This is becoming a menace in Germany: Young Muslims steal lambs for Eid

The perpetrators during the transport of the lambs in Vettweiß (Photo:LPD NRW)

Livestock theft presumably in the name of the religion of peace, which is an integral part of Germany? More and more often, German shepherds complain about the theft of sheep and grazing lambs, mostly at night and from the flock – and it is certainly no coincidence that just now, as the fasting month of Ramadan is drawing to a close and preparations are already being made in the Muslim community everywhere for the feast of Eid al-Fitr, the Muslim Eid, such cases are again becoming more frequent…

Fortunately, most believers get their halal meat legally, as imported goods. But more and more representatives of the younger generation – in line with their self-image as the new masters of Europe – prefer to help themselves directly from the ” farmer”. This is currently the case again in the Eifel village of Ginnick near Vettweiß in the district of Düren (North Rhine-Westphalia) with a shepherd who oversees around 800 animals: Because the shepherd had been affected by lamb thefts (a total of 10 animals) in the past two years – both at Ramadan – he had his stables equipped with automatic night-vision cameras and had them monitored – and on the night of May Day they promptly recorded three young migrants of Turkish or Arabic origin, each brazenly and unabashedly carrying a young lamb out of the stable.

The young animals were apparently snatched from their ewes, because when the shepherd arrived at the barn, the flock was in a panic, as the newspaper “Bild” reports. The desperate bleating of the defenceless animals can also be heard on the video recording. Together with the police, the affected shepherd is now searching for the perpetrators; the following pictures have been released to the public in the hope that the brazen animal thieves will be identified (any police station will accept hints):

(Fotos: Landespolizeidirektion NRW)

However, the injured party has no illusions that he will ever see his stolen animals again: “The poor sheep have surely already been slaughtered somewhere,” “Bild” quotes the man. This is precisely the real problem here: the theft itself, with a property damage of just 550 euros, is far less serious and alarming than the increasing disregard for animal rights in the name of a medieval religion that is spreading at an ever more breathtaking pace across the Western cultural area and developing increasing dominance (admittedly without it being permissible let alone desirable to call this development what it objectively is: Islamisation).

Because the “procurement” of the festival roasts at the end of the fasting month was done illegally in this case anyway, there is virtually no doubt that the slaughter of the lambs will take place according to the barbaric Islamic slaughtering commandments (bleeding alive). The photos taken by the camera are therefore likely to be the last to show the animals alive.

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