Significantly more Germans are victims of immigrants than vice versa – Most perpetrators are Muslims

Germans are significantly more often victims of crimes with foreign suspects than vice versa. In 2019, the police solved around 70,000 cases in which at least one German suspect was involved and at least one foreigner was a victim. On the other hand, there were about 130,000 crimes in which at least one non-German committed a crime against a German, according to a parliamentary question by AfD MP Stephan Brandner to the federal government, which is published in the newspaper JUNGE FREIHEIT.The proportion of foreigners had been about 12.5 per cent in 2019.

The AfD politician also wanted to know the proportion of immigrants among the suspects in cases where Germans were victims. This group is defined in the police crime statistics (PKS) as persons with the residence status of asylum seeker, person entitled to protection and asylum, contingent refugee, tolerated person or who are in Germany without permission. The police registered around 35,500 cases in this regard in 2019. The most frequent suspects were from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

In the case of homicides, there were 248 cases in the year with a German as the suspect and a foreigner as the victim. In the case of rape, sexual assault or offences against sexual self-determination, the police registered significantly more foreigners who committed offences against Germans (1,791) than the other way round (458). The same was true for assaults.

Brandner told the newspaper JUNGE FREIHEIT: “An efficient fight against crime requires that statistics be taken seriously and not glossed over, as the federal government always does. The AfD politician also criticised that German victims of crime against foreigners were not in the focus of public attention sufficiently. However, he said, it was “the duty of a state to protect its population from avoidable violent crime”. Criminal asylum seekers must therefore be deported promptly. “They have lost their right to protection.

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