Turks attempt to terrorize Armenians in Lyon

Religious conflict has intensified in the French city of Lyon. On the evening of Wednesday, October 28, members of the ultranationalist Turkish group, the Gray Wolves, invaded the streets and marched to challenge the Armenian community. They did not hesitate to chant threats towards their rivals: “Allah Akbar!”, “Where are the Armenians?!” and “Fuck Armenia, we’re going to fuck you” could be heard.

According to information from LyonMag, many police officers were present in eastern Lyon in order to avoid any overflow. A hundred police vehicles also arrived in the city center. The group of 150 Turks were “over-excited” individuals according to the Independent Union of Police Commissioners (SICP), which also reported that a national police crew had been attacked.

The Turks finally left the scene before 11 pm. No injuries were reported according to firefighters.

The Turks were demonstrating in response to the blocking of the A7 on the same morning. Pro-Armenia activists had indeed blocked part of the highway around 7:30 am in order to demonstrate for the recognition of the independence of Nagorno-Karabakh – against the backdrop of the ongoing conflict with Azerbaijan, an ally of Turkey.

Turkish activists had disrupted the rally and clashes quickly broke out. In total, 300 to 400 people were present on site according to information from LyonMag. Four people were reportedly slightly injured. An investigation was opened and a call for witnesses was launched by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes highway CRS.


Addled Western publishers now kill their own books

by Giulio Meotti

“The role of Admiral Nelson is under review in light of the Black Lives Matter movement”.The Naval Museum of Greenwich in London censored the story of the hero of Trafalgar. And by the same logic, the work of colonial historians is censored.

A professor was “canceled” for the second time in three years after his publisher withdrew a biography of a British imperialist following an academic petition. Bruce Gilley’s book, “The Last Imperialist: Sir Alan Burns’ Epic Defense of the British Empire”, was to be the first volume of a series published by Rowman & Littlefield and devoted to the colonies.

Gilley, who teaches at Portland State University, had achieved notoriety three years ago with the article “The Case for Colonialism”, in which he claimed that British colonial rule had also had important beneficial effects. The newspaper, Third World Quarterly, had withdrawn amid threats and protests, and the National Association of Scholars promptly posted the essay on their website.

Gilley’s new book passed through editing and proofreading by Lexington, which is part of Rowman & Littlefield, and received the endorsement of two major colonial history scholars, Jeremy Black and Tirthankar Roy. The book had already been sold to distributors.

Tirthankar Roy, professor of economic history at the London School of Economics, said in a letter to Lexington: “That the book could justify empires, whatever that idiotic expression means, never crossed my mind.” For Roy, that a group of academics in privileged Western universities can decide what gets published represents “true colonialism.”

“The Last Imperialist” was the culmination of five years of research into the life of Burns, the governor of Ghana. An academic petition sent to the publisher claimed the book would promote “white nationalism”.

Western history has also become a minefield in the newspapers. The New York Times had produced a series, “1619”, edited by Nikole Hannah-Jones, whose thesis is that America was born not in 1776, with the American Revoluion, but in 1619, with the arrival of the first African slave ship. Bret Stephens, a Times columnist like Hannah-Jones, wrote an article explaining that the “1619” project is a failure.and its premises “illogical.”.

The result? Unmindful of the recent resignations of James Bennet and Bari Weiss, the New York Times Guild, the newspaper’s union, publicly attacked Stephens for daring to criticize an article in their own newspaper.

Once upon a time there were the Havel and Klima pamphlets, Solzhenitsyn’s Cancer Ward and the Polish pirate edition of Orwell’s Animal Farm. Now there is a new democratic Index librorum prohibitorum that is increasingly enriched with crimes of treason against hypothetical “sensitivities”.

Western culture is at its lowest point.


WATCH: Philly BLM Rioters Shout ‘Get the F**k Out’ to Jews, Call Them ‘Synagogue of Satan’

Anti-Semitism reared its ugly head on the second night of violent riots in Philadephia, Pa., on Tuesday. The riots erupted over the police shooting of 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr., who was rushing police with a knife. In the name of Black Lives Matter, rioters and looters ransacked stores and brought mayhem to the City of Brotherly Love. In one particularly ugly incident, black rioters shouted at Jewish men who said they came out to show solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

In the video, several black men taunt the Jews.

“Y’all know that we the real Jews, right?” one black man says, repeating the Black Hebrew Israelite narrative. According to the more extreme Black Hebrew Israelites, not only are some black people descended from Jacob and the twelve tribes of Israel (which is plausible), but only black people have the rightful claim to true Judaism.

Others taunt the Jewish men, saying, “This ain’t y’all fight, y’all gotta go.”

One of the Jews responds, “We’re showing solidarity.”

“We don’t need no solidarity,” one of the rioters responds.

Yet the black men shout, “Get the f**k out, get the f**k out!”

“You’re trash, cuz,” another rioter shouts. “Get your white a** out of here!”

As the Jewish men leave, the black man says, “Revelation 2:09, Synagogue of Satan!”

The Black Lives Matter rioter was quoting — and misinterpreting — the Bible to attack the Jews. Revelation 2:9 is part of St. John’s letter to the Church in Smyrna. The letter comforts the church amid tribulation and warns of a coming persecution. In the letter, Paul acknowledges “the slander of those who say that they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.”

This passage makes a religious distinction between the hostile Jews of ancient Smyrna who persecuted Christians and the Christians who accepted the Gospel Jesus gave to all people. The text suggests that those who follow Jesus are the true Jews because they are following the God who first called the Jews.

These Jewish men were not harassing the Black Lives Matter rioters, nor were they persecuting them. It is outrageous for the rioters to respond by calling them false Jews and then branding them part of the “synagogue of Satan,” apparently due to the color of their skin.

Yet this terrifying anti-Semitism appears to be growing more mainstream. In July, a black NFL player shared a fake quote from Adolf Hitler warning that “white Jews” planned for “world domination.” Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued extra coronavirus restrictions for specific areas of New York City with high Orthodox Jewish populations in a move rabbis denounced as “blatantly anti-Semitic.” A Jersey City, N.J., school board member condemned Jews as brutes and defended men who shot up a kosher supermarket, claiming that they were fighting for the black community.

In the first round of riots following the death of George Floyd, rioters in Los Angeles, Calif., spray-painted “F**k Israel” and “Free Palestine” on the wall of a synagogue.

America’s leaders need to condemn this terrifying anti-Semitism. President Donald Trump has responded to the increasing anti-Semitism on college campuses with an executive order. Will Joe Biden condemn the anti-Semitism at Black Lives Matter riots?