Muslim migrants in Germany threaten Jews living there with murder and rape

The Israeli Consulate General in Munich (Israel in Munich) received a message via Facebook announcing the murder and rape of Jews.
The author of the message described himself as a Syrian citizen living in Germany who, in view of the events in Jerusalem, had decided to form a group with other Syrians and Palestinians to “support our brothers and sisters in Palestine”.

The message reads, among other things: “Now it is time for you to leave Palestine and let us live in peace. You are the cause of terror in the world. In the next few days, we as a group will start what Hitler started: Burning your citizens and embassies in Europe.”
Further on, the abduction and rape of women is explicitly announced.

It continues: “We will burn you like Hitler did to your race”, “Your faith is a lie” and “Allah Akbar”.
The consulate reported the incident to RIAS Bayern, filed a complaint and published the post.[0]=AZVIS2Rvd05kWRQRJOFwYfjJssVPWOt-tPTRrra4sT2yc07G4xVLPbGKpOHK5iGd04jamu0l6WpUMTfugdsEq0pyH2RWBudZcBmOURt445CXW1fp64IVddUolP301thhd3npk_3DJoZZ-WSYxrM2WlmQmE_tcQdMJQFGDhHrA6FvCg&tn=%2CO%2CP-y-R

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