Another arson attack on Abraham parish in Bremen, Germany – Muslims shouting “Allahu akbar” disrupted the service

Unknown persons have again committed an arson attack on the Evangelical Lutheran Abraham Parish in Bremen. On the night of May 9, the dumpster for plastic waste was set on fire. “This was the fourth time in a fortnight,” Pastor Rüdiger Kurz told the Evangelical News Agency IDEA. Already on April 29 and on May 1 and 2, rubbish bins had burned on the grounds of the church community, he said.

He had reported all the attacks to the police, but none had been solved so far. He suspects that they are the actions of a youth group of about 20 people. However, he has no proof of this. But it is striking that only the Abraham church is affected and no other buildings: “There seems to be an anti-Christian mood among the perpetrators.

However, the pastor considers a connection with the departure of two long-serving police CBM from the neighbourhood, which he describes as a “not entirely easy social environment”: “They used to visit the families directly when a young person became conspicuous. Today there is no one on the spot. That has a negative effect.” The two retired officers have been replaced by a younger colleague, but he is always involved in other tasks.

In the meantime, Kurz has contacted Claas Rohmeyer ( Christian Democratic Union, CDU), a member of parliament, who wants to ask a small question about the withdrawal of the cops in the parliament. Rohmeyer is also the state chairman of the Evangelical Working Group (EAK) of the CDU.

Kurz went on to say that there have been incidents before. In December, for example, a service of Russian Pentecostals who are guests in the Abraham congregation was loudly disturbed by a group of Muslim young adults. They had shouted “Allahu akbar” (God is greatest) during the service. Especially the parishioners involved in the district were shocked and disappointed. In the parish’s social services for the district, religious affiliation is not asked for. Muslims are also welcome.

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