WATCH: Gentle treatment for anti-Semitic Israel haters, cudgels for the infidels in Germany – Berlin’s Socialist Interior Senator calls anti-Israeli rioters “experience-oriented”

It was reported in detail how peaceful demonstrators against the anti-constitutional Corona measures were brutally bludgeoned by the Berlin police. The behaviour of the police during the current anti-Semitic, Muslim riots in Berlin now seems to be completely different.

At any rate, our tweet of the day suggests this: “How wonderful the times are when peaceful Islam is lovingly escorted by the police, while the accursed “infidel” is bludgeoned by the same creatures when he dares to uphold the Constitution.”

Once again, the impression is created here: Those who confront the German police, the Berlin judiciary and politics with great violence and an enormous threat potential (“We know where your family lives”) are handled with kid gloves. Weak outsiders and dissidents who have no lobby, on the other hand, are aggressively attacked – so that patterns emerge that we usually only know from dictatorships …

And again: We know, of course, that the documented behaviour of the police is not ultimately the responsibility of the police officer on duty, but is determined by politics via the head of operations.

And here – besides Berlin’s police chief Barbara Slowik – a certain name is once again at the centre of attention, that of Berlin’s Senator of the Interior Andreas Geisel ( formerly member) of the SED (Socialist Unity Party)/ now Die Linke (The Left Party). He actually let himself be tempted to say that the extreme violence on the streets of Berlin did not come from politically organised Palestinian groups, but from “experience-oriented” youths… And we were already afraid that Berlin had lost its reputation as the European party metropolis because of the Corona measures!

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