Palestinian clan goes on the rampage in the Charité hospital in Berlin, Germany

Men from a well-known extended family went on the rampage at the Charité hospital in Berlin – triggering a police operation. According to information from the newspaper Tagesspiegel, the men are members of the Abou Chaker clan of Palestinian origin. According to the report, the men threatened the security guards and possibly also hit them. According to unconfirmed information, they also attacked a senior doctor.

The incident happened on Tuesday on the campus in the Mitte district.A police spokesperson said there had been a police operation at the Charité rescue centre in Mitte: About ten men allegedly tried to enter the hospital shortly before 5 p.m. on Tuesday to say goodbye to a deceased relative.

Due to infection control, visits are currently only permitted in exceptional cases. This has applied – with interruptions – to all clinics since the beginning of the pandemic. Eventually, according to a person familiar with the matter, the situation calmed down – the men were then allowed access individually to say the final farewell to their deceased relative. Charité circles said they were considering filing a complaint.

Time and again, men from the clan milieu have attacked not only police officers and employees of the public order office, but also health care workers. In addition to paramedics who are on duty all over the city, in-patient staff in the clinics are also attacked.

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