The Women’s Representative of the Islamic Religious Community in Austria (IGGÖ) steps down from her office in protest against misogynist Muslims (brouhaha)

“Are men superior to women?” It was a deliberately provocative question that Fatma Akay-Türker asked an official of the Islamic Religious Community in Austria (IGGÖ). “And he said yes as a matter of course.” Because that is exactly what a verse in the Koran says.

In fact, Sura 4:34 is interpreted in traditional Koranic exegesis as evidence of the superiority of men. But, says Akay-Türker, there are other verses in the Koran that emphasise the equality of men and women. But no one in the IGGÖ would take notice of them.

Events like this were the reason why she resigned from her position as women’s spokesperson of the IGGÖ last June. Because it was only a fake mandate, as she says today. And she also quit her job as a religion teacher. In order, as she says, to be able to speak freely. And she not only talks, she has now also summarised her experiences in a book. “Only before Allah do I bow down” is a reckoning with a system that she considers misogynistic – even if it pretends to be otherwise.

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