Germany: Ridiculously lenient sentences for Syrian gang rapists of a 14-year-old girl

Regarding the gang rape of a 14-year-old girl in Laupheim, the Regional Court of Ravensburg has now sentenced three accused men. For Judge Franz Bernhard it is obvious: The three men, then aged 19, 20 and 32, raped a 14-year-old girl on the 13th of November 2019 and sexually abused her 13-year-old girlfriend. They committed the crime in Laupheim, in the Vorholz solar park near the federal highway B30. All three were sentenced to prison for this.The men who had been remanded in custody since the crime had admitted to the sexual acts, but they stated that they were consensual and that the girls had not told them their age. “We don’t believe that,” said Judge Franz Bernhard in the verdict. According to the court, the 14-year-old girl had been made will-less – by alcohol and drugs. She even vomited several times and fell asleep.According to the court, the two girls had been using social media that night to ask where else they could hang out. Thereupon the three now convicted men are said to have contacted them. They picked up the girls that night and took them to the garage at the Laupheim solar park near the federal highway B30. There they then committed sexual assault on the victims.

The oldest of the accused, then 32 years old, was sentenced to a total sentence of 3 years and 6 months for a violation of the narcotics law and for sexual acts of the 14-year-old girl. He had also rented the garage in the solar park where the crime took place.

The youngest of the offenders, then 19 years old, was sentenced by the judge to 3 years and .6 months – both for rape and for other sexual acts with the 14-year-old. Also for the sexual abuse of children on the 13-year-old, who witnessed the rape of her friend. However, he was convicted under the juvenile criminal code. The Syrian’s personality, the court stated, had considerable deficits, both “with regard to his image of women and to education and language.

His brother, who was 20 years old at the time, was also sentenced to 3 years and 6 months by the Regional Court of Ravensburg according to adult criminal law. For sexual abuse of children, to the detriment of the 13-year-old and for sexual acts with her 14-year-old friend.

Two other men, aged 27 and 34 years, are said to have been involved. These were under investigation for failure to provide assistance and for drug offences. They are still at large, as the conditions for an arrest warrant have not been fulfilled.

Suspect who beat elderly white man in Detroit nursing home said on video, ‘Black people are supposed to rule the Earth’

An elderly white man in a nursing home in Detroit, Michigan was beaten horribly by 20-year-old Jaden T. Hayden, who recorded the whole incident on video, sparking a firestorm on social media and prompting President Donald Trump to decry the abuse of the defenseless man.

In the shocking footage, Hayden repeatedly punches the elderly man, identified as Norman Bledsoe, in the face. However, Blesdoe was not the only victim of Hayden, who recorded himself beating another woman living in the nursing home. Another video that the suspect himself uploaded and shared also suggests that he was responsible for a “drugging prank” in the same nursing home.

The video of the abuse of the elderly man was spread widely and seen by millions of social media users.

Hayden allegedly uploaded a number of racially charged videos to YouTube, with one entitled “Why black people became slaves”. In the video, the suspect proclaims that “the black race is the chosen race, the black race was supposed to rule the earth, but now…they have to go to the white man for everything and that’s not good.”

The Youtube video has added a racial dimension to the incident and raised calls to investigate the incident as a hate crime.

Internet users also pointed out that what appears to be Hayden’s Youtube channel also had two other videos that featured abuse of elderly patients.  Although Hayden’s channel has been removed by Youtube, the graphic videos he uploaded have been archived.

Although Hayden, who was a patient in the nursing home supposedly for rehabilitation, was arrested by the police, the case left many people wondering why the incident received little to no coverage on many major news networks. For example, CNN has not done a single article

Once footage of the incident went viral, President Trump took to Twitter to condemn the abuse of the elderly man, writing, “Is this even possible to believe? Can this be for real?’ Where is this nursing home, how is the victim doing?”

It appears that the suspect may have made multiple videos of himself abusing elderly victims. In the first one that went viral, a man grabs the camera and films himself punching an elderly man in the face multiple times. The victim tries to shield his face from the blows. The victim is then grabbed by the neck and pulled off the bed.

The aggressor proceeds to turn the camera around to show the injuries he has caused his victim, which shows the elderly man with blood streaming down his face. 

He is then heard saying on camera, “This b**ch-a** n****r wouldn’t get off my bed.”

A separate horrific video was also posted on social media appearing to show the same man abusing another elderly victim. 

In the footage the suspect holds his fist in front of the camera and then launches the attack on the elderly victim who is lying in bed. 

It is not the only incident caught on video of African Americans abusing elderly white people in nursing homes, with noted conservative commentator James Woods posting the video of another shocking case on Twitter that has reached over 1 million views.

Nursing home abuse is a huge issue in the US as about five million seniors are victims of abuse each year. This means that one in ten seniors have experienced some form of abuse. It is also estimated that many more seniors are abused each year but are unable or unwililng to report it.

According to the World Health Organization, one in six elderly people have experienced abuse. The 2017 study, based on research in 28 countries in different parts of the world, suggests that almost 16 percent of people of 60 years of age or older have dealt with some kind of physical or emotional abuse. However, WHO added that seniors report only about one in 24 cases of abuse.

A snapshot of senior care in Europe

Senior care in the United States ranks especially poorly compared to other wealthy nations. A 2017 Commonwealth Fund international health policy survey of older adults examined 11 wealthy countries and found the U.S. ranked at the bottom or near to the bottom in categories that included affordability, timeliness of care, care coordination, and access for senior care.

One of the most common criticisms of the U.S. healthcare system is the lack of affordable and affordable coverage, but nearly all of the subjects of the study had access to universal healthcare through Medicare as they were 65 or older.

The study found that senior care in Europe was far better, but stark differences were still noted between countries. In countries like Norway and Sweden, which ranked near the top, rates of economic vulnerability for seniors were the lowest. 

Other news reports have found that countries in Central Europe are reportedly becoming an attractive destination for seniors in countries like Germany and Austria.

“I came to this home not only because of financial reasons but because it is very nice here and I can afford it. In Styria or anywhere in Austria I would have to pay double what I am paying here,” said Heinrich Farber to Reuters about moving to a Hungarian nursing home.

Another patient, Hannelore Konemann, said, “My husband died three and three-quarter years ago and I just couldn’t handle being alone. I just had to have people near me. How can I describe it? The first visit here was to look around. He showed me all the different rooms and this was the icing on the cake and then it was clear for me that I would have to come here. And the fact that I would get such nice rooms I would never have dared dream of. In Germany, you get one small room, like a bird cage.”

Concerns have still been raised about elderly people moving to different countries, including language barriers and the amount of confusion and alienation that can potentially arise in such situations.

The Netherlands is another example of a country in Europe where senior care is given priority, and which has been lauded for its well-run public nursing home system.

The Netherlands made the decision decades ago to remove the responsibility from families to care for the elderly and create a public care system for this group of people.

“Today, the Netherlands has a very good network of outpatient services and other help for households,” said Dr. Vincent Horn, a research associate at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany.

Austria, has also implemented quality-assured 24-hour care into law in 2007, ensuring every senior is entitled to a certain level of care in the country.

Still, there are cases of elder abuse in Europe as well.

The Council of Seniors of the Czech Republic says there are no statistics about elder abuse available for the country, but that many cases of abuse go unreported.

“The number of cases we know of is only the tip of the iceberg. It is estimated that 85 percent of cases of abuse are not reported at all,” stated Jan Lorman, the director of the Život 90 institute.

In 2019, Czechs were moved by the case of abuse in one of the nursing homes in Ostrava in the east of the country. As several nurses in the Slunečnice nursing home were accused of emotional abuse of the residents. The inappropriate behavior of caregivers was pointed out by Seznam Zprávy journalists, who infiltrated the nursing home and followed the situation in the facility for eight months.

Journalists noted that the elderly people were exposed to humiliating practices, with one of the residents being undressed by a nurse in the common areas.

“You pig, you stink again,” said one of the nurses to another patient.

While nobody was physically abused in the Czech incident as was the case in the recent U.S. arrest, the news came as a shock in the Czech Republic.

Since 2017, seniors in Czechia are classified as particularly vulnerable victims of crime, which guarantees them special treatment when reporting crimes. In terms of ensuring justice for the elderly, the Czech law is fair, says vice-chairman of the Council of Seniors of the Czech Republic Miland Taraba, pointing out that judges usually decide for the toughest sentence possible.

Germany now intends to arrest children and take them out of homes of families who do not fill out “daily health certs”

In this RAIR Foundation USA exclusively translated video,independent German journalist, Miró Wolsfeld, discusses a letter sent from the State Ministry of Culture of the Free State of Saxony to parents warning them if they do not sign a ‘health certificate’ and send it with their children to school every single day, their kids may be confiscated by the state.

Wolsfeld also addresses evident mass surveillance in Germany (again) presumably taking place under the guise of contract tracing for the Chinese coronavirus. “First, we’re constantly being monitored with whom we go out to dinner, when and where,” he said. “Now the government threatens to take the children into custody,” Wolsfeld continued.

“From May 25, 2020, the school will not be able to accept children without a health certificate signed daily,” the letter warns (as translated). “As parents, you are obliged to collect your child from school immediately if your signature is missing for the specific day,” the letter, which is signed by Christian Piwarz of Angela Merkel’s party, the “Christian Democratic Union of Germany” continues. 

The tyrannical state government further warns that children are at risk of being taken by authorities if the daily requirement is not met:

“If you do not comply, the school is ultimately obliged to turn on the regulatory office – right up to taking your child into care…”

The ridiculous requirement of a daily ‘health certificate,’ along with the ominous threat that children would be taken from parents, has been compared to forced adoptions and state-sponsored child abduction from political opponents that took place in the communist police state that existed in East Germany before the wall fell.

After controversy spread in German media, the government clarified that the phrase “taking your child into care” may only be a temporary situation (as translated):

“The term taking into care describes the temporary placement of children or adolescents in a home or a foster family. The youth welfare office can carry out this measure if the well-being of the child in their own family is at risk (…) means Children can be taken into care by authorities from their family, which can be temporary or permanent. Taking into care can be carried out if there is a serious risk to the well-being of the child. “

If the government is trying to reassure parents, this “clarification” would likely offer little solace. The local government website explains (as translated):

“In the first few days, the educational institutions should react kindly once the form has been forgotten. However, from May 25th, the school is not allowed to take in a child without a health certificate signed daily.”

How generous of them.

The controversy is addressed byMiró Wolsfeld:

Children are historically exploited by communist governments and turned against their families. Germany is no different. The Chinese coronavirus has acted a springboard for hard left governments to flex their tyrannical muscle. Currently, there is a proposal to give German citizens so-called immunity cards, which people would have to maintain to prove they are vaccinated.

Schools should be opening in Germany without conditions.

RAIR’s Amy Mek has reported on similar instances of child abuse in Germany (see hereherehereherehere, and here).

It is inconceivable that parents would ever agree to the ridiculous requirements proposed by the lunatic leftists in Saxony. Hopefully the good German citizens will be able to push back on this horrific policy and fire the tyrants who conceived of it.

Many thanks to Miss Piggy for the translation:

A letter to parents from the school authority in Saxony is really causing outrage at the moment.

The letter is about a health confirmation form that parents now have to fill out every day for school for their children.

The worst thing isn’t filling out the health certificate form itself, but what parents are threatened with if they forget to fill it out or simply don’t want to. The state of Saxony is threatening parents with absolute severity if they don’t comply.

The school is obliged to call in the public order office, which could lead to and include taking the child into custody. Yes, you read it right. They really are threatening to take children away from their parents if they don’t fill out this stupid form and give it to their children. That’s how you can tell how that the government is going completely crazy. First, we’re constantly being monitored with whom we go out to dinner, when and where.

Now the government threatens to take the children into custody.

Completely insane! And at this point, it should be mentioned that children are not an at-risk group. But they’ll act as if it were a huge danger, in order to have an excuse against parents who see all these measures critically, and then use this pretext to scare them. But as they say in the letter:

“We are doing this for the health and education of OUR children.” Yeah, sure. /

Austria: Algerian asylum seeker arrested for homicide

Austrian police over the weekend arrested an Algerian asylum seeker who is suspected of having committed a murder in his home country.

On Saturday morning, two Algerian citizens, aged 23 and 26, were stopped by police for a routine inspection as they walked on the Pyhrn motorway in Leibnitz. Suspicions were raised when the two men failed to present any form of identification but mentioned that they had applied for asylum through the local government, regional news outlet Mein Viertel reports.

After establishing the identities of both men, it turned out the one them had an international arrest warrant for murder in Algeria. Police, after consulting with the local prosecutor, promptly arrested the 26-year-old Algerian asylum seeker and transferred him to Jakomini Prison in Graz.

Maghreb singer accuses French police of blanket racism

For the deputy of the National Rally in France, the speech of the singer Camélia Jordana on Saturday evening claiming she is afraid when she sees a police officer, is a typical example of the excesses of the cultural left: They prefer to defend the delinquents rather than the police.

There is a lingering, unpleasant issue which has surfaced in French media. The police are invariably depicted as executioners and murderers, while thugs are perpetually excused, Louis Alliot noted in an op-ed for French weekly Valeurs Actuelles.

Critics however have forgotten how the police have been put under pressure in recent years, forced to work in extremely difficult conditions with attacks, immigrant riots, gratuitous violence and continuous social unrest, according to Alliot.

The cultural left are co-responsible for the attacks that the police undergo every day. In ensuring order and respect for law during confinement, numerous police officers were attacked throughout France.

In Colombes, an immigrant rammed into two stationed police bikers, justifying his gesture as the “defense of Palestine”. On May 25, three men voluntarily crashed into a RAID car at full speed during an intervention in the Cévennes district of Montpellier. One policeman who “was seriously injured in one leg, was crushed between his own vehicle and that of these attackers who had voluntarily rushed towards him,” a report in France Bleu noted.

“The anti-cop climate is growing and that worries us very much,” said Yann Bastière, denouncing in particular “words unworthy of a Camelia Jordana, in search of negative recognition and looking for attention by featuring in a talk show on Saturday evening, and who is free to feed this anti-cop hatred”.

In fact, it only takes a cursory glance at the regional daily press to realize the extent of the phenomenon: dozens of neighborhoods are literally out of control and the police are seen there as the enemy, Alliot pointed out.

“Unfortunately, no one dares to designate those who are jointly responsible for this deleterious climate, at the forefront of which is part of the cultural left,” the RN deputy said. Born from Algerian parents in France, the singer and actress Camelia Jordana, is the new star of “indigenous” victimization.

On the programme On N’est Pas Couché hosted by Laurent Ruquier, she alleged being afraid of the police because of her “curly hair”. The singer added that some people were “massacred for no other reason than their skin colour”.

She has since challenged the Minister of the Interior to a debate with her. Clearly, the Macron administration is no longer respected and has lost its grip on public order.

Slandering police officers collectively, ignores the reality on the ground, its vicissitudes and its difficulties says Alliot. “She does not know that 2019 was a dark year for the number of police suicides. She also probably ignores what delinquency and crime are in 2020. The majority of French people are much more afraid of coming across an organized gang after dark than of coming across a police check!”

“Without the police, it is the street gangs who enforce their own rules, which are far more unjust,” the deputy said. Also, the wealthy Camelia Jordana does not have to endure the deterioration of common areas, drug trafficking, threats and daily violence that mark the no-go-zones in French immigrant social housing areas, according to Alliot.

“When half of France looks like a Brazilian shantytown, professional mourners will take refuge in their Moroccan riads or their second homes in Florida. They have the means to escape, unlike the average French person.”

The Alliance police union said in a press release that it was going to seize the public prosecutor and asked Interior Minister Christophe Castaner to do the same. Other police officers also reacted on the web, including the commissioners of the national police (SCPN): “Appalling testimony of a ‘new star of stupidity’ which demonstrated in two minutes the poverty of her thought, accompanied by scandalous and slanderous arguments, all on a public broadcast,” they tweeted.

Jordana has continued her racist attacks not only against the police, but on whites in general: “My generation does not feel concerned by a society led by old and white people.” Despite her loud attacks on French society, she curiously told French magazine Telestar: “I am a bourgeois! I grew up in a beautiful villa with a swimming pool. I did piano, theater, dance.” Being “bourgeois”, she added, made her different from other Arabs living in social housing.