You can’t make it up ! In a luxury SUV against fascism and capitalism in Vienna, Austria – What do you think Greta will say?

Photo: z.V.g.

The hypocritical double standards of the political left were impressively documented on May Day at one of their marches in Vienna. The Communist Party district group of the Brigittenau district in Vienna drove on the streets in a very expensive luxury Mercedes and attached anti-fascist and anti-capitalist slogans to the car trailer. As some passers-by observed and also documented, a Mercedes Benz G350 SUV was moving a car trailer with communist banners across the Ring road. The banners displayed slogans such as “Fascism is not an opinion, it is a crime”.However, the choice of the noble vehicle for the workers’ march on May Day does not quite fit into the picture. Because the Mercedes SUV in question – quite apart from its harmfulness to the climate – costs 140,000 euros upwards according to the list price. The Communist Party of Austria, however, is known for having a large (party) fortune, as could be seen impressively here.

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