India: Hindu stabbed to death after opposing sexual harassment of school-going cousin sister by local Muslim youth

Locals obstructed NH122B after Krishna Kumar was stabbed to death in Bihar’s Vaishali for opposing sexual harassment of his school-going cousin sister (Image Credit: Times Now)

Another Hindu man has been murdered by Islamists for standing up to the sexual harassment, molestation and stalking of Hindu girls.

Krishna Kumar had opposed the sexual harassment and molestation of school-going girls, including his own cousin sister, by local Muslim youth in Takiya panchayat area under the Desari police station of Vaishali district, Bihar around 6 months ago. Ever since, the Muslim group had been baying for his blood and had issued threats to kill him. On Friday evening, Krishna Kumar and another man Shankar Ram were attacked – Krishna was injured and shifted to hospital, but passed away the next day.

Angry locals obstructed traffic on NH 122B between Hajipur and Mahnar with Krishna’s dead body, demanding justice.

“On the evening of December 30, this incident of a fight occurred at Desari police station. Two people, Shankar Ram and Krishna Kumar, had sustained injuries in the incident and were shifted to a hospital in Hajipur. Krishna Kumar passed away in the Hospital on December 31. Locals gave the names of a few people involved in the fight. Accused Muna has been arrested by police. We have started further investigation.” Vaishali SP Maneesh (IPS) told media.

As per Hindi daily Jansatta, there is widespread communal tension in the area after this incident. However, going by the secular state’s playbook which dictates covering up any anti-Hindu hate crime, SP Maneesh denied there was any communal tension!

“There is no communal tension in the area. The situation is entirely peaceful,” he has been quoted as saying by ANI.

“There was a personal enmity going on. My brother had assaulted him (accused) for molesting our cousin sister six months ago. They had said that they would kill or stab him anywhere and at any time,” Krishna’s family member told ANI.

Here are some other recent incidents of Hindu men being murdered for resisting the sexual harassment of their female family members –

Dharam Sahu lynched by Muslim mob for opposing niece’s stalking: Darbhanga, Bihar

Aditya Tiwari (15) stabbed to death by Taif Khan and others for opposing sexual harassment of schoolgirls: Saran, Bihar

Businessman Dhruv Tyagi killed by Muslim neighbours for protesting daughter’s sexual harassment: Delhi

Father lynched to death for filing police complaint over minor daughter’s abduction by Muslim youth- UP

Faced with police apathy or worse when they go to lodge complaints, and subject to abuse, violent revenge attacks and mob lynching when they confront Islamist molesters and stalkers – this is the real state of ordinary Hindus in the secular Republic of India in 2022. Unless Hindus rise as one and change the fundamental nature of the Indian state, their fate in the coming decades will be no different from that facing the community in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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