Ayaan Hirsi Ali: “It is too late for the integration of Muslim immigrants in Germany”

Political scientist and women’s rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali warns against the propensity for violence among Muslim men. Sexual violence against women is rooted in all cultures, but misogyny in the Islamic world is “abysmal and disastrous, because it makes the female sex a commodity, a thing, a prey”.

Ali made her comments in an interview with the daily newspaper “Die Welt”. According to her, some specific forms of violence are religiously justified by Islam: “Violence against women and violence against non-believers, violence against Muslims who neglect or reject the practice of Islam. Violence against individuals who leave the faith behind, violence against homosexuals.”

This exercise of violence is “permitted, even wanted, in Islam. The believers are supposed to think that they will also be rewarded for this deed.”

According to Ali, “in countries like Great Britain, France or Denmark, a startling increase in rape crimes can be seen since the wave of refugees”. This is proven by the national crime statistics. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that “violence is the norm” in some countries of origin.

Take the sexual attacks by Arab and North African men on women on New Year’s Eve 2015 in Cologne: they were not really dealt with, instead the women were largely on their own – and a signal was sent to all other women in Germany: When in doubt, the state will not protect you.

The political reaction to the sexual assaults in Cologne in 2015 was pathetic.

At that time, Mayor Reker recommended women to keep their distance from strange men as a precaution. In doing so, she reversed the perpetrator-victim role. The women did nothing wrong, they just wanted to celebrate New Year’s Eve! But the attackers behaved towards the women as is far too often the case in their countries of origin. The signal sent by German politics to the assaulting male immigrants was fatal. Instead, it should have been made clear in all clarity: You immigrants must abide by German rules, full stop!

It is too late for Muslim immigrants to integrate. They have to assimilate to the value system of Western countries.

People there live in an environment “in which all order has broken down, also due to wars. In other countries, for religious reasons, violence against women” is approved of or at least “not readily sanctioned.” However, a large part of the crimes can also be attributed to “simply criminal behaviour of the refugees”, which cannot be excused or justified by “anything, not by ‘culture shock’, not by discrimination”.

Unfortunately, the judicial authorities failed to deal with this threat. “There seems to be a reflex of repression and concealment at work. Lawyers make cultural arguments to exonerate perpetrators because they were drunk or on drugs.” The accused often argued that they did not know the laws. A sexual offence also rarely leads to deportation.

“European women are more likely to be blamed for it themselves! They are advised not to dress provocatively near refugee homes, not to go jogging alone, not to go to certain neighbourhoods anymore, so as not to provoke. And certainly not at night.”

These acts are always “about the woman’s body, it becomes a groping place, a prey”. Sometimes there are discussions in public, “but when it comes to Islam, everything is hushed up quickly, even the women concerned squirm, not wanting to be considered xenophobic”.

Many academics would be “downright afraid to deal with it in serious studies, because they would hardly have a chance of being heard. I’ve seen several such cases where researchers lost their jobs and were socially ostracised.” Refugees are basically “only perceived as pitiful victims. And victims, the conventional wisdom goes, cannot be held responsible for their behaviour.”

Ali was born in 1969 in Mogadishu, Somalia, and fled to the Netherlands as a young woman to escape a forced marriage. Because of her statements critical of Islam, she received death threats and was under police protection.

In 2012, she was awarded an “Axel Springer Honorary Prize”. She is married to the Scottish historian Niall Ferguson, with whom she has a son. Her new book was published on April 19. It is entitled “Prey. Why Muslim Immigration Threatens Western Women’s Rights.”

https://www.idea.de/spektrum/frauenfeindlichkeit-in-der-islamischen-welt-ist-abgrundtief – https://www.t-online.de/nachrichten/deutschland/gesellschaft/id_89754610/islamkritikerin-fuer-integration-der-muslimischen-einwanderer-ist-es-zu-spaet-.html

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