Germany: Turk slaughtered German mother of two small children with 27 knife wounds

Covered in blood, Cenk D. sat in front of his ex’s house in March. He had treacherously murdered Bianca G. (27), with whom he has two children, with 27 stabs.

Now he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Judge Christian Singelmann (64) uncovered the lies of the German-Turkish man (29).

“Your statement that everything got out of control and that you did not want all this is completely absurd,” said the veteran jurist in his explanation of the verdict.

 Two days before the crime, D. had bought the murder knife. He googled “murder” and “manslaughter” on the internet. Singelmann stated: ” Your actions were planned and purposeful.”

D. stopped his daughter (9) in front of the flat, had the key given to him. Inside the house he took off his shoes. Singelmann said: “You wanted to get into the flat unnoticed in order to take advantage of your girlfriend’s helplessness and defencelessness.”

Before the crime, D. had already beaten the woman with a hoover pipe and held a knife to her neck. Threatened to kidnap the children to Turkey. Singelmann said: ” You were full of hate, you said to witnesses after the crime: ‘I hope she’s dead, she deserves that.

Now D. is going to prison for at least 15 years. His children will then be 19 and 24 years old.

The judge said: “You didn’t care about the children, otherwise you wouldn’t have taken their mother away from them. You were only concerned about yourself.,view=amp.bildMobile.html

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