Tax fraud worth millions committed by Erdogan’s Islamic associations in Austria

At the beginning of October, a raid by the tax authorities on 211 Turkish-Islamic institutions made headlines. Seven months later, there are now new explosive details about alleged tax tricks. Millions in cash are said to have been paid for properties in Vienna, and an Erdogan association even received Corona aid.

As reported, operators of cultural associations, mosques, Islamic kindergartens and schools are being targeted. And the investigators are demanding millions back from almost half of the controlled institutions of four umbrella organisations – among them Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s extended arm ATIB. The people concerned, however, deny all accusations.

The accusations of the tax authorities are explosive: In contrast to the alleged non-profit status due to donations, money was cashed in on weddings, Islamic festivities and funerals including catering and even pilgrimages. The money was also allegedly used to buy real estate in Vienna in cash. Due to the lack of records or receipts, the investigation is difficult and time-consuming.

The fact that an Erdogan association is said to have received Corona subsidies from Vice-Chancellor Werner Kogler’s fund, which was actually intended for fire brigades or aid organisations, has caused a stir in tax advisor circles.

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