Is the Muslim Brotherhood in the German Parliament? The terror links of the “European Network against Racism”

 Muslimbruderschaft im Deutschen Bundestag?
Image source: Screenshot – Photo: At the EU Anti-Racism Summit, Karen Taylor incited against Jewish groups for being ”Islamophobic”.

Islamic organisations are expanding their presence in the state apparatus, from the local city council to the EU in Brussels. In the Bundestag, a spokeswoman for an association close to the Muslim Brotherhood works for the SPD.

Last week, the internet portal “Freie Welt” reported that the chairperson of the “European Network Against Racism” (ENAR), Karen Taylor, works in the German Parliament for the Social Democratic MP Karamba Diaby. According to her biography at the ” Berlin Festival”, she allegedly also works as a “political adviser for human rights at the German Parliament”. Diaby denies this.

Critics accuse ENAR of being a lobbying organisation for the Muslim Brotherhood. ENAR’s senior figures include Senior Advocacy Officer Julie Pascoët, who previously worked for the NGO Islamic Relief Worldwide, which is considered a terrorist organisation in Israel and the United Arab Emirates because of its links to Hamas. In August 2020, Heshmat Khalifa, director of Islamic Relief Worldwide, had to resign after Arabic-language anti-Semitic tweets became public in which he referred to Jews as “grandchildren of monkeys and pigs”, as revealed by the London Times and Social Democratic Party (SPD) Islam expert Sigrid Herrmann-Marschall. The entire board of Islamic Relief UK consequently resigned.

Following revelations by the magazine Jüdische Rundschau and Die Welt about the links between Islamic Relief and terror, “Aktion Deutschland Hilft”, which is linked to Islamic Relief and supported by the German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF, had to suspend its cooperation in September 2020.

ENAR Impact and Process Officer Mahmoud AbuRahma is a Palestinian activist from Gaza who previously worked for the Al Mezan Center, which, according to NGO Monitor, maintains close contacts with the terrorist organisations Hamas and People’s Liberation Front (PFLP). PFLP operatives were responsible for the Ein Buven bombing in Samaria on August 23, 2019, which killed 17-year-old Rina Shnerb. Al Mezan is funded by the EU, Medico International based in Germany and the Open Society Foundations (OSF).

ENAR head Michaël Privot was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood until 2008. The EU funded ENAR with a total of 5,422,678 euros in 2014-2019. I&D MEP Mathilde Androuët called ENAR a ” backdoor organisation of Open Society” in a May 2020 parliamentary question. ENAR received €706,015 in direct funding from OSF in 2016-2018.

Currently, Karen Taylor is mobilising with ENAR against European counter-terrorism, which she accuses of “racism” and “Islamophobia”. In the new report “Suspicion, Discrimination and Surveillance”, European security agencies are accused of monitoring “human rights groups” and making ethnic minorities “unsafe”. No robust evidence is presented for the alleged “structural racism” in European agencies. The author of the report, Prof. Tufyal Choudhury of Durham University, spoke on 3.2.2021 at the invitation of the Open Society Initiative for Europe on “Human Rights Guidelines in the Study of Racial and Religious Discrimination in European Counter-Terrorism.” Chouhury, according to his Durham University bio, was “Senior Policy Advisor” to the Open Society Foundations 2006-2015, where he primarily researched “Anti-Muslim Discrimination”.

Thus, a suspected Muslim Brotherhood front organisation with terror links is mobilising at taxpayers’ expense against the fight against terror in Europe. The security authorities should obviously have ENAR and its supporters on their radar – also in the German Parliament.

The author of this article wrote to ENAR and MP Karamba Diaby asking for a statement on the allegations, specifically the fact that Karen Taylor accused the President of the European Jewish Congress Moshe Kantor of “inciting against Muslims and migrants” at the EU’s “Anti-Racism Summit” on March 19, referring to a deleted video, and demanded that the EJC be expelled. He wanted to know from MP Karamba Diaby to what extent Taylor’s involvement in ENAR and her hostility against the European Jewish Congress are compatible with her involvement in the German Parliament, and where one can find the video in which Moshe Kantor “incites against Muslims and migrants”.

On March 31, Karamba Diaby, MP, responded: “Ms. Taylor is employed in my office as a student assistant, but is currently on parental leave. She is not a political officer for human rights of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) parliamentary group. Her participation in the conference had nothing to do with her work in my office, therefore I cannot and do not want to judge her statements.”

“I have great human respect for my colleague Karamba Diaby, who has indeed been subjected to racist hostility, which we as the AfD naturally condemn in the strongest possible terms,” said the human rights spokesperson of the AfD parliamentary group Jürgen Braun. “However, it is unacceptable that under the guise of anti-racism, a presumed subordinate organisation of the Muslim Brotherhood has found its way into the German Parliament. If the allegations are true, Ms Taylor must break away from ENAR or from the German Parliament.”

There has been no response from ENAR so far.

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