Germany: Left-wing idiots riot at a panel discussion of female critics of the Islamic headscarf

With the arrival of the policemen, quietness returns. The protesters are now just holding up their posters in silence, some are discussing quietly.Only a few minutes earlier, people were fighting. Moderator Fatma Keser had expected that the panel discussion entitled “The veil: fashion accessory, a religious symbol or political instrument” would not run smoothly. However, she did not expect such an outcry. Members of the group “Students against right-wing incitement” interfered with the guests in the student house of the Goethe University Frankfurt on Thursday evening. Even before the discussion participants can even get into the topic, a young woman stands up, holds a poster in the air, reads out a statement loudly. Other young men and women follow her example. Loud babble of voices makes a discussion impossible. Bewildered glances among those who came to discuss with the panelists, among them author Naïla Chikhi and Ingrid König, former school principal in Frankfurt’s Griesheim district. But that is hardly possible this evening. The members of the group “Students against right-wing incitement” unroll banners, hold up posters. On them are slogans that are supposed to remind of right-wing violence and racist incidents in the past.”The problem is called racism, not headscarf”, is written on the flyer the group distributes. The group of people on the discussion group showed that the headscarf discussion was being held without consulting the women wearing headscarves, the letter continued. Furthermore, the ban on the headscarf only promotes the already existing institutional discrimination of Muslim women in Germany.The situation is escalating when the group does not want to leave the room despite repeated requests. Fights, a table is knocked over. Only one remains calm. It is Naïla Chikhi. She doesn’t want to be intimidated, she says, won’t stop speaking her mind. In her opinion, the headscarf is “the flag of Islamism “, a symbol of the “enslavement of women”. She will defend her position even against resistance, Chikhi continued. “I will carry on all my life.”She insists on continuing the panel discussion, organized by members of the group “Terre des femmes”, the General Student Committee of the Goethe University and the Migrant Women for Secularity and Self-Determination, despite the incident. “I’m staying here. Until midnight if necessary. Otherwise they’ll feel they’ve won. She deliberately seeks dialogue with the troublemakers, does not shy away from discussion, agrees with them when it comes to condemning racist attacks.  “Why did you not wait to protest? We could have had a serious discussion at the end”, she asks a young woman who is still holding a sign in the air. She does not get any response.

Germany: African asylum seeker pours boiling water over woman

In an accommodation for asylum seekers in Zossen, a 61-year-old woman with Sudanese citizenship and a 31-year-old from Chad had a verbal argument in the communal kitchen on Tuesday afternoon. As a result, the 31-year-old poured boiling water over the woman’s head and face.The woman was seriously injured and was taken to a special clinic by paramedics. The man was temporarily detained. After interrogation, he was released on the instructions of the public prosecutor. The criminal investigation department is investigating on the charge of aggravated assault.

South Tyrol: Muslim brutally kills his girlfriend — His father claims: "She was not worthy of him"

Photo: Marianne Obrist

The Higher Regional Court has confirmed the first-instance verdict against Rabih Badr. The Moroccan, who is held responsible for the brutal murder of his girlfriend Marianne Obrist, is to be imprisoned for 30 years.The cruelty of the crime was decisive for the court’s decision, reports the broadcaster Rai Südtirol. The 39-year-old Marianne Obrist died violently in August 2017 in her apartment in Milland near Brixen.According to Judge Michaeler, her partner at the time had beaten her first with a stick, then with a baseball bat ” like a stray dog”. Badr is said to have stabbed the 39-year-old woman with a knife finally. The 34-year-old’s lawyers had announced an appeal against the prison sentence. According to Michaeler, the motive was not jealousy, but the complete control Badr wanted to exercise over Marianne Obrist.Although there are no indications of relations with other men, Rabih Badr’s father continues to denounce the alleged adultery of Marianne Obrist and protects his son. “This is his fault, he must be punished. But the punishment must not be excessive”, he demands in an interview with broadcaster Rai.”There was a problem between him and Marianne, namely the problem of adultery. She was not faithful to him, he dedicated his whole life to her, but Marianne was not worthy of him”.

Muslim opera singer refuses to perform together with an Armenian opera singer at the Semper opera house in Dresden, Germany

Lusine Shirinyan, an official of the Foreign Ministry in Yerevan, has circulated a statement by Agence Massis Opéra, disputing the denials by SemperOpernball that it fired the Armenian soprano Ruzan Mantashyan at Yusif Eyvazov’s request.
Ms Shirinyan who works in the USA and Canada Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Yerevan, had previously accused Eyvazov of ‘Armenophobia’: On the day of the 30th anniversary of the Armenian massacre in Baku Azerbaijani opera singer Yusif Eyvazov announces he refuses to perform on stage with Armenian soprano Ruzan Mantashyan at Dresden Opera Ball citing her nationality. What is this if not Armenophobia? Ruzan, you are the best! I am proud to have known you since childhood. This outrageous incident should be condemned and the festival boycotted.

Germany: Man shot down, one Iraqi arrested, three Iraqis on the run

Leyth AL SELO (Ganzkörper)
Ibrahim AL SELO (Ganzkörper)
Ibrahim AL SELO
Haymen AL SELO (Ganzkörper)
Haymen AL SELO

On the 7th of January 2020, a 33-year-old man was seriously injured by several shots in a workshop in the Eisental industrial area in Waiblingen. Since then, a special task force of the Waiblingen criminal investigation department has been working on the investigation of the crime. Four brothers of Iraqi descent are urgently suspected of having committed the crime. One of them already appeared at the police station last Saturday afternoon together with a lawyer and surrendered. This suspect has been in custody ever since. His three brothers are still unknown whereabouts. Therefore, at the request of the public prosecutor’s office in Stuttgart, the responsible district court ordered a public search for the other suspects.

Wanted are the brothers

Ibrahim AL SELO, 29 years

Leyth AL SELO, 26 years

Haymen AL SELO, 23 years old

In addition, the police have information that the suspects may be driving a grey VW Passat with the license plate S – BB 700.
The criminal investigation department of Waiblingen requests information that could help to arrest the perpetrators and determine their whereabouts by calling 07151/950-333 or any other police station by calling 110.

WATCH: Arabs beating up a transsexual in Berlin – These are the backgrounds

Imad Karim, who can certainly be considered one of the most respected experts on the Arab world and the most honest and courageous Islam critic in Germany, has drawn our attention to the following background information:The man in women’s clothes from Nollendorf square in Berlin could be either a Lebanese, Syrian or Palestinian. In any case he speaks Arabic. Months ago a video became known (below)  in which a Syrian and other Arabs attacked an Arab man in women’s clothes and he, just like the man here on the Nollendorf square, defended himself verbally and physically against the violence. 

It could even be the same man.Imad Karim continues: “I watched the video again at the editing table in my office. I am almost certain that this is the same person who was attacked in the Berlin subway months ago by her own compatriots (Arabs) for her sexual orientation. The hair is now blond, but voice and stature show great similarities: I’m now certain that he is Syrian and he says to the woman in the headscarf:

“I have nothing to be ashamed of. You should be ashamed and put down your hijab. I’m not halal? No, I am the peak (god) of purity.”

This suggests that the woman had previously insulted him, and in Arabic language. This does NOT in any way justify his physical assault, but it helps to evaluate backgrounds objectively, not to be emotional and simply to demonize it. Whoever knows the everyday life of a homosexual or transsexual person in the Islamic world knows what these people have to endure. And now all this has been brought over here to the once liberal and broad-minded Germany.