Austria: Turkish-born Social Democratic politician arrested for pimping

In Lower Austria, a high functionary of the Socialist Youth was temporarily arrested. The public prosecutor’s accusation is of pimping. The young politician with Turkish roots is by no means an unknown to the public. For years he kept the public on their toes with dubious tales of racism. He always presented himself as a victim with imaginative narratives. For example, the young people in the forest of his community would be singing in front of a swastika flag. First of all: The suspect confessed according to information of the authorities during the interrogation to a large extent. At least in October and November of this year, he had engaged young women in prostitution in the Amstetten area. The ladies are supposed to belong to the drug scene. When the accusations became public, the young politician resigned from all his positions. “My task is to unite people,” he wrote on Facebook as chairman of his local group of the Socialist Youth in 2017. It can be ruled out that this meant the crime he was accused of.With respectable 76,000 followers he also asks for donations. He presents himself as a peace-loving, liberal man with a great distance to religious atrocities. If you dig a little deeper, you will also find connections to left-wing extremist Antifa.His girlfriend’s parents had criticized him racistally, among other things because he couldn’t even “eat properly with a knife and fork”. And then to admit, yes, he really couldn’t. But he could afford a pizza and share it with the needy. Among his fans on Facebook is a certain Arigona Z., who had become very popular in the media since 2007. (The lady was finally deported with her family after 110 court decisions and has been living happily since 2010 in Austria again at the instigation of Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger (ÖVP)).In 2018, the socialist was quoted by the mainstream media.His municipality would have a racism problem. For example, Freedom Party sympathizers allegedly insulted him with ” fucking Turk, fucking Jew!” In addition, young people from his community would meet in the forest to sing in front of a swastika flag. The village has an “extremely big problem with racists”. No matter how credible the accusations seem, the man was given a platform in the newspapers. The mayor of the municipality was forced to defend his inhabitants. The statements of the SJ functionary would in no way reflect how he would get to know the people in the village on a daily basis. There was further excitement at the turn of the year 2018/2019. Allegedly, the social democrat of Turkish origin had been insulted with racist comments on social media. He invited people to “drink punch against racism” and donated the profit to a regional refugee organisation. Now the personality and legal compliance of the young politician, who staged himself as an endless victim, are on trial. After the interrogation, at which most of the accusations were confessed, the police set him free again. There were no other reasons for his arrest, such as the danger of escape or the danger of collusion.With the indictment to be expected shortly, the political career of the Social Democratic Party’s hopeful is also likely to come to an end. A statement by feminist organizations or by the Social Democrat women is not yet known.

Austria: Was a terrorist attack plotted? Major raid in mosque

A large contingent of police raided the mosque “Savjet” (“Mosque of admonition”) at Uhlplatz square in the Josefstadt district of Vienna on Friday afternoon. The reason for the raid is unclear, the newspaper Krone reports.The operation involved dozens of police officers, on-call units and alien police. Even before the Muslims had terminated the Friday prayer, the prayer house was surrounded by the officials. The streets around the site have also been cordoned off.The entrances have been locked. The reasons for the police operation have been explained in different ways. There were rumours about a possible terror attack.The entrances have been locked. The reasons for the police operation have been explained in different ways. There were rumours about a possible terror. The police speak of a “usual detailed checks” of the worshippers.The Krone newspaper quotes a regular mosque visitor who speaks of migrants who “enter and leave without valid papers”. It is unclear whether or how many “illegals” could be spotted in the mosque.

Austria: Social Democratic politician sentenced for membership in Islamic terrorist organisation

The 44-year-old convict has a turbulent political past. In addition to his function as Social Democratic SPÖ substitute community councillor, he was youth officer of the Islamic religious community Linz (IRG). The man is also active in the ALIF (Austria Linz Islamic Federation), which is considered “nationalistic and fundamentalistic” by the security authorities. The convicted terrorist with Turkish roots has Austrian citizenship. When the scandal arose in 2017, the man was still a teacher of religion in Wels. State school board president Enzenhofer removed him from the teaching profession and imposed a ban on teaching. The SPÖ also dissociated itself from him “by mutual agreement” in August 2017. The accusations were serious; the courts had been ruling against the accused since 2018. By publishing a video in which the Islamist jihad was praised, he would have fulfilled the requirements of membership in a terrorist organisation as well as membership in a criminal organisation. The film was publicly available on the political official’s Facebook profile from 2013 to 2017, with a supporting commentary. The video shows flags of the Islamic state, glorified by the then IS leader Omar Al Baghdadi. The text literally said “My brother, what’s the matter with you that you don’t want to go to war…””Brother” is an interesting keyword in this context, because the brother of the legally convicted was active in the Austrian People’s Party ÖVP at the same time. He was also excluded from the party. The case shows well how radically Islamist persons in Austria engage in democratic parties. The parties did not examine the background of the men, nor did they look more closely at their public appearances and statements. At the time, commentators in the social media speculated that it was probably more important for the parties to fulfil a certain quota of migrants than to question the democratic suitability of their functionaries. An accusation that can hardly be denied when one considers that the IS supporters’ video was publicly shown for four years.It is noteworthy that the leftist newspaper Standard called the man the “head of an Islamist association. Last Wednesday, the case of the ex-religion teacher was dealt with once again before the Higher Regional Court. The court had to decide on the sentence, the facts had – as explained above – already been legally decided.Surprisingly, the court increased the prison sentence by two. Instead of the six months in the first instance, this time the judges sentenced to twelve months. In view of the fact that the maximum sentence prescribed by law is 10 years’ imprisonment, the verdict was still rather lenient. The Islamic associations for which the man was active (or possibly is still active today) have never distanced themselves from him. As the newspaper Volksblatt aktuell reports, the heads of the IRG and the ALIF visited the convicted man a few days before the trial and provocatively published photos of the meeting.

South Tyrol: African stops bus and attacks driver

A violent incident occurred on Wednesday evening in Perathoner Street in Bolzano. According to the Bolzano police headquarters, an 18-year-old man from Gambia stopped a city bus and then attacked the bus driver. The 18-year-old African danced with a colleague in the middle of the busy street, making the bus stop. When the bus driver asked the two men to clear the road again, they smashed the windshield of the bus, among other things. In the meantime, the bus driver let all passengers get off and called the police. Shortly afterwards, the 18-year-old attacked him directly and punched him to the nose. The African’s companion fled in the meantime.The officials of the law enforcement officers were very soon on the spot due to the increased number of people who are currently in Bolzano because of the Christmas market. But the young African was not calmed by this either and attacked the police officers. It was only with great difficulty that the policemen managed to arrest the man. He had already been previously convicted and the police commissioner imposed a residency prohibition on him.

Germany: UPDATE: Husband confesses to Mine's murder – Missing 26-year-old woman found dead in forest – Did her Afghan husband kill her ?


Mine O. was missing for three months, her relatives hoped and feared – except her husband. Because Ercan E. was arrested by the police on Thursday at about 01.30 pm.
BILD learned: Just under two hours later, E. confessed the crime during interrogation and revealed the place where he had buried his dead wife.
He admitted having strangled the young mother after an argument and hidden her in a suitcase!

In the case of Mine O (26 y/o)  a receptionist missing since September, the police made a terrible discovery:A woman’s body was found in a piece of woodland in the Duisburg district of Untermeiderich. Meanwhile, her husband, who is entangled in contradictions, is suspected of having committed this crime. What really happened on September 7? The Afghan-born missing woman has not contacted anyone since that day. Her husband had initially expressed concern and claimed that his wife had wanted to visit a girlfriend.  According to the investigators’ findings, the girlfriend in question did not even stay in Germany at that time. Traces were found in the suspect’s garage indicating a violent crime. Neighbours had complained about the disgusting smell coming from the garage. This could have come from a corpse that had been stored there for some time. In the course of the interrogations, the man gave clues regarding the wood in which the corpse had been found. The most tragic thing is that the couple have a son who is five years old. The investigations continue.

Germany: Fridays for Future protesters were paid for their participation in the rally

A Leipzig based organisation paid extras for their appearance at the Fridays for Future protest last Friday, as reported by the newspaper “Leipziger Volkszeitung”. The participants received 50 euros for standing there in silence with masks and protest posters. The client speaks of an art project. According to an advertisement in a job portal, a total of ten to twelve people were recruited for the project. The statists appeared from 01:00 p.m. in black clothes and with protest posters in front of the administrative court in Leipzig and finished their work at 05:30 p.m..

Austria: Muslim states at police checkpoint "I'm not talking to women they have no rights."

On December 1, 2019 around 6 p.m. police officers noticed a car in Neuhofen which was parked in front of a bank with a running engine on the sidewalk directly in front of a zebra crossing. They checked the vehicle and also the driver returning from the bank to his car – a 22-year-old Kosovar from the Linz Land district. The latter was not willing to participate in the proceedings. After he was instructed after the urge to take the breathalyzer test that he was no longer allowed to smoke, he lit a cigarette and refused the breathalyzer test. He underlined this by saying that he would not talk to a woman anyway, as she would have no rights. The officers asked him to hand over the car keys. However, he did not comply, but got into his car and drove a few meters forward. He then got out again and started yelling at the officers. He announced that friends of his were already on their way to the scene. On the basis of these statements, the officers requested further patrols for assistance.These were used to block the 22-year-old’s car in such a way that he was prevented from leaving. Then the man calmed down. He is brought to justice.

Germany: Homeless man attacked and robbed – photos of the wanted persons

POL-K: 191204-2-K Unbekannte überfallen Obdachlosen - Öffentlichkeitsfahndung

Using photos from a surveillance camera, Cologne police are searching for a trio of robbers. On Thursday morning (24th October) the men are suspected of having attacked a homeless person (43) in the basement U7 of the multi-storey car park “An St. Agatha” in Cologne’s old town. The wanted persons captured not only the 43-year-old’s mobile phone but also his breast pocket with identity papers and his tobacco. The men then fled in unknown directions. The Criminal Investigation Department 14 can accept information by calling 0221 229-0 or sending an e-mail to .

Muslim mayor of a German municipality calls opponents of mosques Nazis and threatens that every German village will have its own mosque

“‘No mosque new construction in Erfurt.’ Nazis stick this to lanterns on our area of the mosque. The mosque will be built, then another one, and then another and then many more. Until every village has a mosque! Nazis will certainly not stop us.” – this is the tweet of Suleman Malik, Deputy Mayor of Erfurt. 
Our tweet of the day comes from Suleman Malik, who calls himself the “first Muslim local politician of Thuringia and deputy mayor of Erfurt. He twitters under the motto “Love for all, hate for none”. This love shows itself among other things in the fact that it announces to the people of Erfurt that the construction of a new mosque in their city is only the beginning:
“The mosque will be erected, then another will be built, and then another and then many more. Until every village has its own mosque!”
And this provocation is having an effect. Suleman meets fierce resistance against his manner of love: “Germany was and is a Christian country.  I would say that for every mosque in Germany a Christian church is built in a Muslim country for the Christian minority and the persecution of the Christian minority is also stopped,” replies one of the Twitter users.
And another asks, “Why would Nazis do that? Historically, Nazis have nothing at all against an expansion of Islam. On the contrary. They saw Muslims as brothers in spirit. But you like to portray it that way to discredit any protest, right?”