Muslim killer of a cop begets four children in prison and is therefore not deported and now collects 1,263 euros in child benefit per month in Germany

In 2003, Yassin A. shot a Berlin special forces policeman to death and was sentenced to life in prison. After serving his sentence, he was to be deported and subsequently left the country – now he is legally back in Germany. The Berlin police are stunned.

In the Berlin district of Neukölln, Yassin A. had killed a Berlin special forces officer with a shot to the head in 2003. The Lebanese man was sentenced to life imprisonment for this crime and was supposed to be deported after his release from prison – but the latter failed, according to a report in the newspaper “Bild”.

After the convicted murderer had been sentenced to 15 years, there was a dispute about his scheduled deportation. Yassin A. lodged a complaint against the deportation with the administrative court – and was proven right because of an error by the authorities. The alleged reason: the foreigners authority had failed to consult him.

While he was still a father of two until his crime, the man fathered four more children with his wife in the meeting room of Tegel Prison. A deportation failed – but according to “Bild” there was allegedly an agreement with the foreigners authority.

If Yassin A. would leave for Lebanon for one year, he would be allowed to come back to Germany. If children are still minors and remain behind in Germany, the re-entry ban is usually about one year at the discretion of the authorities. Therefore, Yassin A. was allowed to return after he left in August 2018. “Bild”, on the other hand, reports that he was supposed to leave the country in September 2019. Yassin A. is apparently currently in Berlin.

Martin Pallgen of the Senate Interior Administration contradicted the report of a settlement at the time. “There was no deal, the case was duly terminated before the administrative court,” he told the newspaper “Welt” in 2018. He did not give further details. However, he did not see any mistake on the part of his authority.

In any case, the Berlin police are mightily pissed off about the re-entry of the murderer. “It really upsets us,” Bild quotes a high-ranking Berlin police officer who reports that the case is not an exception. “The Berlin Office for Naturalisation is literally advertising for the quick lifting of the re-entry ban.” An enquiry by the newspaper to the Berlin Senate Department of the Interior about this remained unanswered.

Yassin A. is now allowed to move freely in Germany and Berlin again and also receives child benefit – a total of 1,263 euros per month.

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