Islamist soon to be released in Germany: Does the next terrorist attack take place in Saxony?

It the beginning of June, another dangerous Islamist will be released from a prison in Saxony. The Syrian asylum seeker is considered a dangerous person. Experts believe the IS sympathiser to have committed “crimes of considerable significance”, reports the newspaper WELT. The authorities are now discussing “security measures” such as probation officers and reporting requirements.

Carsten Hütter, security policy spokesman of the AfD parliamentary group, comments:

“Apparently, Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Minister of the Interior Wöller has learned nothing from the dastardly knife murder in Dresden. At that time, too, the Islamist perpetrator was released from prison and allowed to keep residing in Saxony. The domestic intelligence service was supposed to monitor the Islamist, but failed all along the line.

I await from the governing parties that they finally deport Islamist terrorists to Syria as well. So far, they have always refused with the argument that they would be threatened with death there. This means, however, that the government prefers to accept victims among its own citizens in exchange for protecting foreign perpetrators and potential terrorists.This hostile policy against indigenous people must be stopped. Other European countries like Denmark even deport rejected asylum seekers to Syria.”

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