Germany: Muslims kick pregnant woman to kill the unborn child

She wanted the baby, he didn’t!

After Ahmad A.H. (26) tried in vain to persuade his girlfriend (18) to terminate the pregnancy, the Syrian is said to have made a diabolical decision: The unborn child should be taken away – by force if necessary!

Now the trial has begun at the district court in Hamburg’s St. Georg district. Charges: joint attempted abortion, dangerous bodily harm. A.H. allegedly committed two assaults on his pregnant girlfriend, and in the second case even attacked her himself together with his compatriot Bashir Y. (26) to beat her up. Both men refused to testify yesterday.

Victim Samuela A. tells: “After Ahmad found out about the pregnancy, he was a completely different person. For the first few days he didn’t want to talk to me at all.” Then he begged her on his knees, gave her presents, but she refused to have an abortion. Days later the first assault: In the park “An der Steinbek” she was knocked to the ground by an unknown man and kicked in the stomach.

Shocked, she saw that her boyfriend let the attacker go. She was nine weeks pregnant at the time.

In the 8th month of pregnancy, the second assault happened, again in a park. Samuela A.: “I thought I was going to die now. The man hits and hits – and Ahmad joins in!”

A little later, her son was born by emergency caesarean section at the St. Mary’s Hospital. He is said to have a funnel chest, but the reason is unclear.

The defendant Y. now has a baby himself, brought the infant to court and presented himself as a tender father. The trial continues.,view=amp.bildMobile.html

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