Greens want to delete ‘Germany’ from election platform

“Germany. Everything is included “— this is the title of the election manifesto of the Greens, on which the base is to vote in a few weeks. However, party members fear negative associations with the word “Germany”.

In the middle of June, the Greens sealed the candidacy of co-chair Annalena Baerbock for chancellor at a digital party congress. The election program for the Bundestag election in September is also up for voting . The current draft program’s title apparently irked more than 300 party members, including candidates for the Bundestag. They have therefore submitted an amendment. They proposed that the word “Germany” be removed from the title of the 136-page draft program.

Timon Dzienus, national board member of the Green Youth, is one of the supporters. In the past, Dzienus has shown solidarity with the left-wing extremist organization Ende Gelände [in jargon: “End of Discussion”]. The Berlin branch of the climate protection association Ende Gelände was classified as “left-wing extremist” by domestic intelligence, because of “targeted discrediting of statehood” and violence against police officers.

Other supporters suggested replacing the word Germany with “Green”. The title of the election manifesto should instead be: “Green. Everything is in there. “

The applicants justified their request for a change in the word Germany, because it can “have a very negative association”. They also see parallels to the motto of former President Donald Trump — a possible connection to “Germany first”. “Germany is associated more with nationalist politics. And that is in complete contrast to our multinational orientation and our commitment to Europe,” it continued. In addition, the title is “meaningless” and shows parallels to the election manifesto the AfD has chosen, which is entitled “Germany. But normal”.

According to information from the dpa news agency, there is a total of more than 3500 amendments to the election manifesto. The party headquarters of the Greens also pointed this out to German tabloid Bild. “More than 3000 amendments have been received to the draft program,” the newspaper quoted from a statement by the party. These are currently being reviewed by the application commission and processed by the party congress.

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