Two Syrian refugees push a German train passenger in front of the arriving train and prevent him from getting out of the way

A 26-year-old man is on trial for allegedly pushing a man onto the tracks in front of an incoming freight train at the railway station in Waghäusel (district of Karlsruhe).
The prosecution accuses him of attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm. At the end of July last year, he prevented the 54-year-old from escaping to the platform by punching and kicking him.

The train hit the man, who was seriously injured. As of Wednesday (9.00 a.m.), the alleged main perpetrator will be joined in the dock by his 23-year-old brother, who is charged with involvement in the crime. According to the prosecution, he had covered the scene of the crime.

At the time, the victim had been sitting on a bench at the railway station and claimed to have been attacked suddenly for no apparent reason. The police arrested the suspected brothers from Syria in a shared accommodation for asylum seekers. The trial has so far been scheduled for four dates until April the 23rd.

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