Arabs vandalise synagogue in Bonn, Germany

Several young adults attacked a synagogue in the Gronau district of Bonn early on Tuesday evening: they destroyed the entrance area and set fire to a flag. The police arrested three young men.

According to the police, a resident saw several younger adults attacking the entrance of the synagogue at around 7.30 pm. He also saw them lighting a fire on a nearby pavement and immediately called 911.

The three or four persons dressed in dark clothes ran away in the direction of the Rhine before the police arrived.

On site, the investigators then saw the damage that had been done: A glass area of the entrance door was apparently destroyed with two stones. In front of the entrance, the police seized three A4 pieces of paper with Arabic characters. A white and blue flag was apparently set alight on the pavement opposite the synagogue. The police did not say whether it was the Israeli flag.

Shortly afterwards, three young men were temporarily arrested: Two in the Adenauerallee area, both about 20 years old. Another 24-year-old was arrested shortly afterwards in the Niebuhrstraße area. The suspects’ vehicle was also seized.

The police state security department of the Bonn police has now taken over the further investigation of the incident. The investigators are currently checking whether other persons were involved in the attack against the synagogue. Witnesses had seen another female person, aged between 18 and 22, with dark hair tied in a braid.

The police are now asking for further information from witnesses. They are asked to contact the police state security department by calling 0228-150.—3-festnahmen-38379934?cb=1620813673422

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