Finnish academic: Swedes will become a minority in their own country in less than 50 years

Swedes will become a minority in their own country in 45 years if current levels of immigration persist, the latest academic research on the country’s rapidly changing demographics has revealed.

Kyösti Tarvainen PhD, a retired Finnish professor and researcher in the Department of Mathematics and System at Aalto University in Helsinki, using the standard demographic method — the so-called cohort component method — concluded that Swedes will compose less than half of the population by 2065 if the country’s current levels of immigration remain unchanged.

In the next half decade, if current immigration policies endure, Sweden will see seismic shifts in its demographics, culture, and society, Tarvainen, who has his doctorate in engineering, says. According to the academic’s projections, there will be as many Muslims as there are Swedes in 2100.

In an editorial written for the Swedish newspaper Folkbladet, Tarvainen said: “The Swedish parliament unanimously decided in 1975 that Sweden is a multicultural country. At that time, more than 40 percent of the immigrants were my compatriots, Finns. The situation has changed. In 2019, 88 percent of net immigrants were non-Westerners and 52 percent were Muslims. Thus, a huge cultural change has taken place in the immigration population, as its largest group has changed from being Finns to being Muslims.”

Tarvainen, in his piece, draws a sharp distinction between Finnish immigrants, who share a similar cultural background and promptly assimilated into Swedish society, and non-Western immigrants, who are often never assimilate or fully integrate into the society.

“In reality, this means parallel societies with parallel cultures and ways of life,” Tarvainen wrote. “The immigrants unwilling to assimilate create many problems for the majority population. They give rise to reduced trust and social cohesion.”

The Finnish academic goes on to suggest that if and when Swedes become a minority, demographic change will only hasten from that point going forward because a foreign majority will help to facilitate immigration for members of their own ethnic group.

“Prominent Swedish engineers and businessmen will ensure that the Swedish economy does not collapse. But Swedish society and culture will lose their leading position.”

Tarvainen argues that the monumental demographic shift that is currently underway can be reversed; however, it will only happen if radical changes in the country’s immigration policy occur.

“We are in a historically unique situation, and we northerners must begin to discuss immigration and the preservation of our nation-states,” he said.

Sweden is one of many Western nation-states facing the daunting challenge of rapid demographic changes as a result of liberal policies which favor mass migration and higher birth rates among foreigners. Neighboring Norway is also undergoing rapid demographic transformation, but other countries throughout Western Europe are no different, with Pew Research predicting that the continent’s Muslim population could triple to 75 million in the next 30 years. 

In the United States, Americans with European ancestry made up nearly 90 percent of the population in 1960. Today, they comprise under 60 percent of the population. According to the Brooking Institute – a prominent research group in America – European-Americans will become a minority as early as this decade if immigration trends aren’t reversed.

Central Europe has been at the vanguard of challenging western liberal notions that mass migration and population replacement are the answers to the continent’s dangerously low birth rates.

Officials inside the Hungarian government have repeatedly sounded the alarm about the extraordinary danger demographic change poses to Western Civilization. Earlier this year, Katalin Novák, Hungary’s Minister for Families Affairs, said that ‘the demographic crisis of the Western world” is one of its greatest challenges, and without drastic action being taken to support European families, then “Europe will be lost”.

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