BREAKING: After the Islamist knife attack on gays in Dresden, now a Syrian stabbed a transvestite there – The victim is in mortal danger

The 20-year-old Syrian was handcuffed and brought before the magistrate on Friday morning: He allegedly attacked a man (33) on the latter’s balcony several times, brutally with a knife and seriously injured him!

The Dresden Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Dresden Police Department are investigating the 20-year-old on suspicion of attempted manslaughter and dangerous bodily harm.

According to the prosecution, the two men had spent Wednesday evening together when the suspect suddenly pulled out a knife and stabbed Balazs B., a Hungarian. “The suspect allegedly stabbed the victim several times in the upper part of the body and at the same time at least endangered fatal injuries,” said a police spokesperson.

The victim, covered in blood, had managed to drag himself out of his flat onto the street and rang the doorbell of a neighbour’s house a few doors down. The 33-year-old was seriously injured and hospitalised. He had to undergo emergency surgery and is currently still in intensive care.

A resident told the newspaper BILD: “I didn’t answer the door at first because it was so late. But then I looked and saw the blood trail footprints on the street. I followed them and found a man in a dress lying covered in blood in front of an entrance.”

On Thursday morning, the suspected Syrian was arrested, and on Friday morning, the investigating judge of the Dresden District Court issued an arrest warrant. Since then, he has been held in pre-trial detention. The 20-year-old has no criminal record so far and has not given any information on the accusation.

“The background and motives of the crime are the subject of further investigations by the public prosecutor’s office and the police.”

An acquaintance of the Hungarian victim reported: “The two are said to have met via a dating portal. Balasz liked to wear women’s clothes, is a transvestite.”

According to BILD information, the Syrian remains silent about the crime.,view=amp.bildMobile.html

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