Pack of Arabs chase and rape women in Berlin, Germany

Packs of men chase women, drag them into cars, rape them one after the other for hours. Sounds like something out of a bad film, but it really happened. One of the worst of them is said to have been Mohammed T. (28). He has been on trial at the Berlin Regional Court since Thursday.

The Iraqi (nicknamed “Momo”) has been behind bars since September 17, 2020. According to the indictment, three women fell victim to him and his gang. The indictment reads like a horror scenario:

August 1, 2019, Kreuzberg, a taxi stand near Gneisenau. A tourist couple from Australia wants to go back to the hostel. Mistake the car for an Uber taxi. They get in. On the way, the man is thrown into the street. The car drives into a dark corner with the woman. Ella M. (mid-20s) is raped by both occupants in the back seat. One of them is said to have been Mohammed “Momo” T.

January 18, 2020, Friedrichshain, Storkower Street. A high school graduate (18) from Dahlem leaves the techno club “Mensch Meier” at 3.30 a.m., is dragged into an SUV. On the back seat and in a flat she is raped again and again by three men. Four hours of hell and agony.

February 23, 2020, Friedrichshain, techno club “Berghain”. At 3 a.m. a party-goer (21) is dragged into the SUV by four men on Helsingforser Street. “We want sex!”, “Momo” is said to have said, according to the indictment. She is also raped again and again. For four hours. Afterwards, the woman is thrown out of the car with severe genital injuries.

The accused only says that he is a married hairdresser. He says nothing about the charges. “The accusations will be denied, questions will not be answered,” says his defence lawyer.

His genetic fingerprint (DNA traces) on the rape victims should convict him. But the women now have to testify as witnesses and again tell everything in great detail that they would like to forget.

One of the group was already sentenced in March: Wisam B. (33), an ex-policeman from Iraq, is sentenced to 13 years and 6 months in prison (verdict not yet final). He, too, had denied the crime until the end and demanded acquittal.

The trial will be continued on April 12, the verdict is scheduled for June 24.

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