The Berlin Senator of the Interior, who played down the rioting Muslim anti-Semites in his municipality as “experience-oriented youths”, is now under political pressure

As is well known, the most repulsive euphemisation and trivialisation of the currently rampant anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews on German streets came from Andreas Geisel, Social Democratic Party (SPD) Senator for the Interior in the red-red-green shithole of Berlin, who described the aggressive rowdies and rioters as “experience-oriented” young men. Whoever has such senators in government must truly fear Islam – because, with so much state understanding and “sportsmanship”, they will be allowed to let it all hang out in the future.

After all, the “hunger for experience” must be satisfied – and when words once again turn into deeds and “Jews slapping” once again becomes the new normal, then perhaps Geisel can explain when enough has been “experienced” or what is still allowed to go. 93 police officers, whose employer is Geisel, were injured by the hatemongers on Sonnenallee in the district of Neukölln alone, 65 people were temporarily arrested – because Geisel in this case, in contrast to previous Anti-Corona demonstrations, looked away and did not want to take any “disproportionate” measures – such as bans on gatherings or water cannons.

And logically, of course, this super-hypocrite with an active GDR and Socialist Unity Party (SED) past has no problem with broken rules of distance and masking. He criminalises some for demonstrating for basic rights, questioning the appropriateness of dictatorial restrictions on freedom in the name of a hyped-up “pandemic” or merely reciting the Basic Law in public, and lets his officials crack down with “White Russian” severity. While others, as the newspaper Bild resignedly states, are allowed to loudly chant “Bomb Tel Aviv” and “Shit Jews”, throw stones at synagogues and police officers and threaten journalists – and the Senator of the Interior declares them, with a wink, to be “experience-oriented” young Arab people.

For once, even the prominent union officials of the two rival police unions, which belong to different political camps, were in agreement this time: Rainer Wendt of the German Police Union could only shake his head about Geisel – and declared: “This is the usual trivialisation of an unteachable interior senator”. His counterpart Jörg Radek of the police union found similarly critical words for Geisel: “Such excuses trivialise the violence in view of the many injured.” It remains the case what the online portal Jouwatch already demanded yesterday: This interior senator must resign immediately; even for a state-sabotaging and scandalous government like the one of Berlin, such a person cannot be tolerated one day longer. Maybe Geisel will apply for a job as head of security in Gaza – there, even more “experiences” are guaranteed.

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