Swiss vote to monitor ‘potential terrorists’ from age 12

According to projections, a majority of Swiss voters (57 percent) on Sunday supported the law on police measures to combat terrorism, despite warnings from many, including the UN and Amnesty International.

The police will be able to better monitor suspected children, limit their movements and force them to participate in interviews. These measures will apply from the age of 12. From the age of 15, young adults can also be placed under house arrest for nine months, with the approval of a court.

Left-wing opponents of the law believe that it does not respect fundamental rights and human rights, and that it endangers the country’s human rights record.

The government however said that fundamental rights would be guaranteed and asserted that de-radicalization programs have been insufficient in the face of the threat posed by some individuals.

Even if Switzerland was spared from the jihadist attacks which hit Europe, the threat remains “high” according to the authorities, who argued that “in 2020 two knife attacks, probably with a ‘terrorist motivation’ took place” in Morges and Lugano.

These first trends, given by the gfs.bern polling institute for public television shortly after the polls closed, confirmed the polls carried out in recent weeks.

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