Germany: Female partygoers sexually harassed by three Africans

On Friday evening, there were several incidents during the street festivalin Backnang  in which at least three women were sexually harassed. On the margins of the event, three suspects lurked for the women. Afterwards they were touched by the men or touched indecently. The suspects who did not act together were a 32-year-old Eritrean and a 20 and 22-year-old Gambian. The drunken men were sent off the same evening. In addition, criminal investigation proceedings were initiated against them.


Germany: African “fare dodger” attacks federal police, threatens them, tries to bite- injures a policewoman – “I know your faces, I’ll kill you, you’ll die.”

Today, Monday, around 08:10 am, the federal police station in Halle was informed about a “fare dodger” in a suburban train on the line from Bitterfeld to Halle. The 30-year-old Malian citizen used the train without a valid train ticket. At Halle main station, the man was spotted in the train and taken to the office to establish his identity. Since he did not want to reveal his identity, he was searched for identity papers. He fought so hard that a policewoman who was assisting her colleagues was injured on her forearm. She was wounded by grazes, but is still fit to serve. he African also tried to bite an officer’s hand. The attacker had to be tied to his hands and feet because of his aggressive behaviour. Nevertheless, he did not calm down. He threatened the officers with: “I know your faces, I will kill you, you will die”. He receives charges for the “fare evasion”, threat, bodily harm and resistance against police officers.

WATCH: So-called Turkish wedding convoy terrorizes citizens of Cologne, Germany

Yesterday around 03:00 p.m. the police stopped a Turkish “wedding convoy” of 8 vehicles and about 20 people at the trade fair traffic circle in the Cologne district of Deutz,after several coercions were committed on the bridge Zoobrücke. All passengers and vehicles were checked. A total of 6 driving licences were confiscated and charges of coercion were filed against all those involved. In addition, warnings were given. A total of 8 radio police cars were in use.

High speed train hits concrete slabs in northern Germany in suspected terror attack

High speed train hits concrete slabs in northern Germany in suspected sabotage
The slabs were found on the track. Photo: Bundespolizei Flensburg

Passengers have escaped injury after a high-speed train collided with concrete slabs placed over the rails in a suspected attack. Police are as yet unsure of the motive of the attack. The accident took place in the northern German town of Struckum, roughly 50 kilometres south of the Danish border. While the accident took place on Monday, police only released a press release on Wednesday after an investigation. Investigators said that the passengers were fortunate that the train avoided a derailment. The blocks weighed approximately 80 kilograms, with a spokesperson for the police indicating they may have been placed in order to puncture or otherwise damage the train’s fuel tank. The train – a regional express – was travelling at approximately 100 kilometres per hour in the direction of the holiday island of Sylt, when passengers heard a loud bang. The driver, who had been unable to see the concrete slabs, immediately stopped the train and activated the emergency alarm. The train was damaged in the incident. Although the driver or the passengers of the train did not see the perpetrators, they managed to place more concrete slabs on the tracks after the incident. Federal police discovered the new obstructions not far from where the accident had occurred, saying that they appear to have been intended to cause more damage. The police are currently looking for witnesses who may have seen something suspicious around the time of the attack. Earlier this year German and Austrian authorities arrested an Iraqi man suspected of committing “terrorist attacks” by sabotaging railway lines in 2018. The man was suspected of having strung a steel rope across the tracks running between the southern German cities of Munich and Nuremberg, damaging the front window of a high speed ICE train in October last year. In another case in December last year, cement blocks were put on the tracks. Islamic State (IS) flags and writings in Arabic were found near the crime scenes, Vienna prosecutors said at the time.

Man of Arab descent stabs German father of four to death

During a dispute at the bus stop Grünberger Street in Siegen, an Arab male youth named Fadi A. stabbed a 47-year-old family man with a knife several times in the upper part of his body last Thursday at 5.30 p.m. in Siegen. The knife victim died in the hospital in the evening due to his severe injuries. Michael B., leaves behind a wife and four children aged ten to 19. “We assume that the son of the murdered person and the suspect know each other”, a spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office in Siegen explained on request. The 15-year-old murderer with Lebanese roots was born in Siegen and lives in the neighborhood on Kolleriger Street. Even before the crime was committed, there were repeated verbal arguments between the perpetrator and the victim’s family, including on Thursday, when the father courageously tried to come to the help of his son.Between the “teenager” and the 47-year-old there had been an escalating quarrel with family members of Michael B. at the Fischbacher Berg area on Thursday. Suddenly the 15-year-old “Lebanese” pulled a knife and stabbed the family father. The victim did not survive the brutal attack, the stab wounds were too intense. Policemen arrested the young man, who had fled after the attack, shortly afterwards. On Friday the “teenager” was brought before a magistrate: “The act is considered a homicide,” the prosecutor emphasized.So far, neither the police nor the public prosecutor’s office have provided any further information on a possible motive or further background.

Dear Jordan Peterson,

Tapfer im Nirgendwo

please reconsider!

You have launched a new anti-censorship website that will only take down offensive content if specifically ordered to by a US court. You say:

“Once you’re on our platform, we won’t take you down, unless we’re ordered to by a US court of law. That’s basically the idea. So we’re trying to make an anti-censorship platform.”

That’s a great idea! I’m a radical defender of free speech as stated in my article: “A radical case for freedom of expression”.

But there is a problem with your new site. You say, comments on his site would be voted on by users on a thumbs up or down basis:

“If your ratio of down votes to up votes, falls below 50/50, then your comments will be hidden.”

Dear Jordan Peterson,

please reconsider. This method has one big weakness.

There are over 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, but not…

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German sociologist blames Western women for increasing rape by immigrants

Does Sharia clothing come on the quiet through the back door caused by eccentric Left-Green decadent elites? At the Protestant Church Congress in Dortmund, sociologist Barbara Kuchler called for equal clothing for men and women. In plain language “Potato sacks for all”. How they dominate the street scene in many non-European regions.”Sociologist Barbara Kuchler has urged the fashion industry to make women’s and men’s clothing equal. It needed either “potato sacks for all” or tight, tight-fitting clothes for all sexes. 

Reported the Catholic newscast Domradio.To justify her crude thesis, which reverses the centuries of occidental fashion – in the age of Dürer proud bourgeois women openly showed their feminine curves –  the scientist from the University of Bielefeld complained: “Women have the main social responsibility for looking beautiful”. At a panel discussion on the topic of gender relations at the 37th German Protestant Church Congress in Dortmund, she therefore called for “potato sacks for all” or tight, tight-fitting clothes for all sexes.Then Kuchler presents the truism: “The woman is partly to blame for the assault”. 

The same can be heard by 90 percent of all Muslim men, but from a different point of view, namely from the aspect of hypocritical morality. Then Kuchler presents the truism: “The woman is partly to blame for the assault”. The same can be heard by 90 percent of all Muslim men, but from a different point of view, namely from the aspect of hypocritical morality. On the one hand prude, on the other hand a horny lad.In the further course of her lecture she becomes even clearer and yet actually means almost in the style of Iranian mullahs, when women put on make-up, plucked their eyebrows and wore tight clothes, they shouldn’t be surprised that it comes to groping.Especially mini skirts are a matter of concern for the moralizing sociologist.With these crude hypotheses she got a lot of contradiction, because she questions the right of sexual self-determination in Europe. “It is wrong to try to remove sexuality from public space,” said physiotherapist Kristina Marlen.Female sexuality is always being the first to be censored.

What is worrying about the discussion is the fact that at the same time burqa exhibitions, which disguise themselves as fashion events, are intended to make Islamic prudery by social elites literally socially acceptable. Almost as predicted in Houellebecq’s book “Submission”. That Kuchler presents her crude dress code at the Church Congress is certainly no coincidence. It is particularly striking that critics of Islam have been prohibited from attending at the same time.Consistently thought through to the logical ending, people would have to pull the bag over their heads (burka-like).

Knife attack at the Danube Island Festival in Vienna, Austria: Afghan stabbed man – the victim’s life is in danger

A bloody knife attack already overshadows the first day of the Vienna Danube Island Festival. A 22-year-old Afghan robbed a young woman (23 years old) of her handbag and fled. The woman’s 26-year-old friend ran after the fugitive and quickly caught up with the man. There was a scuffle – and suddenly the 22-year-old stabbed. The victim suffered a stab wound to his torso and collapsed in life-threatening agony.The Afghan fled further, but could be arrested a little later in the course of an immediate search at the event stage. He was charged with suspicion of robbery and intentional bodily harm and is in custody. The victim was taken by the ambulance to the trauma room of a hospital and had to undergo surgery. His life is in danger.

Homosexual in a Lebanese restaurant in Berlin insulted and injured by staff employed there

Two days ago, this last Saturday the 15th June 2019, I was insulted, attacked, violated and beaten violently by the staff member of Maroush Restaurant (Berlin, Adalbertstrasse 93). Summary: I asked the restaurant chef (in Arabic) not to put pickles in my sandwich, he makes me a sandwich with nothing but pickles, to upset me obviously. He told me to once it’s off the grill to check and if it had pickles he would make a new one. I check, and tell him indeed it has pickles and asked if he would make another. He threw aggressively the sandwich in the air, and told me to get out of the restaurant. I asked him to speak nicely, and said had I made my order in German or English he wouldn’t have attacked me like this. He then said to me that he finds me effeminate and slutty, and that he’s been watching me for days, and that he saw me with another man here a few days ago and didn’t want to serve me because he finds me effeminate. Indeed I was there several days ago and was badly treated (he slammed the food as he was giving it to me), and I would have not returned ever there, if it weren’t for my friend who was with me late on Saturday night and we both thought it should be ok. After I told him I would call the police, his insults escalated to include my parents (Fuck your mother, I will fuck your mother and your sister, I will fuck everyone in your family…). I leave the restaurant and he runs after me, grabs my neck and arm, slams me against a wall, punches my chest, twists my neck, steps on my foot so I can’t resist, scratches my body and grabs my chest and squeezes it, one hand slides through my clothes and claws at my skin, slaps me once, all while insulting and threatening me and my family. He tells me he would cut my leg if I ever stepped into that street. This goes for several minutes, while my friend tries to pull me from him, and two random men on the street (a young waiter at the restaurant next door, and a random older man who later introduced himself to be Moroccan). The staff at the restaurant next door (Hasir Burger) watched the attack and did nothing except for the young waiter. The young waiter told me to give him the phone and he would call the police in German and give a report for them to come, on my behalf, which he did. After I called the police, waiting 15 minutes for them to come, on the street, the attacker steps out and comes towards me to attack me for a second time and tells me I am not allowed to sit at any restaurant on Adalbertsrasse ever, and that he will make sure I never walk on this street unharmed. The police arrives, takes my statement, his statement, and the statement of my friend who was with me. The police didn’t offer to take me to a clinic or a hospital, and said they couldn’t drive me home because it would be an insurance liability. They said they will email me a case report. Maroush has sexually harassed female friends of mine before, and verbally attacked queer friends. It is a restaurant on one of Berlin’s most queer and bar-filled restaurants, but obviously they have a problem with that. I feel unsafe, I feel humiliated and in agonizing physical pain since the weekend. Nobody is safe to go there.