Switzerland: Ex-Imam gives orders to murder from prison

Azad M. has been imprisoned in the cantonal prison in Frauenfeld since March 2021. The Federal Criminal Court had sentenced him to 70 months in prison, they considered him guilty of involvement in a criminal organisation.

But even in prison, the former prayer leader of the Winterthur An’Nur mosque seems to remain committed to his beliefs. Because he used the telephone calls authorised to him to call for murder, among other things, as the newspaper “Tages-Anzeiger” reported.

In February, for example, he allegedly instructed his brother in Germany “not to let a person get away”. Because the conversations were monitored by an interpreter, he was then warned off. Things got serious during a phone call this March, when he tried to give instructions to his mother in Iraq on how to deal with the death of his nephew: After beginning his sentence: “Mum, tell them to let him…”, the phone was snatched out of his hands, but he still managed to call out that someone should “go to this man and let him perish”, reports the “Tages-Anzeiger”.

The 53-year-old Iraqi has been living in Switzerland since 1998. From here, he is said to have provided logistical and financial support to the IS terrorist militia. After serving his sentence, he is to be expelled from the country for 15 years. In addition, according to various media reports, he has threatened to have his wife killed if she divorces him. The marriage has since been divorced.

Both Azad and the prosecution disagree with the sentence of 70 months imprisonment, and both plan to appeal the verdict to the next instance.


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