Iron bars and stones against buses: Municipality of Hagen gives way to violence committed by migrant children!

What would have happened in Hagen or any other city if children of blond and blue-eyed parents had regularly attacked public transport buses in an ethnically German neighbourhood? Nowhere would the police be mindful of the age of the perpetrators of violence. They would first use a team of hundreds to arrest the crowd and then patrol the area with police vehicles for at least several weeks.

And for many parents, child custody would then also quickly become history. – But what if the offenders belong to the group that most German media and almost all political parties now consider sacrosanct, or at least treat as such? To migrants (as in this case) or even to refugees? Then it is of course necessary to de-escalate. And the best way to do that is to simply abandon the stops and reroute the buses. As is happening in Hagen right now.

Mostly families from south-eastern Europe live in the troubled neighbourhood on Wehringhauser Straße. A social hotspot. Most of the people here live on welfare or work as day labourers. As long as we have not succeeded in placing these people in well-paid jobs – which the Social Democrats, the Left and the Greens consider to be the most noble of German duties – nothing will change.

“Our vehicles are pelted with stones and iron bars as they pass. It’s life-threatening, you don’t dare pass,” reported a bus driver. In addition, for many weeks now, thick ropes have been stretched across the road and balls have been deliberately shot at the windscreen on the driver’s side. The city of Hagen’s administration agreed that this was a situation that had to be stopped as soon as possible. This was because charges against migrant families do not look good in the statistics. So the city hall of the North-Rhine Westphalian city of Hagen acted “consistently”!

Phase 1: Buses were simply redirected
What do migrant children do with stones, iron bars, ropes and balls when no more buses pass by? Exactly, they put these toys down, sit down together and play cards. – At least, that seems to be the tactic the city came up with together with the police. That’s why some buses (64 in total) were diverted whenever reports came in that the dear little children were once again indulging in their favourite pastime.

But this has become too much of a nuisance for those responsible. After all, they still have to file charges, albeit fewer. So there is only one ultimate solution: borrow one of the Berlin police units, notorious for their urge to move, and… No, no, no unpleasant footage, of course.

After all, we are not dealing with Corana-denying Nazis here, but merely with playing children!

Phase 2: Diverse Germany has a solution for everything
So let’s start again from the beginning: there is only one ultimate solution: close the street permanently to regular traffic and give up the bus stop. And you do that until an army of social workers can take care of the migrant children in another way, or until their parents earn enough money to take them to school or to the next kebab restaurant in a taxi. And who could say that integration has failed in Germany? Everything is running like clockwork!

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