German municipality gives Muslims tips on how to circumvent Corona protection measures during Ramadan

In this country, some follow the Koran, others the Infection Protection Act. The result of this diverse, integrated society à la Dr. Frankenstein can then be seen in the intensive care units: The suspicion is growing and is increasingly becoming a certainty due to concrete evidence from certain regions that the infection rate and the alleged critical situation in the intensive care units, which is used to justify the lockdown, is largely caused by migrants from Muslim parallel societies. Instead of drawing conclusions from this and disciplining the obvious main drivers of the pandemic, however, the state is granting them even more freedom – just in time for Ramadan.

At the weekend, a fawning, servile letter from the office for integration in the district committee of Groß-Gerau to the local mosque communities made the rounds in the social media, in which the bureaucrats, driven by permissiveness, explicitly drew the attention of their Muslim protégés to the fact that it is of course possible for them “to leave their homes during the nightly curfew on the occasion of ‘participation in religious services on special religious occasions’. Formally, this should only refer to the performance of the Ramadan night prayer in the mosques (salat-at-tarawih), as the document that follows sets out:

But the addressees will certainly understand this letter exactly as it is meant by its multicultural senders, who are full of cunning: namely, that the curfew may of course be circumvented for the breaking of the fast every evening, which is regarded as a religious ceremony and is traditionally celebrated in family groups and large groups (although the curfew would not help to prevent this anyway – because the religious gathering. It is precisely for this reason that the constitutional lawyer Anna Leisner-Egensperger fears in an interview with the newspaper “Die Welt” that the curfews will not reduce the incidence rates, but could even increase them.

In order to steal the thunder from the outrage of “right-wing”, “intolerant” and, of course, “Islamophobic” opposing voices, the authorities point out that the possibility to attend “religious services” at night despite the curfew in the “emergency brake” areas (which will soon cover the whole country) is by no means a special treatment for Muslims, but that it would of course also be made available to followers of all other religious communities – i.e. Christians, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists and so on. That sounds great – but in which other religion besides Islam are nightly prayers and services held at this time of year, precisely during the coming weeks with their curfews? Where else is the dovetailing of social, cultural and religious life according to the guidelines of a prophet’s word with the force of law, other than among Muslims?

In this respect, there is absolutely no doubt: It is precisely these milieus that are to be rewarded once again here and even encouraged in their obvious and momentous misconduct, who have already largely disregarded the protective measures and contact rules.

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