German court sentences Tunisian jihadi for biological terrorism

A German court in the city of Düsseldorf sentenced a Tunisian national on Thursday to a 10-year prison term for planning a biological terror attack that could have murdered as many as 13,500 people.The 31-year-old jihadi Sief Allah H. planned the mass murder with his wife, the 41-year-old German Yasmin. The presiding judge Jan van Lessen said that the couple “wanted to create a climate of fear and uncertainty among the German population.”

According to the court statement, the couple started in September 2017 to organize a “jihadi motivated explosive attack in Germany” with the use of the “deadly poison ricin.”Sief Allah H. supported the Islamic State and ordered castor seeds and metal ball bearings via the internet to construct the biological weapon.The goal of the explosion, according to the court statement, was to murder “other believers” who don’t embrace Islam. Judge van Lessen noted that Allah H. made two attempts join the Islamic State as a combatant in Syria.The authorities confiscated the components of a planned biological weapon in the apartment of the couple in Cologne-Chorweiler. According to the court, “They show that the accused were well advanced in the manufacture of an explosive device and had already made a significant amount of the ricin toxin from the castor beans they had ordered online.”The court said  that”Radical Islamic content had been found on their mobile phones, demonstrating their radicalization and the decision to commit a terrorist attack based on it. The planned attack would most likely have resulted in numerous fatalities and injuries. The attack was prevented by police access on June 12, 2017.”

German media reports said the biological weapon could have killed as many as 13,500 people.Allah H appealed his sentence. The trial against his wife is set to continue, with the next court hearing slated for April 1.

Germany: Corona treatment as a priority for “refugees” only

In Bad Salzuflen, the municipality and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia are arguing about the use of the local spa clinic. Due to corona conditions, there is currently no medical treatment there. The municipality wants to set up the clinic for the treatment of people of all origins who are ill with corona and cannot be accommodated in the regular hospitals due to capacity constraints. The state, on the other hand, wants to take over the entire facility for the treatment of asylum seekers only. The municipality is fighting back bravely. So now it’s threatened with confiscation.Wasn’t it always said that all people were of equal value? Then why should only asylum seekers be treated in this clinic? Is their life worth more than that of all other people in Germany? Things are a little less drastic in Lower Saxony. There, the Refugee Council is only demanding that asylum seekers be accommodated in hotels, whose capacities are currently lying idle, because there is a ban on business activities. The consequences for the hotel operators would probably be similar to those for the shipowners whose cruise ships Sea-Watch wants to occupy with “fugitives”: They would not reopen so quickly after the Corona crisis, if the political establishment implements the wishes of the Lower Saxony Refugee Council.

The Real Pandemic Is Globalism

By Diana Mary Sitek

Is the world’s draconian response to the coronavirus a panicked leap backward into indiscriminate annihilation — not only of national economic health, but also of its prerequisite, individual liberty?  Does it prepare a future path, give sanction and precedent to eventual dictatorial control by government, which could be usurped by a left-wing administration to promote the globalist agenda that Obama and the radical Democrat Party endorse?

Black swan events that inflict a planetary cost will continue to occur.  Clearly, this one has overwhelmed national governments.  George Soros himself could not have fantasized, in his habitual delirium, a more enticing catastrophic scenario for the installation of his grand plan — if power could only be wrested away from President Trump.  It puts other threats — 9/11, immigration invasion, and the weaponization of the institutions of government by the Deep State — into the shade!  None of them has involved a nationwide lockdown on freedom of movement.

We already see evidence of the left’s attempt to use the pandemic to nurture the leftist agenda in Nancy Pelosi’s dry run to stuff the proposed recovery legislation with her ideological pork.  Here are just a few of her demands, as reported on TownHall March 24, 2020, which she has “put on hold.”

  • Publication of corporate pay statistics by race and race statistics for all corporate boards
  • A bail out on all current debt at the Postal Service
  • Required early voting
  • Required same day voter registration
  • Provisions on official time for union collective bargaining
  • Full offset of airline emissions by 2025
  • Publication and reporting of greenhouse gas statistics for individual flights
  • Retirement plans for community newspaper employees
  • Federal $15 minimum wage
  • Permanent paid leave
  • Study on climate change mitigation efforts.  The provisions will apply to the companies and business rescued by the bill.

The nightmare is that once the left occupies the White House again (God forbid), the Constitution, already weakened by Obama, will be given the kiss of death, and our individual liberty will be forfeit.  The Democrats may govern by “States of Emergency,” which could facilitate the transfer of some national legislative power to global institutions and NGOs, in pursuit of “[t]he hope … that we will live more intelligently, thinking more about our future on the planet rather than the blithe destruction we indulged in for 50 years,” as one witless left-wing journalist opined in an article entitled “COVID-19 can teach us to live more intelligently.”  And that would be the thin edge of the wedge.  Within the next twenty to thirty years, national governments may emerge as the stewards and handmaidens of the global elite.  Italy and Iran are already beholden to China, which has infiltrated many nations of the Third World through its “infrastructure racket” that holds those nations as virtual hostages to Beijing.

Do Republican conservatives today suffer the same unenviable position Cicero found himself in during a civil war, which led to Julius Caesar’s assassination in 44 BCE?  Cicero’s entire career was devoted to attempting a restoration of Rome’s broken republican constitution, which was so influential in the writing of ours.  Yet he was overwhelmed by the cataclysm of events, caused by the consuls’ greed for power.  Despite his forestalling the forces of tyranny for a while, they ultimately vanquished him.  Caesar Augustus (great-nephew of Julius) became emperor in 27 BCE.  The Republic was dead!

One could ague that the Roman Empire that ensued at least brought civilization to the barbaric world.  That is not the case with left-wing globalism! What it carries and delivers is third-world sanitation and the consequent spread of disease, immigrants from undemocratic cultures, and the loss of jobs to cheap overseas labor.  How can we benefit from universal welfare dependency, dictatorship by a cabal of central banks, bureaucratic bungling on a planetary scale, and the other symptoms of globalism?

Let’s hope the president hesitates before the abyss.  Even if he does, that will not eradicate the threat to our individual liberty.  In particular, there is the anaesthetized condition of those who have already been immunized by the presiding culture to believe that equality is far more important than freedom.  Ironically, where a conservative government is instituting the lockdown, the left is suddenly up in arms, as demonstrated by this article in the woke Guardian.  And perhaps we may hope the Millennials are so ticked off by their imposed seclusion that they wake up to government’s chief function after safety: the protection of individual liberty.  I fear, once the Left is in power, that their former hesitations will disappear.

If worse comes to worst, we can take comfort in Cicero’s fate.  Although Mark Antony’s wife Fulvia took Cicero’s severed head, pulled out his tongue, and jabbed it repeatedly with her hairpin in a final act of revenge against Cicero’s power of speech, she failed to destroy his legacy.  Future generations, until the advent of Marx, revered his wisdom!  Conservative values and the love of liberty may be re-discovered by future citizens tired of being wage slaves of the global economy.

Italian nurse commits suicide for fear of spreading the virus

Rage and despair at the Coronavirus epidemic now raging around the world, has taken the life of a 34-year-old Italian nurse, Daniela Trezzi. She died on Tuesday, March 24, announced the National Federation of Nurses Italy.

CNews reported on Friday March 27 that she had worked in the intensive care unit of the San Gerardo hospital in Monza, north of Milan.

The nurse, who eventually developed symptoms of the Coronavirus, was placed in quarantine on March 10 after testing positive. Italian healthcare workers are on the front line facing an influx of patients and the epidemic has still not reached its peak.

The colleagues of the deceased all say they feel “intense stress” at the idea of ​​contaminating those around them.

The National Federation of Italian Nurses paid tribute to the deceased nurse. “The 450 000 professionals in Italy stand with the family, friends and colleagues of Daniela” they said on Twitter. “Nurses never abandon anyone, even – and this has just been proven – at the risk of their own lives. We should not abandon nurses.”

According to the organisation, another suicide had happened “for the same reasons”. A few weeks ago in Venice, a nurse drowned herself in the Piave river. Italy now has more than 9 000 deaths from Coronavirus, with more than a thousand deaths in the past 24 hours.

The Road to Coronavirus Hell Was Paved By Leftist Political Correctness

The New York Times, which in the middle of a diseased city, decided to run this hateful little screed, “The Road to Coronavirus Hell Was Paved by Evangelicals  —  Trump’s response to the pandemic has been haunted by the science denialism of his ultraconservative religious allies.”

Please, tell me. Which Trumpist evangelical ally runs New York City? What about San Francisco, Washington State?

We already know the “science denialism” that led to outbreaks in ultra-blue urban areas. It had nothing to do with religion and everything to do with politically correct opposition to travel bans or avoiding people from hot zones.

On January 26, New York City’s health commissioner, Dr. Oxiris Barbot, warned, “It’s inevitable that we will have someone who is positive with coronavirus.” She also said, “We are encouraging New Yorkers to go about their everyday lives and suggest practicing everyday precautions that we do through the flu season.” She added that those “who had recently traveled from Wuhan were not being urged to self-quarantine or avoid large public gatherings

Health Commissioner Barbot tweeted, “As we gear up to celebrate the Lunar New Year in NYC, I want to assure New Yorkers that there is no reason for anyone to change their holiday plans, avoid the subway, or certain parts of the city because of coronavirus.”

Health Commissioner Barbot declared on Twitter, “Today our city is celebrating the Lunar New Year parade in Chinatown, a beautiful cultural tradition with a rich history in our city. I want to remind everyone to enjoy the parade and not change any plans due to misinformation spreading about coronavirus.”

Councilman Mark D. Levine stated on Twitter, “In powerful show of defiance of coronavirus scare, huge crowds gathering in NYC’s Chinatown for ceremony ahead of annual Lunar New Year parade. Chants of ‘Be Strong Wuhan!’ If you are staying away, you are missing out.

Mayor de Blasio conducted a taped interview with NBC News that ran during MSNBC’s Morning Joe. He said, “We have an extraordinary public health apparatus here in New York City . . . and what became clear to me was it was really about telling the people of our city, this is something we can handle, but you got to follow some basic rules. . . . This should not stop you from going about your life. It should not stop you from going to Chinatown and going out to eat. I am going to do that today myself.”

Later that day, New York City Council speaker Corey Johnson said, “It is important to support the Chinese community in New York City. Unfortunately many businesses and restaurants in Chinatown, Flushing, and Sunset Park are suffering because some customers are afraid of the coronavirus. But those fears are not based on facts and science. The risk of infection to New Yorkers is low. There is no need to avoid public spaces. I urge everyone to dine and shop as usual.”

New York City now has the worst coronavirus outbreak in the country.

It wasn’t the science denialism of “evangelicals” that did this, but the science denialism of lefties who feared anything that might seem discriminatory.

The Left paved the way to this hell and it’s frantically smearing and lying to get out.

Border checks may remain around Europe even after coronavirus

Due to the spread of coronavirus, many European Union countries have decided to close their borders, but some may keep them closed long after the coronavirus crisis is over.

The European Union as a whole is also temporarily isolated from the outside world. While in the West of Europe, it is in many ways an entirely new phenomenon, Czechs and Slovaks had to contend with the isolation Soviet occupation brought starting in 1968.

As a result, Czechs and Slovaks are well aware that the concept of temporality is all relative and that major events can open and close the borders in an instant. The same sentiment is shared by many other Eastern European countries as well.

The first signs are now beginning to crop up that the EU countries will not be in any hurry to reopen their borders.

A few days ago, Roman Prymula, the head of the Czech Central Crisis Staff and the deputy minister of health, said that traveling abroad could be banned for Czechs for up to two years.

Prime Minister Andrej Babis then added that opening borders is not a priority.

To the west of the Czech border, many politicians are already calling for permanent border closure.

Perhaps, Prymula and Babiš just made off-the-cuff statements but maybe they were also statements that truly reflect the thought and strategy of the Czech government.

Restricting movement in the Schengen area is nothing new. Some EU states have introduced controls at their borders in recent years due to the migration crisis. Based on the Schengen Border Code, countries can perform controls at the border crossings for up to two years, however, many countries have continued with this measure long after the 2015 migrant crisis came to an end.

France, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and Austria, all have emergency measures against illegal migration that are still in place. In addition, Norway, which belongs to the Schengen area although it is not a member of the EU, also features such measures.

The European Commission and the European Parliament have repeatedly criticized these countries for keeping the measures long after they were supposedly permitted to do so and have labeled their actions illegal.

Now, the issue of border closures have come to the fore once again as countries aim to stop the spread of coronavirus by isolating themselves.

For the most part in the past, European internal borders have been completely permeable, and people often did not even notice the crossing points between nations.

Currently, long queues of trucks form at the borders across Europe — a radical change that happened virtually overnight.

Based on the experience from the times of the migration crisis, there is no reason to believe that EU countries will behave differently after the coronavirus pandemic subsides and immediately remove all the barriers at their borders.

Conversely, the longer this measure remain in place, the more difficult it will be to cancel them. The question then becomes whether countries will even want to cancel them.

However, freedom of movement is not only about free travel within the EU. It also concerns the transport of goods and services, which is pivotal to the European economic miracle. Without it, the prosperity of the EU could suffer a worse blow than the virus might have caused.

This is one of the reasons why the European Commission fights to maintain at least the so-called green lanes at the borders, which will allow all freight traffic carrying any type of goods to cross the border within 15 minutes. In many ways, the European Commission is also fighting for its vision of open borders and the future of the Schengen area, with the coronavirus measures representing an existential threat to its existence.

Therefore, the Czech Republic, which significantly benefits from the open single market, and other member countries, should be aware that keeping the Schengen economic miracle alive is in their best interest.