Germany: Syrian beating up a pregnant woman cries at verdict

Comeday his son will learn the truth – that his father wanted to kill him!

On Wednesday, the St. Georg district court in Hamburg sentenced Ahmad A. H. (26) to three years and three months in prison for dangerous bodily harm and attempted abortion. The Syrian appeared stunned, he cried.

“You have to imagine that! To hit a very pregnant woman, who is his own partner, like that,” said the presiding judge.

The court considered it proven that A. H., together with unknown accomplices, had arranged two assaults on his pregnant girlfriend Samuela (then 17). They were trying to kill her baby!

During the first assault in a park, the young woman was nine weeks pregnant, during the second already eight months pregnant. Both times she was severely beaten and kicked, especially in the stomach. In the end A. H. pulled a jacket over her head and joined in the beating himself. Then he threw himself to the ground and pretended to be injured as well.

A Syrian friend (26, a boxer) who was accused together with him was acquitted. It could not be proved that he was one of the accomplices.,view=amp.bildMobile.html

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