Swedish district court attacked by masked gang members to stop murder trial

A police-guarded murder trial in Attunda District Court north of Stockholm was exposed to a violent attack on Thursday. Some twenty masked persons, armed with bomb-like pyrotechnics, attacked police.

At about 9 in the morning, a gang of more than twenty masked young men, linked to criminal gangs, X-Team and Bandidos, attacked the court building in Attunda with powerful bomb-like pyrotechnic pieces, so-called bangers. Samhällsnytt reported. These were also thrown at police who were brought in to guard the trial and at the reinforcements who arrived at the scene after the attack began.

These gangs prominently recruit members of non-Swedish ethnicity.

About ten of those involved were taken into custody by police. It is not clear if they were subsequently held in detention or released on the spot. Only after lunchtime did the police gain control of the situation.

The gang-related trial, where four men are accused of planning murder with automatic weapons at a children’s party, was earlier transferred from Södertörn District Court due to similar violent incidents with some eighty people involved. The police were able to put a stop to the murder plans at the last minute – in the gang’s arsenal, the police found, among other things, not only included automatic weapons but a hand grenade.

The Attunda District Court specifically has a security room. However, even in the new courtrooms, proceedings cannot be conducted in legal order. The main proceeding consists of several trial days, of which this was one.


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