Germany: Call for Israel to be destroyed by Muslim protesters is not incitement of the people for the Hessian Minister of the Interior

The Jewish community and the Hessian anti-Semitism commissioner Uwe Becker ( Christian Democratic Union, CDU) sharply criticise the “Nakba” demonstration planned for May 15 in Frankfurt and accuse the pro-Palestinian organisers of anti-Semitism. Remarkable: The very statement that is perceived as anti-Semitic in this context, i.e. “free Palestine from the river to the sea”, was previously considered by the Ministry of the Interior in a parliamentary AfD question as not relevant under criminal law.

Klaus Herrmann, spokesperson on domestic policy for the Hessian AfD parliamentary group, explains:

“During a demonstration on October 3, 2020 by Migrantifa Hessen and Black Power Frankfurt, statements were made that are considered anti-Semitic. Among others, the sentence: ‘Palestine will be free – from the river to the sea’. We asked the Ministry of the Interior in our parliamentary question (Dr. 20/4016) for an assessment of this exclamation and they replied that the public prosecutor’s office did not see any need to investigate the incitement of the people due to a lack of initial suspicion.

Literally: ‘According to the report of the public prosecutor’s office, the main reason for refusing to start an investigation was that the incitement was not directed against a domestic part of the population’. The incitement was therefore directed against people living in Israel and not against Jews or Israelis living in Germany.

Herrmann continues: “The exclamation ‘free Palestine from the river to the sea’, which appears identically in the announcement of the demonstration, is likely to associate the destruction of Israel. In this respect, we understand the reaction of the Jewish community. However, the fact that the Ministry of the Interior follows the assessment of the public prosecutor’s office and does not see a potential call for the destruction of Israel as incitement of the people may be legally correct, but it is morally very questionable.

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