorism.According to the 214 intelligence report reviewed by The Jerusalem Post, “There are other violent Islamist organizations, some of which are terrorist, particularly in the Middle East. The other part does not use violence itself, but is in favor of violence. The potential of people in this area has increased due to the statistical recording of the potential of Iranians who are loyal to the regime.”The intelligence agency, formally called Berlin’s Office for the Protection of the Constitution, reported 250 Hezbollah members in Berlin. Last month, the German interior ministry outlawed all Hezbollah activities within the federal republic’s territories. It is unclear how the Berlin authorities plan to enforce the ban of Hezbollah activities with respect to the 250 Hezbollah members. Germany’s interior ministry defined Hezbollah a terrorist movement.The Iranian-backed Sunni terrorist organization Hamas has 70 members in Berlin, according to the intelligence report.

The intelligence agency, which is the rough equivalent of Shin Bet, termed the annual al-Quds rally in Berlin an antisemitic event.The founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, created the al-Quds Day in 1979 that advocates the destruction of the Jewish state. Berlin has permitted an annual al-Quds Day rally each year since 1996. “The use and chanting of antisemitic slogans” is a hallmark of the al-Quds Day , wrote the intelligence report.The document noted that “ in the campaign to mobilize the demonstration on al-Quds Day 2019, the organizers advertised on the Internet with the slogan ‘Demonstration for a Just Peace in Palestine’ and the hashtag ;#BoycottApartheidIsrael.”’The al-Quds Day rally attracts supporters of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) campaign targeting Israel. The Bundestag passed a resolution last year defining BDS as antisemitic.Ulrike Becker, head of the research department for the Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin, said on Friday: “The Berlin Senate should work towards a legally binding ban on the antisemitic Quds march. Even if the organizers endeavor to present themselves as an independent German association of Shiite communities, the organization of the Quds march in Germany cannot be separated from the organizational structures of the Iranian regime and Hezbollah, which is dependent on it. We therefore welcome the ban on Hezbollah. Like Hezbollah, the Quds march is directed against the idea of ​​international understanding and spreads anti-Zionist and antisemitic propaganda. “She added that “It is important to counter antisemitism very clearly, regardless of the spectrum from which it comes – whether from the right, from the left, from the center of society or from the Islamist spectrum. If antisemitism is not ostracized and pushed back, the ground is prepared for antisemitic violence. We therefore welcome the intention of Berlin’s senator Andreas Geisel to examine a ban on the Quds march. ”

FBI Says Shooting at Texas Air Base ‘Terrorism-Related’

The FBI is saying that a shooting at the Naval Air Station-Corpus Christi that wounded one person and resulted in the shooter’s death was “terrorism-related.”

Syrian-born college student Adam Alsahli tried to ram his vehicle through the gate at the base, wounding a female guard in the process. The guard rolled over and managed to hit the switch that raised the barrier, preventing Alsahli from passing. Other security personnel then poured fire into the vehicle killing the terrorist.

Online trackers of jihadist activity say that Alsahli voiced support for hardline Islamic clerics on social media prior to the attack.

Daily Mail:

The FBI is examining social media posts investigators believe were made by the 20-year-old expressing support for extremist groups like Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, two officials familiar with the investigation said.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Friday on ‘The Today Show’ that the wounded sailor is ‘doing well.’ He also said the FBI knows the basics of what happened during the attack but is working through details, including about the suspect.

‘We hope to know more in the coming days as to what happened, what this person was motivated by,’ Esper said. ‘But we need to let the facts come out, let the investigators do their job, and we´ll see where this ends up.’

Reading the terrorist’s online postings, it’s pretty clear where the investigation is going.

Social media accounts matching Alsahli’s profile on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp featured support for hardline clerics, mostly from Saudi Arabia, and jihadi figures such as Ibrahim al-Rabaysh, who had been a spokesman for the Yemen branch of Al Qaeda and who was killed by a US drone strike in 2015, according to Rita Katz, director of the SITE Intelligence Group.

Katz tweeted a translated version of a passage posted on Alsahli’s Twitter page, which read: ‘I love the Mujahidin [sic], I’m not one of them and my sword is aimed over the necks of whoever doubts them (stabs them). ‘

Meanwhile, the FBI can’t bring itself to tell the truth about the shooter.

‘We have determined that the incident at the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi is terrorism related,’ Greeves said. ‘We are working diligently with our state, local and federal partners on this investigation, which is fluid and evolving.’

If it’s “terrorism-related,” would that be like the cousin of terrorism, or maybe the great uncle?

I’m not saying the FBI should rush to judgment in any case, but when the media and online activists do your work for you and inform the public of a threat, perhaps a little more transparency is in order.

The bureau is still trying to determine whether a second suspect is at large, which doesn’t seem likely at this point but the FBI is looking into it.

The quick actions of a wounded female security guard may have saved many lives as she kept the terrorist from speeding through the gate and targeting anyone on the base.

Why was Alsahli able to read radical Islamist postings anywhere? Social media companies can ban conservatives but they can’t ban terrorists?

Just asking.

Germany: Arabs and Africans fight against each other with machetes, knives and pistols

The criminal investigation department in Moers is urgently searching for witnesses who witnessed an clash between five people on Wednesday around 3:55 pm at the streets Homberger Straße / Augustastraße. On this Wednesday afternoon before the official holiday, several emergency calls were made to the emergency control center. Concerned witnesses reported that five unknown persons, armed with machetes, knives and pistols, are said to be attacking each other.

When the police arrived, several people fled in the direction of the railway station and the Königlicher Hof housing estate.In the course of an immediately started manhunt, three men could be provisionally arrested. They are a 29-year-old man from Duisburg who comes from Iraq, a 21-year-old man, also from Duisburg, and a 31-year-old man from Moers who has Congolese origins.

Who the other two unknowns are is currently unclear. Also unclear is the subject of the dispute. Therefore, the Criminal Investigation Department urgently asks for witness statements and especially for footage.

Please send any clues to the police in Moers by calling 02841 / 171-0.

A 23-year-old Afghan illegal immigrant killed her compatriot and disappeared

A brutal crime took place at the camp in Moria on Friday afternoon, when a 23-year-old Afghan woman stabbed herself in the neck and killed a 23-year-old compatriot, according to Ethnos.

According to sources, the quarrel followed a fight between the children of the two women.

The victim was taken to the doctor’s office at the camp with a number of wounds, where she was later pronounced dead.

It should be noted that the perpetrator is wanted after she left the scene of the conflict and left for the surrounding mountains.

However, being stuck on an island, it is only a matter of time until she is caught and prosecuted.

In April, two illegal migrants were injured after gunshots were fired at the overcrowded Moria migrant camp on the Greek island of Lesvos, as reported by Greek City Times.

The two illegal migrants were transferred to the island’s hospital as a precaution and police have launched an investigation into the incident.

Greece has been the first point of entry into the European Union for hundreds of thousands of people fleeing war or poverty at home, with most arriving on the eastern Aegean islands from nearby Turkey.

Moria camp currently houses 19,000 people, almost seven times its capacity of 2,800 places.

In March, two gangs of illegal immigrants, overwhelmingly Afghani, clashed at the Moria migrant camp located to the north of Mytilene. It is not known why the two groups fought with each other, but the ‘battle’ took place on a private farm.

It was not long until many of the illegal immigrants, at first fighting each other with batons and stones, turned their weapons against the local population, with a passing car being attacked with a rock.

The clashes took place when the camp is supposed to be on a lockdown, demonstrating that they are willing to risk a breakout of coronavirus in the Moria camp to engage in violence.