Is an Islam organisation in Germany collecting for the Holy War during Ramadan?

Currently, Islamic associations are advertising for the annual Zakat donation at the beginning of Ramadan, especially on the internet. In Germany – similar to Christians at Christmas – many millions of euros are donated every year, also to associations like “Islamic Relief”, which are close to Hamas and terror. The worrying thing: According to the Koran, one-eighth of zakat necessarily goes to the ” warriors of Allah” and the worldwide jihad.

Zakat or “purification” is one of the five pillars of Islam, which includes the pilgrimage to Mecca and daily prayer. According to it, every believing Muslim must donate 2.5 per cent of his or her wealth held over a year. According to the ninth sura of the Koran At-Tauba, zakat alms go ” to the poor, the needy, those who care for them, and those whose hearts are to be won, to slaves and debtors, to the Way of Allah and the Son of the Way.”

In 2004, after the September 11 attacks that originated in Germany, US Treasury Secretary John Snow warned Muslims not to participate in possible criminal donations: “If you donate during Ramadan, we encourage them to find out beforehand about the activities of the organisations they are benefiting so that their donation is not misappropriated for dastardly purposes.” Since 2002, at the request of the Islamic community, the US Treasury Department has issued guidelines for charities on how to comply with anti-terror laws.

“Islamic Relief is the largest Islamic charity in the world, with annual donations of about $240 million worldwide in 2014, about $80 million of which came from government funds, according to the Middle East Forum.”

“Islamic Relief Germany (IR-D) advertises on its website for the annual Zakat donation: Of the 22 million euros that “Islamic Relief Germany” collected in donations in 2019, more than 3.5 million euros went to Ramadan and the Kurban festival of sacrifice, according to the website.

Critics describe “Islamic Relief” as an affiliate organisation of the Muslim Brotherhood. In Israel and the United Arab Emirates, it is banned as a terrorist organisation because of alleged links to Hamas.

According to Social Democratic Party (SPD) Islam expert Sigrid Herrmann-Marschall, “Aktion Deutschland Hilft” donated more than 2.5 million euros to “Islamic Relief Deutschland” in 2019, supported by ARD and ZDF. After revelations by PI-NEWS, the newspaper Jüdische Rundschau and Die Welt about the links between Islamic Relief and terror, “Aktion Deutschland Hilft” had to suspend its cooperation in September 2020.

“According to the traditional interpretation of the Koran, one eighth of the zakat must go to the warriors of Allah, so it is used for jihad. This rule is not known to most people and poses a problem,” says the critic of Islam Irfan Peci. “A strictly devout Muslim has no choice at all here, at most about whether to define jihad militarily or spiritually. Organisations such as Islamic Relief Germany, which are said to be close to terror and anti-Semitism, urgently need to ensure 100 per cent transparency in the use of German donations and be checked by the security authorities so that no money is used for jihad.

Currently, IR-D is again collecting money in Germany as part of Ramadan, when many devout Muslims make their annual Zakat donation. We wrote to Islamic Relief Germany asking how IR-D distributes Zakat in relation to the Ninth Sura, and whether there was any evidence of the use of Zakat 2020 for Fisabilillah.

Köseli claims in his reply that “Fisabilillah” only has the meaning “in the way of Allah”. However, the term “Al-Jihad fi Sabilillah” (Fighting for Allah) is at the heart of jihadist propaganda, as shown by nashids such as the infamous “Fisabilillah” by IS rapper Denis Cuspert aka Deso Dogg or “Abu Tahla Al-Almani”, which reads:

Come to slaughter
Eliminate kuffar
Bombs fall on us
That strengthens our faith.
Black masked men
Faith sharp as knives
Heads are rolling
Slaughtering for Allah
Faces are mutilated
blood splattered walls
the terror is here…

To you enemies of Allah, where are your troops?
we can’t wait for you, destroy them Allah,
let us triumph over them, take from us in honour,
Take of our blood, FISABILILLAH!

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