White supremacy or black criminals?

Attacks on Asians are increasing in the United States. In the first quarter of 2021, there were 164 percent more so-called hate crimes against Asian Americans than in the same period last year.

USA Today reported on the dramatic increase, citing a study by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism (CSUSB) at California State University in San Bernardino. According to the anti-racism organization Stop AAPI Hate, 6 600 such cases have occurred since the beginning of the Corona pandemic.

Representatives from Stop AAPI Hate (AAPI stands for Asian American and Pacific Islanders) complained that behind it there is a deeply rooted racism against Asians. The group’s co-chair, Evangeline Chan, emphasized that it already existed before 2020.

As the media in the US and the EU never tire of emphasizing, the former President Donald Trump also particularly poisoned the social climate by calling the Corona virus the “China virus” and this is how he stirred up hatred against Asians. The US Democrat and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has blamed “white supremacy” for the increasing attacks on US citizens of Asian descent. According to her, the perpetrators are white and they have racist motives.

On Tuesday, Fulton District Attorney Fani Allis announced that she would apply for the death penalty for a white offender who shot eight people in mid-March. Six of his victims were Asian. Although the gunman had stated that he had killed the victims in massage parlors for religious reasons and because of his alleged sex addiction, the act was nevertheless promoted as evidence of white racism against Asians, especially in the media.

Videos show black people as perpetrators

The most recent and particularly shocking examples of violence are currently two recent acts. In San Francisco, a man stabbed two Asian women waiting for the bus. The two women, aged 84 and 63, were seriously injured. Two days earlier, a woman had also attacked two Asian women in New York with a hammer and injured them.

Both cases occurred on the street. The perpetrators attacked their victims without warning. In the reporting on these two crimes, the fact that the attackers were black in both cases, is being ignored.

Even in less spectacular cases of physical assault, this perpetrator-victim scheme is often kept silent. However, videos circulating on social media show that violence against Asians is often not the result of so-called white racism. However, this circumstance apparently disturbs the narrative of the liberal US media, obsessed with ex-President Trump.

Please do not destroy the narrative!

In the case of San Francisco, the judiciary is trying very hard not to attribute an anti-Asian motive to the crime. The alleged perpetrator will not be indicted for a hate crime, reported 2 KTVU. The African American has “mental health problems” and has possibly assaulted others in the past.

In the case of the New York crime, a racist motive for the crime is being excluded, because, as the news portal ABC7 reported, the black woman was drunk during the attack. So in this case too, it was not racist.

Notably, in a major city in British Columbia, Canada, anti-Asian attacks are rifeand they can not be attributed to Donald Trump but to Justin Trudeau, the pro-immigration, multiculturalist and anti-white supremacist Canadian prime minister. Curiously, the perpetrators of these hate crimes against Asians in Vancouver are never mentioned either.

“Last year, more anti-Asian hate crimes were reported to police in Vancouver, a city of 700 000 people, than in the top 10 most populous US cities combined. With almost 1 out of every 2 residents of Asian descent in British Columbia experiencing a hate incident in the past year, the region is confronting an undercurrent of racism that runs as long and deep as the historical links stretching across the Pacific,” Bloomberg reported.


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