Germany: “I’ll stab you all, Allahu Akbar” – The Islamist killer of a gay man of Dresden also became violent against prison officers in prison

The trial of ISIS terrorist Abdullah Al H. (21), who stabbed a homosexual couple with two knives in Dresden’s Old Town, continues on Thursday. Thomas L. († 55) died in October, his partner Oliver L. (53) survived seriously injured.

Now it turned out: H. also became violent in prison. On November 6, 2020, his prison cell in Dresden was to be searched and he was to be handcuffed and ankle cuffed.

“Piss off,” the terrorist snarled towards a court employee. When three officers then wanted to enforce the search, Abdullah Al H. shouted: “I’ll stab you all, Allahu Akbar” – and lunged at the officers.

The local court sentenced the terrorist to 120 daily rates of 5 euros each by way of an order of summary punishment.,view=amp.bildMobile.html

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