Germany: The Afghan refugee Mohammed B. murdered an 87-year-old grandmother out of greed

Ursula P. (87 y.o) was popular, was regarded as a woman with a warm heart, and worked as a dishwasher until she was very old: simply to be among people. Did her good-naturedness become her doom? Her neighbour, Mohammad B. (23 y.o), to whom she repeatedly gave money, she is said to have killed her cruelly. Now the public prosecutor’s office in Gera has accused the Afghan of murder out of greed. The case shocked the people of Thuringia!
On January 11, relatives reported the old lady as missing. For two days there had been no sign of life from her. The police searched her house in Jena district of Winzerla and made a terrible discovery: Ursula P’s badly damaged body was lying in the cellar.
Cruel: There had been strong blows to the head, neck and torso, and stings were also detected. Less than twelve hours later, Mohammad B. was arrested.Public prosecutor Sven Schroth (34 y.o) told the tabloid BILD: “The accused had given up a transfer of 7000 euros to the bank, which was supposed to go from the victim’s account to his.”
So far there has been no confession. Schroth: “The man initially denied the accusation, but now he is silent.” But DNA traces have also been found that incriminate the Afghan.
It is still unclear when the trial will take place.


Germany: And yet another attack by Arabic-speaking men on a Jew

Jan Aaron Hammel (54 years old) is a tall man. It takes some strength to push him to the ground. With his face and hips, he falls onto the sidewalk of Kaiser-Friedrich-Sreet near Stuttgarter Square.This happened on Tuesday around 4 pm, Hammel was on his way from the “Jewish Forum for Democracy and Against Anti-Semitism”. (JFDA). The journalist and computer scientist is a board member of the Forum – his area of expertise: interreligious dialogue.”I have heard male voices behind me,” he reports, “then the punch came in the back, suddenly, massively. I fell.When I stood up, the men had vanished.”Jan Aaron Hammel is an honorary rabbi and can be recognized by his dress as a Jew. He wears a suit, a hat and the prayer threads Ziziot. He says: “I don’t know if the perpetrators recognized me personally. Or if I was simply attacked as a Jew. They insulted me in Arabic language and then pushed me.”On Friday he was still at the hour of commemoration after Yehuda Teichtal (42 years old), Rabbi of the Jewish Chabad Community in Berlin, had been the victim of a similar attack. And again and again he is committed to dialogue: “Together with the Protestant pastor Reinhard Kees I was with Lichtenberg students in a Neukölln mosque, it was good, the students were very open-minded!His injuries were treated in the Martin Luther Hospital. Lala Süßkind, JFDA Chairman: “Anti-Semitic attacks are becoming more and more prevalent. Politics, police and justice must finally draw consequences and act decisively against it – enough is enough! The state security of the State Criminal Police Office has taken over the investigations.

Germany: A hotbed for Salafists thanks to the ignorance of the authorities?

Salafism can grow particularly well where the authorities look away for years. This applies not only to the Salafist stronghold of North Rhine-Westphalia, but also to Rhineland-Palatinate, where, according to media reports, the Al-Nur daycare center in Mainz was closed in spring after a long legal dispute. Now there is a second serious suspected case. A mosque association looking after children from Mainz and Wiesbaden is said to have propagated Salafist messages on its Facebook page.According to information from AfD party Rhineland-Palatinate, the Islamic-Afghan Cultural Association, which runs the Masjid-al-Ikhlas Mosque in Mainz district of  Hechtsheim, promoted a lecture by Salafist preacher Amen Dali, who even appeared in the mosque.In addition, a board member of the association is said to have published posts by the Berlin Salafist Abul Baara on his private Facebook page.Joachim Paul, deputy chairman and education policy spokesman of the AfD parliamentary group in the Rhineland-Palatinate state parliament, said: “After the closure of the Al-Nur-Kita, there is now a renewed suspicion of Salafism in Mainz. That should give us food for thought. If radical Salafists look after children for years, the scene is obviously not sufficiently monitored. Often the process of radicalization begins in childhood. Such developments must be decisively counteracted. The Al-Nur case has shown where years of systematic ignoring of the authorities lead.”The case of the Al-Nur-Kita in downtown Mainz had caused a nationwide media response. The owner of the sole Muslim day care center in the state, the mosque association Arab Nil Rhein, was accused of representing the contents of the Muslim Brotherhood and of no longer being in accordance with the Basic Law.

Germany: Three presumably North Africans sexually harass woman

On the last Monday evening around 10.30 p.m. three men harassed a 23 year old woman in front of the old ENT in the Deutschhaus street in Marburg. They held her, one of them touched her indecently. When a witness approached the group, the woman took advantage of the situation and fled. The criminal investigation department investigates a sexual offence and asks this important witness to report. The criminal investigation department hopes that the witness will provide further information on the three men and the overall situation. The 23-year-old was on her way from a restaurant in the street Steinweg to the bus stop at Elisabeth church.Who may have noticed the three men on the way and can give more details about them or hints to help identify them? The victim described them as dark-skinned suspected North Africans. They were 1.80 to 1.85 metres tall and had athletic figures. One was wearing a red baseball cap, another was wearing reflective shoes. Marburg CID, call 06421/406-0.

Germany: Green politician names disabled Jewish AfD politician `Eastern European inferior import´

The Green politician Ingbert Grimpe from Sillenstede names a disabled Jew of the German AfD party the `Eastern European inferior import´. .The AfD politician Dr. Jaroslaw Poljak was attacked once again by a Green politician. Dr. Jaroslaw Poljak, is the top candidate of the AfD at the mayoral election in Wilhelmshaven. The AfD politician is a specialist lawyer for private international law and civil law and works at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). The Green politician Ingbert Grimpe from Sillenstede, former member of the board of the Greens in the Friesland region, describes Poljak among other things as an “Eastern European inferior import” and attacks him because of his origin.

Germany: Tunisian arrested for raping 15-year-old girl

Police officers arrested a 25-year-old man suspected of raping a 15-year-old girl yesterday morning. The crime took place on Monday, the 5th of August 2019, when the 15-year-old was in Feuerbach with the 25-year-old suspect, whom she met via the Internet, in his apartment. There the suspect is said to have had sexual intercourse against the will of the 15-year-old. The next day, the adolescent revealed herself to her parents and reported the crime to the police. Extensive investigations led to the identity of the suspect and his home. When the 25-year-old, against whom an arrest warrant had been issued in the meantime, returned from a trip abroad in Stuttgart on Tuesday morning at 8.40 a.m., the officers arrested him at the airport.On the same day, the Tunisian suspect was brought before a magistrate who issued an arrest warrant and ordered him to be remanded in custody.

Muslim drivers refuse to take dogs with them in taxis in Innsbruck, Austria

Even after weeks, Gabriele Jandrasits from Innsbruck is still in a lot of anger and incomprehension. Before her vacation, she wanted to pre-order a taxi to the airport – and take her little dog, a Beagle Jack Russell mongrel, with her in an aircraft-compatible transport cage. But even though she called the evening before, she had been told by the radio taxi office that there was no guarantee of transport for the next morning. She had been told as a reason that most drivers would refuse to take dogs with them on religious grounds. She was then referred directly to a taxi number, where she was assured of advance booking and dog transport. “If there were clear guidelines – for example that certain dog breeds may not be transported in the passenger compartment, that the dogs must be leashed and muzzled or must be carried in a transport box – I would understand that,” the dog owner is annoyed, “but the whole thing is just arbitrary.Ms Jandrasits, who works for the Tyrol Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, gives another example: A former member of the association’s board – the lady is fully blind – also ordered a taxi via the radio taxi centre. Assuming that her guide dog for the blind had to be taken with her anyway, she did not even mention the dog by telephone. However, the taxi driver refused to take the dog with him. The managing directors of the Innsbruck radio taxi centre, Anton Eberl and Harald Flecker, expressly apologise for the incidents, offer the passenger a voucher as a gesture – and confirm the problem in principle: “We ourselves are not the owners of the taxis, but only mediators,” Flecker states. It is a fact, however, that around 80 percent of drivers now have a migration background – and that Muslims traditionally regard dogs as “unclean”. We try to make drivers understand time and again that such a thing is not possible in our country and that these rides have to be carried out just like any other job. At the moment we are unfortunately not able to solve this problem satisfactorily”, says Flecker. In addition, there is the high fluctuation among the more than 400 drivers. “We have to keep them informed and teach them the rules.”

Austria: Mohammed does not have to go to prison although he pushed his victim in front of the subway – his victim had to undergo a foot amputation

Horrible crimes done along railway tracks have drastically reduced the safety feeling of public transport passengers. As reported, an Iraqi (20 years old) is said to have pushed a warehouse worker (35 years old) in front of the subway U3 at Vienna’s Western railway station on May the 8th. But at the latest since the deadly attack on an eight-year-old boy at Frankfurt main station ( Germany ), it is also noticeable in Vienna that those who are waiting are as far away from the tracks as possible. After each of the two criminal cases, the suspects stated in interrogations that they had heard voices. For this reason, Mohammed Y. is likely to avoid a life sentence. A psychiatrist now came to the conclusion that the Iraqi was suffering from a “mental and spiritual abnormality of a higher degree”. The public prosecutor’s office in Vienna does not prosecute him for murder because of his schizophrenia on September the 2nd. Because he was not sane at the time of the crime, he was to be sent to an asylum. “I felt persecuted and mocked by people with sunglasses and headphones,” Mohammed Y. testified. And that was exactly the tragedy of Zdravko I: “He had his headphones in his ear and wore sunglasses. I thought these people would hear me crying at home. I felt provoked by his sniffing with his nose. When the subway entered, I suddenly exploded. I had to do it …” ” Zdravko I. had to undergo a foot amputation at the hospital. He is currently on rehabilitation. What does he want? “I am happy to have survived. The perpetrator should receive his just punishment – just as I was punished.” However, the perpetrator says: “I feel better now. I see no more people with sunglasses.

The French cheese-eating surrender monkeys did it again

By Ethel C. Fenig

About 20 years ago a faux French teacher on The Simpsons sneeringly labelled the French “cheese-eating surrender monkeys.” Based on their highly self-proclaimed but pathetically nonresistant Resistance against the Germans during World War ll, when the Germans easily occupied France after a kindergarten strength French opposition followed by French appeasement of andcollaboration with their supposed enemy, the description stuck. Jonah Goldberg at National Review immediately grabbed the phrase and uses it often. And effectively.

Based on recently-released information about a contemporary French surrender to evil in the Israeli online site Israel HaYom (Israel Today) taken from a French newspaper, it seems The Simpsons’ writers and Goldberg didn’t go far enough analyzing the depths of French perfidy. 

A breakthrough in the investigation into the 1982 terrorist attack at the Chez Jo Goldenberg Jewish deli in Paris, which killed six people and wounded 22, sheds light on one of the more disgraceful chapters in French history.
Following the attack, French authorities reportedly agreed to a secret pact with Palestinian terrorist organization behind the massacre – the Abu Nidal group – guaranteeing Abu Nidal operatives free movement within France in exchange for a promise of no further attacks on French soil.
French newspaper Le Parisien reported over the weekend that in January of this year the former head of French domestic intelligence (DST) Yves Bonnet, confessed to making the deal to the magistrate in charge of investigating the terrorist attack.

“We made a kind of verbal deal in which I said, ‘I don’t want any more attacks on French soil and in return, I’ll let you come to France and I guarantee nothing will happen to you,’” the paper quoted Bonnet as having said.
The pact was allegedly reached during a clandestine meeting shortly after the attack between Bonnet and representatives of the Abu Nidal group – not the terrorists who executed the massacre, he claimed, but individuals he described as their “stooges.”
According to Bonnet, the pact worked, insofar as there were no attacks on French soil “from late ’83, ’84 and until the end of 1985.” Among the concessions made during that time by the DST was the permission for two Abu Nidal terrorists to visit one of their comrades in a French prison.

The people in the highest echelons of the French government knew of and approved of the deal. 

Bonnet claimed the then-French president François Mitterrand’s chief of staff was informed of the deal, but that “officially … the Élysée knew nothing.” Investigators, also kept in the dark over the deal, have asked to interview other members of the intelligence services who have refused to speak until now, claiming it was a matter of national security.

The debased terrorists are still living the good life in Norway (yes, Norway), Jordan and Gaza 37 years after their inhumane attack, continuing to do what they most enjoy — uninterruptedly plotting murder and horror with the wild approval of the Muslim world and also parts of Europe. 

Will the French make a real effort to capture these sub humans and their associates? As past behavior is the best predictor of present and future behavior, my prediction is the French will publicly make a great show of French justice but behind the scenes will continue to act as French surrender monkeys so they can enjoy their 1000 or so varieties of cheeses. 

Priorities you know.