Left Party calls its own district association “racist” for saying anti-Semitism in Germany is imported with Muslims

A Facebook post about imported anti-Semitism by Muslim immigrants has caused controversy in the Left Party in Lower Saxony. “To present anti-Semitism as an imported product in a country from which the Holocaust originated is oblivious to history, a trivialisation of hatred against Jews as well as a serious attack on people of the Muslim faith. This position is in no way covered by our party programme,” the state association commented on the post made on the social network.

The comment, signed by state chairpersons Heidi Reichinnek, Lars Leopold and their deputy Thorben Peters, also included an apology “to all Muslim and Jewish people”.

Der Landesverband der Linkspartei Niedersachsen geht auf Distanz zum Kreisverband Osnabrück-Land Foto: Facebook Screenshot

Previously, the Osnabrück-Land district branch of the Left Party had complained on Facebook on Monday that immigration from Islamic countries had also imported anti-Semitism. “As we see during the current Middle East conflict, we have done too little in Germany to fight radical Islam and anti-Semitism brought with it.” The association called for an honest discussion about the fact that anti-Semitism had been imported.

Germany must do everything to ensure that Jewish life is safe here. “Immigrants who do not accept this have no place here and must leave,” the article continues. Otherwise, conditions like those in the Paris suburbs could arise.

In the comments, supporters of the Left Party sharply attacked the district association and accused it of racism. Among other things, they said: “This post is wrong and racist. Since when does one fight anti-Semitism with deportations?”

Last weekend, anti-Israel rallies took place in various German cities due to the escalating Middle East conflict. Most of the demonstrators were of Arab origin and chanted anti-Semitic slogans. Berlin’s Senator of the Interior Sebastian Geisel ( Social Democratic Party, SPD) called the demonstrators “experience-oriented youths” and was met with fierce opposition.


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