The CDU/CSU parliamentary group in the German Parliament calls for combating political Islamism

The Christian Democratic Union (CDU)/Christian Social Union (CSU) parliamentary group in the German Parliament has called for action to be taken against “political Islamism” in Germany. It has “spread in various social milieus”, according to a position paper adopted by the CDU/CSU parliamentary group on April 20. It is entitled “Preserving a free society, promoting social cohesion, combating political Islam”.

According to the paper, this Islamism is ostensibly non-violent, but incites hatred, agitation and violence. It strives for an Islamic order “in which there is no equality, no freedom of opinion and religion, and no separation of religion and state”. It must be stated openly and clearly “that the spread of Islamist nationalism, incitement against Christians and Jews, the denial of Israel’s right to exist and the glorification of war have long been part of the sad everyday life in Germany”.

In addition, there are “cases of increasing direct influence of foreign governments on Muslims in our country”. This is partly done under the guise of religious freedom and by spreading Islamist and Islamist-nationalist ideas. The organisations mentioned in this context are the Turkish right-wing extremist “Grey Wolves” and the Turkish-Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion (DITIB).

The group is also concerned about developments at the Islamic Centre Hamburg (IZH) and Salafist mosque associations, which are partly financed by donors from the Middle East. The IZH is under the influence of the Mullah regime in Iran and is the propaganda centre of Shiite extremism in Germany.

According to the paper, “political Islamism” also turns against liberal, secular Muslims. Prominent critics of this ideology such as Seyran Ates, Ahmad Mansour and Mouhanad Khorchide have been threatened from Islamist circles for years and can only now live under police protection. “This is an intolerable state of affairs that is unacceptable.”

According to the paper, Islamists “must be treated with the same distance and rejection as political extremists from the left and right”. In the future, all financial contributions, subsidies, contractual relationships and cooperation with Islamic associations and organisations that are being monitored by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution must be reviewed and stopped at the federal and state levels.

The parliamentary group also calls for the establishment of professorships throughout Germany to deal with political Islamism. In addition, a documentation centre “Political Islamism in Germany and Europe” should be established.

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