Islamist knife jihadist of Dresden regrets that not both victims died – He previously planned explosive detonation at film nights festival in Dresden, Germany

The trial began almost an hour late. The Attorney General is not only demanding a conviction for murder and attempted murder. He also wants to enforce preventive detention for the accused.

Abdullah A. H. H. (21) himself remained silent on the charges.

And so the court consulted the psychiatric expert. The accused had talked to the psychiatric expert during the evaluation and had spoken “in a friendly, approachable, but serious manner” about the gruesome act of murder and his motives.

Abdullah had explained to expert Norbert Leygraf (68) that “areas where Islam does not rule are war zones”.

That the perpetrator called his mother after his release at the end of September 2020 and that she asked him to “come to his senses”. That while he was still in custody he tried to obtain weapons such as a Kalashnikov to kill infidels.

Already on the second day after his release, the radical Islamist managed to buy two sets of knives with a total of five blades in the city area.

He bought a prayer rug from the same shop. On the day of the crime, he went to the mosque, prayed to Allah and asked for strength to carry out his attack.

In the city centre, he had followed several people, but had “sorted them out” as victims. In short: these passers-by were lucky.

Then he met Thomas L. and Oliver L. The tourists strolled hand in hand and laughing through the old town at night. For Abdullah A. H. “infidels to be killed”.

He rammed knives into the men’s bodies from behind. With such force that one knife even broke off. Oliver L. defended himself massively, they both screamed for help. Then he had to flee.

And the perpetrator, who was “on his way to heaven” by committing the crime, was downright sorry that both of the victims did not die in the bloodbath.

The crime had “not been a mistake”, but “he had not consulted himself sufficiently” to carry it out “properly”.

These statements show frightening parallels to his earlier behaviour. Abdullah A. H. H. planned a bloodbath in the middle of Dresden years ago.

This was revealed at his trial in 2018. According to this, he planned an explosive detonation at the film nights festival.

In addition to building instructions for explosive devices, he also downloaded the “Instructions for martyrdom operations” from the internet.

He had wanted to work through these instructions thoroughly so as not to make a mistake. Fortunately, he was arrested in time before he could read them carefully.

But the imprisonment (more than three years in total) did not deter him from his mission.

Only five days after his release, he stabbed Thomas L. and Oliver L..

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